A Day in the Life of My Cat + a $25 Walmart Gift Card Reader Giveaway

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day in the life of cat

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have the life of a house cat.  No work.  No responsibilities. Someone to take care of my every need.  Doesn’t sound too bad, right?  I think my cats have a very happy life, even if their daily life is basically the same routine over and over and over again.

My cats start the day by listening for my alarm.  As soon as they hear it, they are on my case until I get up.  Their favorite is walking on my chest to remind me that is time to WAKE UP.  I then usually head to the bathroom and the cats AND the dog usually decide they have to join me.  It gets pretty cramped in that little room.  Then it’s off to the kitchen and time for breakfast.  Here you can see how much they enjoy Meow Mix® Tender Favorites Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce, which combines real seafood in a savory sauce. Peanut is even licking his lips!

meow mix whole shrimp

After some food, it’s time for a drink of water and then a trip through the kitty door to head downstairs to use the litter box – they are so predictable!  I’m also happy that with the combination of the downstairs litter box and Fresh Step® Fast Acting litter our house stays odor-free!

cat water

The rest of the day is then filled with most of the following activities, all in no particular order:


Watching birds and squirrels out the window



Snuggling with the dog

Antagonizing/playing with the dog


Sitting on my lap while I work on the computer

Standing in front of my computer monitor

Laying on my keyboard while I try to type


Watching TV with my hubby


That about sums up the daily life of my cats.  All I know is that I want to keep the daily life of my cats happy because they add so much happiness to MY life.  Find out how you can add a little happiness to YOUR cat’s day with the Fresh Step and Meow Mix partnership with products available at Walmart. That have lots of info for a happier cat.

Lucky Mario

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  1. My cats like to play and cuddle every day

  2. pokergrl8@gmail.com' Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Your cats are so cute!

  3. My cat’s day starts at midnight when if her kneading my bare skin or hopping on my chest doesn’t work–she scratches a picture near my bed until I finally get up to give her her breakfast–then she goes back to sleep while I spend a couple of hours on the computer until I am tired enough to go back to sleep–at or around 7 AM she wakes me up once again! She then prances in front of the computer screen or lies down on my desk and makes sure her tail swishes my mouse so that I have trouble typing. Then off to the living room she heads for some more sleep–at around 4 pm she starts reminding me that it is almost time for dinner! And don’t let me get on the phone at that time!! She does make time during the day to stare out the window-bat a few toys around etc and use the litter box (but only when I am not watching!)

  4. rounder9834@yahoo.com' Thomas Murphy says:

    I don’t have a cat buy yours are really cute!

  5. kellywcu8888@gmail.com' Kelly Delrosso says:

    My cat sits near the kitchen when he knows it is time for his meal. He also love to sleep on my lap whenever he can and play with my kids.

  6. kendall608@aol.com' Erika W. says:

    I let my cat out of her room around 6:30 am. She then goes and sits in the window for the remainder of the day. I usually play with her a few times during the day. She likes to chase the laser pointer dot around the house. I usually put her back in her room between 9-10 pm.

  7. it is lazy! involves basking in the sun and watching birds!

  8. mami2jcn@gmail.com' Mary Happymommy says:

    I’m allergic to cats but I think they’re darn cute!

  9. freebiel0ve@yahoo.com' Stephanie says:

    i love ur cats so cute!

  10. janet3rdgrade@yahoo.com' Janet W. says:

    A day in the life of my kitty includes playing with her toys and laying around on the sofa and looking out the window.

  11. denise226@verizon.net' denise smith says:

    mine loves to play all day long

  12. jenniferllachman@gmail.com' Jennifer Lachman says:

    My cat, little tyke, has a horrible name because he is actually a very large long haired cat. He likes to wake me up by pawing my face. He will not eat from a food dish if another cat has eaten from it, so we have to dump the food into a different dish if his sister eats from his bowl. He also knocks on our front door when he wants to go in or out. The rest of the time he finds a place to stretch out and sleep.

    • It’s funny that your BIG cat is named Little Tyke. We named Peanut that name because he was such a little peanut, but now he is BIG too!

  13. mrnboll@yahoo.com' Marian Boll says:

    Our kitty meows good morning to me, goes onto the couch by the front window, takes a nap….another nap…..another nap, walks around the house and says meow….takes a nap….eats dinner…..goes to bed…..

  14. dlatany@gmail.com' LaTanya says:

    I love your kitty’s eyes

  15. jslbrown2009@aol.com' Lisa Brown says:

    I don’t have cats but your kitty looks friendly

  16. I could totally be yours! Sleeping as much as I want is very appealing 🙂

  17. I have 2 puppies but love cats

  18. Your kitties are adorable! We have 4 cats, a girl kitty who hides most of the day, 2 boys who are buddies, and then another boy who is new and not part of the clique yet. The new boy sleeps with me while the other kitties roam the house. I get up late, so at that point the other kitties retire to other bedrooms and my kitty gets the run of the house–and it’s literally a run! He is the most active cat I’ve ever had. He needs–NEEDS–to be played with every day–chasing and leaping after string until he’s about panting. Otherwise he’s a biter! Around 5 PM, the kitties switch again, and the lazy tubs come out for their canned dinner. They go back in the bedrooms around 7 and my kitty gets to come out until someone goes to bed–sometimes as early as 9, sometimes not until midnight. Occasionally a door is left open and all the kitties are out, and that’s a little more excitement than we like, haha. 🙂

  19. It’s all about finding wherever the sun is shining and lying on that piece of furniture.

  20. Lovely kitties, they are so cute!

  21. ty.fondren87@gmail.com' Tyneisha Fondren says:

    Beautiful cats; I used to have a Maine Coon with those colors 🙂

  22. reklaw422@hotmail.com' Jessica To says:

    Our neighbor’s cats come over to visit every day. I think they like to hang out on my front porch in the shade!

  23. yarbr012@gmail.com' Natalie says:

    I don’t have a cat because I have allergies but my friends cat lies in the middle of the dining room table all day and sleeps.

  24. kristiCarl27@outlook.com' Kristina says:

    Ah I don’t have kitties right now. My hubby is allergic. While I was growing up though we had kitties. They were outdoor cats and they loved exploring the neighborhood and lounging on the roof of the house next door.

  25. cosmic_cat84@yahoo.com' Crystal says:

    A day in the life of my cat begins when he yowls at the bedroom door for his breakfast. He follows me around and rubs against my legs as I get ready for work. He makes a sad face at me when I leave. He entertains himself by chasing my other cat around the house and watching the birds at the bird feeder.

  26. My cat likes eating, playing, sleeping, and pooping!

  27. Your cats are really cute!

  28. gtbuzzd@gmail.com' heather s says:

    I don’t have a cat but my sisters cats like to sleep in the sun and get treats

  29. carolpjohnson@aol.com' Carol J says:

    I have 3 and they spend their days amusing me….if they’re in the mood.

  30. lazybones344@gmail.com' Denise S says:

    My kitty watches birds out the window, beats up the dog and sleeps a lot.

  31. alig1020@yahoo.com' Ali Goff says:

    My cat gets breakfast, relaxes all day, gets dinner, and relaxes all night. That’s about it. 🙂

  32. rickpeggysmith@aol.com' Margaret Smith says:

    My kitty likes to sit in whatever room I’m in. If I’m on the computer, he sits on the couch next to me. In the kitchen, he lays on the floor and at night he sleeps by my side.

  33. A day in the life of my kitty, was quite eventful. He would wake up, swat at the dog, take a nap, clip his scratching post, take a nap, come get petted, take a nap, have some lunch, take a nap, roll around on the floor, take a nap, watch the birds outside, take a nap, eat some dinner, take a nap…repeat.

  34. My cat loves to sleep all day!

  35. he pretty much naps all day

  36. imnstitches@hotmail.com' Lora W. says:

    I used to have a cat named Nike. She slept with me at night with her head tucked across my neck and arm stretched across. She was super sweet with me but didn’t like anyone else.

  37. 1agordon@live.com' Adrienne Gordon says:

    I dont have any, but my daughter wants one.


    The day in the life of my kittie involves running away from small and loud humans 😉

  39. MyAngelEryn@gmail.com' Christina Foley says:

    I have 2 cats …. they wake me up a everything morning (unless I am already up) at 5:30… one head bumps me and the other every so gently taps my eye lids until I open them (its pretty funny). They eat and then spend some time basking and bird watching on the enclosed patio until I have to take the kids to school. The rest of their day consists of napping, sunning, eating and attacking our fairly new dog who is oblivious to the fact they aren’t playing with her when they attack lol.

  40. mch267@sbcglobal.net' Michelle K. says:

    Love you cats green eyes

  41. hollysworld1229@gmail.com' Holly Kennedy says:

    Your babies are beautiful! My Nelson is very predictable as well and has pretty much the same schedule as yours.

  42. davidfultner@yahoo.com' David Fultner says:

    My cat does what ever he wants.

  43. tbarrettno1@gmail.com' Tabathia B says:

    My aunt has had her cats so long she treats them like her children

  44. ajoy1332@yahoo.com' Ashley Tucker says:

    Your kitties are beautiful! I wish i wasn’t allergic to cats.

  45. Your kitties are so cute! My kitty ran away a few months back 🙁 She didn’t want to be “tied down” to one owner I guess lol.

  46. My cat usually wakes me up begging to be fed, then goes outside all day, presumably to paint the town red. Then she comes in at night and is super affectionate and crawls up my butt until I pet her sufficiently. She’s pretty cute.

  47. faramena@gmail.com' Heather B says:

    Your kitties are beautiful! I have a dog and if yoru cats are anything like my dog his day consists of eating, sleeping… more eating… sleeping… getting all up in my face… more sleeping, then sleeping on my feet at night!

  48. eddiem11@ca.rr.com' soha molina says:

    I don’t have a cat. Your kitites are sute.

  49. Dealsfan32@gmail.com' Claudia says:

    Very cute cats, I would love to own a cat however where I live pets are not allowed, Thank you !

  50. leighannecrisp@yahoo.com' melissa c says:

    I have one cat that is a huntress and she goes out and kills whatever she can get her paws on. Then my other cat is a true fat cat. He lounges around the house and eats. That’s it. He has no desire to play or go outside.

  51. bsmith747@gmail.com' Candice Montgomery says:

    Your cats are so gorgeous! I used to have a neighbor cat named Sophia, the sweetest girl who would always be outside just as I was leaving for work. I can’t tell you how many times I was late because I stopped to play with her for just a minute, then next thing I knew, it was 20 minutes later.

  52. Gooba01@Live.com' Holly Thomas says:

    My cat Oskar has the same schedule as your cats.

  53. gpenrod5846962@gmail.com' g. penrod says:

    My cat tells me when to retire when to get up cuddles and boxes me plus he can tell time I think for he starts talking when it is time for his treats.

  54. transformed@usa.com' chris mills says:

    my cats day starts with a lot of meowing telling me to get up and feed them then its just the usual routine of attacking the toy and hidding just around the corner so when im not paying attention she can jump out at me then when she gets bored with that she takes a long nap so she has enough energy to eat dinner then she starts the same routine for the night

  55. slc_gal@msn.com' Amy Pratt says:

    I don’t have a cat but my best friend has one that likes to get up really high and peer down on you like you are her royal subjects. And she’s right!

  56. My day begins when my cat lays on my chest then gets down when I wake up and walks to her bowl and waits.
    Once fed she proceeds to do back and forth laps between front and living room running back and forth until she get’s tired.
    She then goes to the backyard window to look for her friends who come around just to sing together
    After cat chorus is done she finds her favorite chair and lays in it until it’s time again for her to come and tell me it’s time to eat again.
    At bed time she finds a place to curl on the bed until the morning when she’s on my chest again telling me it’s time for breakfas.

  57. sourglitter@gmail.com' Arely Lopez says:

    Sometimes they’re lazy and lay all day, and most of the time they’re super active, running, climbing,and playing with each other.

  58. LRCrispy@frontiernet.net' Linda Crispell says:

    Our cats are my babies ~ they love each other and play. I love to wake up with one of them curled up against my feet.

  59. deb_sluis@yahoo.com' Debra S says:

    We have a great cat! And a weird one. He PACES. Yes paces. Vets studied him once to try to figure out why he paces not walks. So he was called Mr. Waddles. This cat acts like a dog. He hangs out with the kids like a dog would. He follows the kids around whereever they go and just lays there, near them. Even outside. He follows them around. He’s not much for being a normal cat that might go hunting. No, he just stays with the kids instead. So the kids adore him. He’s a really great cat to have!

  60. xty.cruz@gmail.com' xty cruz says:

    The kitties looks so adorable and fun

  61. my cat like to eat and sleep alot. also sitting in the windows watching the birds & people. theres also bothering people for market select

  62. Don’t cats live the life? Mine wake me up for breakfast. After that, they take at least a 6 hour nap. That is followed by more eating,petting, eating, petting…

  63. tat2gurlzrock@hotmail.com' Dana Rodriguez says:

    Your cats are so pretty! A day in the lives of my cats involves Eat Play Sleep and repeat with lot’s of meows in between.

  64. stoopidgerlart@gmail.com' Kimmy Ripley says:

    Your cats are adorable. Wish we could have them but my husband is allergic.

  65. LOVE3570@AOL.COM' ELIZABETH C. says:

    Your cats are one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. So fluffy and cute.

  66. corrysue@yahoo.com' Susan Ladd says:

    My cat likes to sleep all day long and eat. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep 🙂

  67. queenmarci8284@hotmail.com' Marci Wright says:

    Your cats are so pretty! I used to have a tabby siamese named ratface (my ex husband named him, lol) He was a character – if he knew someone wanted to pet him, he wouldn’t have anything to do with them. But if they didn’t like cats, he would climb right into their lap & plant himself there! 😀

  68. ayeembored@hotmail.com' Charles Burbridge says:

    Gidget is getting to be an old girl, so her day consists of meowing for breakfast, sleeping, meowing for supper, sleeping, and maybe a nap in between all the sleeping.

  69. We use to have kitties, my daughter was about 2 and she had a kitty that followed her everywhere, this cat was the kindest animal I ever seen. Now we have a bunch of stray cats that run around outside. With my husband not being a cat person, I don’t see us ever getting a cat, but your babies are so cute, I miss having a kitty to cuddle with at night, we have two dogs now, and they’re not much for cuddling.

  70. bladosfrankdenise@yahoo.com' Denise B. says:

    I had cats most of my life but just don’t have the time for any animals right now. My cats usually lived for about 16 or 17 years.

  71. pgrotsky@tampabay.rr.com' Peter G says:

    No cats but if I had a cat I would love it to be as cute as this one.

  72. cshell090869@aol.com' shelly peterson says:

    Your cats are so adorable!

  73. My cat is pretty lazy. He spends most of his day napping, eating, or begging for affection, for which we are happy to oblige.

  74. A day in the life of any of my six cats involves plenty of affection from my husband, my children, and myself; 24/7 access to a 12 lb. food trough and a water fountain, and plenty of toys and treats! Thank you for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  75. alonayoung45@yahoo.com' Alona Y says:

    My two cats are completely different. One spends the day lounging, looking like a princess and cuddling up to our doggy. The other spends the day lounging, practicing his “I will one day rule the world, puny humans” stare, and finding new, strange places to nap.

  76. mmweaver2513@gmail.com' Michelle Weaver says:

    One of my cats loves outdoors and the other hates it and just lays around all day inside.

  77. My cat’s day starts with waking me up; especially on a weekend when they think I should get up like a normal work day. Then they follow me around and count my bites at any meals and then scream at me at night when they decide that I should be in bed

  78. bwq1961@yahoo.com' virgomomwriter says:

    A day in the life of our sometimes foster cat (my mother’s, whom we watch when she’s out of town) Copper involves much cuddling and playing, and ends with him sleeping on my feet.

  79. sleep, eat and play

  80. My two cats start the day with treats, then they eat and then they keep me company while I’m writing. In the evenings, they sit on my lap or on the back of the sofa (near my head) while I watch television or read. At bedtime, they vie for position closest to me, forcing my dog to sleep at my feet. 🙂

  81. couponboss@gmail.com' Kristen says:

    I used to have a cat who was obsessed with stealing straws from people’s drinks.

  82. thuyvu33@gmail.com' Thuy Vu says:

    I have a brand new kitten and she eats and plays all day long with us and the two dogs. We absolutely love her.

  83. casaflamingos@hotmail.com' Sharon Kaminski says:

    My day begins by feeding the cat, playing with the cat when i come home from work, and cleaning the litter box before i go to bed.

  84. That’s so cute that they walk on your chest to wake you up – it’s like a tiny kitty massage!

  85. helenkeeler1949@gmail.com' Helen Keeler says:

    I don’t have a cat now but when I she was great company. She love to spend the day playing and exploring. In the evening she would sit by my chair while I read.

  86. kt3us@yahoo.com' kelly tupick says:

    My cat Camo is more like my daughter’s cat. He sleeps with her every night and gets up when she gets up. He loves to sleep in high places so that the dog doesn’t bug him. He is friendly and likes the top of his head rubbed. He follows my daughter around till she leaves for school and then he likes to explore the house. He’ll do that for a bit and then go back to sleep. He’ll get up when she gets home and will be with her till bed time where he will sleep again.

  87. AtTheMapleTable@yahoo.com' Terri S says:

    I just had to put my cat down after more than 17 years but she was my shadow, it I went into the kitchen , she went, If I sat on the couch, she sat on the back of it….

  88. harleychrys@hotmail.com' Chrystal D says:

    It depends on which one you’re asking! I have a lot of cats but one of them likes to beat the big dogs up a lot of the day!

  89. My cat likes to eat, sit in the window, and sleep.

  90. pumpkinsfan76@gmail.com' Shannon says:

    Well I have three cats. One has agoraphobia and she mainly stays in the bedroom all day. Her name is Kimmie. Durn starts his day by begging for treats then sleeps, then eats, then does runs up and down the hall, sleeps, repeat. LB is crazy and she mostly wiggs out the worst when I am trying to sleep.

  91. 16134@hotmail.com' Mary Anderson says:

    My cat starts and ends the day the same way– asking for food. In between she rests a lot, chases an imaginary toy up and down the hall, visits the litter box regularly, and hides beneath the coffee table.

  92. sweepsman71@yahoo.com' Jimmy Rector says:

    great cats

  93. I don’t have kitties. I like your kitties are cute.

  94. barbara.montyj@gmail.com' Barbara Montag says:

    I have two cats named Snotty & Lucy.
    They’re 9 & 11 so not overly active.
    I play with them daily though.
    Eat sleep wrestle with each other.
    thank you

  95. my cat sleeps most of the day, and hides from our dogs

  96. msly09@gmail.com' melissa sly says:

    My Mini starts hurling herself against my bedroom door sometime in the wee hours of the morning. My Moe and Tiger assist in her efforts by clawing at the door and under it. Shirley sits in the middle of the living room and screams until she hears her can open. Then they nap. For about 10 hours. Then they start all over again. In between they may chase a few imaginary dust bunnies, their tails or various other insane cat activities.

  97. hthr83heather@yahoo.com' Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Your Kitties Are So Cute And Fluffy!

  98. bleushman@gmail.com' kyl neusch says:

    play all day

  99. My parents have a cat that is 14 years old (she used to be my cat). Her name is Kiwi, a long-haired calico. A day in her life consists of mainly sleeping at this point; she can usually be found under her favorite bushes outside, or in her bed in their garage.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  100. They spend most of the day sleeping. They ask for feed and cuddles in between naps lol.

  101. tiffanynichole89@gmail.com' Tiffany W says:

    My cat is 16 years old, a day in her life is waking up early to get breakfast then going to the bathroom sink and drinking out of it. Then she just lays around the rest of the day till dinner time.

  102. whovorka@yahoo.com' Wes Hovorka says:

    My cat likes eating, playing, sleeping, and pooping!

  103. auntkimmie1022@optonline.net' Kim Bombardiere says:

    Your cats are so cute. I have a 1 year old cat named Storm who is a Russian Blue and is the love of my life. He practically runs my life. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, he’s more then just my cat he’s a member of my family!!!

  104. washoekathy@yahoo.com' Kathleen Downes says:

    My cat likes to wake me up around 4am. When she realizes I’m not going to get up she goes back to sleep. She eats breakfast at 7am and spend the morning outside if the weather’s nice. She then naps for most of the day and then spends a few hours more outside before bedtime.

  105. pansyadams@gmail.com' Annie Adams says:

    He loves to sleep all day and look outside the window

  106. faithrains2387@yahoo.com' Desiree says:

    My moms cat just sleeps everywhere all day! lol. She moves from couch to couch.

  107. Your cats are adorable!

  108. tobykeith_fan@hotmail.com' Mary Woollard says:

    Ha! I love your cute kitties… I dont have a cat but I have a roommate that has one. They have been here a couple months and WOW… they really have a mind of their own, this kitty acts like he owns this place! haha

  109. My cat generally sleeps most of the day and when he isn’t sleeping he is loving on the kids.

  110. elfqueen98@aol.com' Danielle Johnson says:

    I wish i was my kitty, she has it so easy with lying where she chooses and watching our wild life in the backyard. A sweet kitty.

  111. hanbar@ksu.edu' Dandi D says:

    We live on the farm, so our cats are outdoor pets. Two of our mama cats just had kittens this week!

  112. dguillen@kc.rr.com' Debra Guillen says:

    My kitty meets me at the bedroom door every morning anxiously awaiting to be fed. After feeding she likes to go out for a while. When she comes back in, she usually lays down on the couch and takes a siesta for most of the day. She loves to be brushed so we do that everyday. She has many toys that we interact with for playtime. She spends a good deal of her time outside when she isn’t sleeping so will go out in the afternoon most days. When it’s time for bed, she has a basket in my son’s room that she has slept in since she was a kitten and will always go in there to curl up for the night.

  113. My kittie likes the mornings as she is fresh and ready to walk around the house.

  114. ejxd95@gmail.com' JenniferB says:

    I don’t have any kitties but your kitties are pretty

  115. clc@neo.rr.com' Cynthia C says:

    My cat’s day sounds a lot like your cat’s day.

  116. dari7minnette@yahoo.com' Darlene Sullins says:

    Well… I have 3 cats, so its REALLY crazy. One is really fat, lazy and cuddly. If there is less than an inch of food in the dish she acts like its empty and if I’m asleep she will paw at my face until I wake up. If I am already awake and walking around she will try to trip me while meowing. She always cuddles next to me every night.
    My 2nd one is slightly… “special”… She is super cross eyed and wants attention without being touched. She cuddles with the fat one a lot and thinks she’s her momma. That’s also the ONLY time she will ever purr. Her goal is to go un-noticed through out the day. Every time she goes #2 she slides her bottom against the floor and leaves a trail… she sleeps at the foot of the bed.
    My last one is a bit of a stinker…. he gets on counters and is a scavenger… he tries to kick as much cat litter out as possible… he is a catnip addict and expects it daily or he’ll go nuts and tear up toilet paper rolls and everything in sight, ESPECIALLY my house plants. He loves water and likes to sleep in sinks and laundry baskets. At night he likes to sleep UNDER the blankets and will claw at my hair until I lift the blankets….

  117. natorama99@yahoo.com' Natalie Brown says:

    Hello! My kitty, Isabella, starts her day by running to her food. Then she lays around. In the evening she’ll come sit by me for awhile. After she tires of that, she goes back to laying in the window until the morning. lol Your kitty is very pretty! Thanks!

  118. kec200@aol.com' Kathy Church says:

    My cat has pretty much the same schedule your cat does only we lost our dog several years ago. Now she has my 2 yr. old grandson to antagonize and we just baby-sat our new grandpuppy. Your cat’s are gorgeous by the way!!

  119. angelinagmellette@gmail.com' Greenlee M. says:

    I named my cat Ethel. She loves playing, chasing me and goofing around. So many laughs with her.

  120. hannaholsson95@gmail.com' Hannah O says:

    My cats day starts at around 4 in the morning. He’ll meow his head off and jump on the bed and cuddle with me under the covers until I get up. He eats breakfast once Im up and finds a spot on the ground where the sun hits and snoozes most of the day. Eventually he’ll get bored and start meowing until he jumps on me and sits on my keyboard and rubs his face against mine. When he has to use the litter box he will meow really loudly for about 20 minutes, go in to do his business, and then run out and sprint up the stairs… I guess he can’t even stand the smell either. Then he just goes back to snoozing until dinner. I love my kitty but he can be a pain! 🙂

  121. ambercrystals@suddenlink.net' Sheila Vives says:

    Mix with the Kit’s in the neighborhood, hunt for delectable moving critters, nap out in the basement under the floor heater, and run fast when the city pound guy is stalking the neighborhood….

  122. shebebes@yahoo.com' Shayna Brookman says:

    I don’t have any cats, but your cats are beautiful 🙂

  123. krdevaney@charter.net' Karen Deva says:

    I don’t have any cats, but yours sound pretty typical! 🙂 My parents’ cat used to love sitting on the desk right in front of the computer monitor when they were trying to work!

  124. myfoxypup@gmail.com' Susan Christy says:

    I don’t have a cat right now. Your kitties are so cute!

  125. gabbflabber@live.com' Steve Stone says:

    my cat is 14 years old and sleeps alot.

  126. Dunmore00@aol.com' Kimberley Thomas says:

    cute kitties of yours 🙂

  127. tara.huff@gmail.com' Tara Huff says:

    I had a cat when I was a kid. She wasn’t very friendly!

  128. seaburd@comcast.net' christine burd says:

    My cat , storm , has a quiet life . She is an indoor cat and old . She sleeps, eats , sits on our laps and watches the birds from the window . She seems very content

  129. kimariestebbins@hotmail.com' Kimarie Stebbins says:

    A day in the life of my cat? I wish I knew what he was up to all day. Maybe I should get one of those cat cam collars that takes random pics. When I’m home, he is usually sleeping, and trying to get me to pet him ALL DAY LONG.

  130. my cat sleeps all day, no matter where she is.

  131. antiqua42@yahoo.com' shaunie says:

    I have a kitty that loves to stay outside my home. He’s there day and night. He just likes to roam by my home. He doesnt seem to like his home

  132. My kittie sleeps for most of the day, but likes to play in the evening!

  133. My daughter loves kitty cats.

  134. My four cats do exactly the same thing!

  135. olivia41393@yahoo.com' Lauren Olivia Wood says:

    Your kitties are adorable!

  136. I have 3 cats and they want wet food when I first get up. I have dry food out for them all the time. They are all over 12 years old now. They love to nap and hunt. They are all friendly and have their own personalities. Two males and one female. The female is a lover and won’t leave us alone literally. Loves to love and purr!!

  137. sgwatson@cox.net' Shelley Watson says:

    My cat likes to lay around all day!

  138. birdiebee52@gmail.com' Birdiebee says:

    Meow meow sleeps, eats, wanders around the house and goes back doing it all over again (sleep, eat, wonder).

  139. jamieleekimball29@gmail.com' Jamielee Kimball says:

    It’s so funny. A lot of peoples cats are like ours. Ours wake us up everyday before dawn by crying for breakfast. Then they sleep until dinner in which they systematically go through the legs of the kitchen table to ask for dinner…then they sleep until breakfast, lol. Sleep and eat, sleep and eat…

  140. My cat is 4, so he’s still relatively young. Between playing and sleeping, he spends the rest of his time snuggling with me and the kids. He’s the best!

  141. katielynnmitchell@gmail.com' katie mitchell says:

    I have 4 cats, they are older so they mostly sleep. my old lady wants to be cuddled constantly they used to play all the time but now that they are getting older not so much

  142. neyabenz@gmail.com' Lauren E. says:

    Her day consists of LOTS of cuddling, and lots of playing. She is super lovey, but very high energy

  143. Dad gets up about 5:15 for work, and Harley usually jumps on the bed to take over dads spot next to me. Oliver starts meowing like someone is tourturing him around 6:30 even though we feed them at 7:30 every morning. Right after breakfast Oliver and Harley return upstairs to sleep. Jewel usually naps on on a kitchen chair. Around 4pm they all start waking up again and begin playing, or watching the birds in the feeders. They seat dinner at 7:30pm and Harley usually lays on the back of the couch, jewel on the couch and Oliver runs around playing after dinner : )

  144. bellataul@gmail.com' Isabella T. says:

    I have three cats so they’re never bored. We just got the last cat spayed. Phew!

  145. vividgrumble@yahoo.com' Melissa says:

    I don’t know exactly, but my cat spends a lot of time outdoors, probably hunting and exploring. He also lazes about a lot too.

  146. sweepsdude0919@hotmail.com' Michael Steffens says:

    Sleep, eat, sleep, play, sleep, get pets, sleep

  147. xcmiller93x@gmail.com' Courtnie Miller says:

    My cat minds his own business all day and sleeps! He sometimes chases himself at night though. He’s very old and lazy!

  148. bkittie@hotmail.com' Diane L. says:

    My cat is 21 years old, so she doesn’t get a lot done in the course of a day. Mostly sleeping, eating, watching birds through the window, and being held by humans who spoil her.

  149. brittneydejajason@gmail.com' brittney says:

    I have no kitties, but your kitties are adorable 🙂

  150. scunningh@gmail.com' Sara Cunningham says:

    My cat sleeps a lot. When he isn’t sleeping he likes to look out the back door and watch birds. When it’s dinner time he’ll walk all over us until we get up to feed him. He’s two years old and he loves to play with us, too.

  151. I think that it involves a lot of sleeping and eating!

  152. BBrittBrat1398@yahoo.com' Brittney House says:

    My kitty likes to wake up early, stalk around the house. She eats, lays around some more and then sits on my lap for the rest of the night.

  153. My cats are pretty clingy, so their days consists of arranging themselves where they can continue to observe me.

  154. egholtrop@gmail.com' Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have a cat because I’m allergic. 🙁 I love the photos of your cats!

  155. My cats’ days involve a lot of sleeping, except when I’m trying to sleep – then they’re busy getting into everything possible! They also spend a lot of time plotting the murder of the birds they see outside the window.

  156. My cat wakes me up, I feed him and he takes a nap on my lap.

  157. jamielovesweeping@gmail.com' Jamie Martin says:

    My kitty’s day consists of eating snacks out of the shakey bag, bothering Mommy by playing with her curls, and bugging Daddy in the bathroom.

  158. Too cute – so wish cats didn’t make me sneeze. 🙁

  159. cc_girly@yahoo.com' Theresa says:

    A day in the life of my kitty is pretty laid back. She loves going outside and getting brushed and then she lays around the rest of the day.

  160. Now I want to be a cat. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit around all day?

  161. treesrule@yahoo.com' Kelley Chapman says:

    My cat’s day is much like your cat’s. Eating, sleep, antagonizing the dog, walking back and forth across my laptop when I’m trying to work, more eating, more sleeping.

  162. I don’t have cats but your kitty looks good.

  163. Our two cats are busy outside and sleeping inside, off and on all day. 🙂

  164. Our cat is really the neighborhood cat Simba. He likes to visit in our backyard alot and is always looking for birds and squirrels.

  165. SamneneD@aol.com' Jeanine says:

    A day in the life of my cat Mya is her eating, sleeping, trying to run out the door and jumping on the couch.

  166. sweetenedsoul123@gmail.com' Diane C Nnaemeka says:

    I’m not the biggest cat person, but your cats look very cute!!

  167. A day in the life of my cat is wake up, go outside to roam around until i get home from work then come inside and lay in odd, unsuspecting places that only a cat could do

  168. I used to have a cat. He ate and slept most of the day.

  169. I am allergic to cats so unfortunately I cannot have any, but I would imagine that if I had a cat, it would terrorize my dog!

  170. dizzybloom@gmail.com' Cheryl W. says:

    I visited the required page. 🙂 A day in the life of our kitty, Chloe, is pretty basic. She sleeps with my daughter. Chloe has to get her lovings & pettings before my daughter can get ready for school. Then she follows us down stairs. She eats, uses the bathroom and then lays in the baby bouncer for a nap. Off and on through out the day she plays with the poodle, chases anything that dares to move and loves to nap in a window. At night she really comes alive and wants to play with her favorite toys. Her lazer toy is like crack for cats to her. We usually wear her out with play so she will sleep through the night and let us sleep through the night too.

  171. debrahall1961@yahoo.com' Debra Hall says:

    i get woke up by being stared at its breakfast time they eat and go back to bed

  172. ktknoll@gmail.com' Katie K says:

    My cat is, in a word, LAZY.

    He does NOTHING all day except wait for me to come home and THEN it’s play time

  173. blood_crystal@ymail.com' Faith Bates says:

    My cat’s two favorite pastimes are Sleeping and Self-cleaning lol usually both are done at my desk lol

  174. ky.nicholson@yahoo.com' kelly nicholson says:

    Visit Meow Mix and Fresh Step at Walmart and then tell us: What is a day in the life of your kitty like?

    we pretty much have a few strays we like to feed

  175. sparkedcat@gmail.com' s riches says:

    My cats day starts at five am when I let him out. If the weather is nice he stays out all day.

  176. mintstatesportswear@juno.com' Linda G. says:

    He likes to play, nap and eat!

  177. Our best kitty was a runt and lived a long life of 17 years, Squishy.

  178. blackbearpie@aol.com' Michelle L says:

    I think that your kitties are adorable!

  179. kayleefaith1228@aol.com' tabitha p. says:

    My cat is an outdoor cat.
    He spends days doing 2 things sleeping and killing random small animals.
    Yet he still comes around to eat cat food!

  180. pearson.laurie@gmail.com' Laurie Pearson says:

    A day in the life of my cat involves eating, sleeping, keeping my dog in line and spending some time outside.

  181. I get woken up for breakfast by 3 kitties, then they race me down the stairs where I about trip over at least one of them. (I think its their main goal in life is to kill me). After breakfast its time to lay about/sun bathe. That takes up most of the day till dinner time then its cuddles and tv/movie. Then its trying to fit me my wife and three kitties in the bed its a little bit of a puzzle and then it repeats haha.

  182. kmclayman@yahoo.com' Kristy Thiel says:

    Mostly sleeping all day!

  183. chellebelle_@hotmail.com' MichelleS says:

    Your kitties are beautiful!

  184. My kitty spends most of her day sleeping on my desk or looking out the back window at birds in the backyard.

  185. wood57495@yahoo.com' kelley wood says:

    i have a solid white kitty with 2 different colored eyes. she is gorgeous and her name is Dolly. She is the best kitty! She loves to play!

  186. A cat wouldn’t survive long at our house, but your kitties sure seem to have a luxurious life. 🙂 They’re cute! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. Sleep, eat and play.. repeat.

  188. I don’t have any cats, but your kitties are adorable.

  189. livingbellevue17@gmail.com' Natalie Perry says:

    your cats are adorable

  190. sellcrystal2@gmail.com' Crystal says:

    A day in the life of all my kitties begins with them circling the food bowl waiting for food. Then lounging around in comfy spots and the occasional box if there’s one available. A few chases up and down the house. Jumping up on laps waiting to be petted, or not waiting and ramming their heads into our hands petting themselves.

  191. A day in the life of Izzy: Wake me up, get sniffed by the dogs in the process. Lounge in the sun while dogs walk, get fed, sleep all day.

  192. lawordergirl87@yahoo.com' krystal wethington says:

    its never a dull moment around here.I have 7 cats and they are always running and playing and jumping on everything.I have 2 cats that love playing with my hair bow.I love my babies.

  193. I don’t have any cats but your kitten is cute.

  194. AWinesburg@hotmail.com' Angela Winesburg says:

    I don’t have a cat buy yours are gorgeous! So pretty

  195. DH is allergic to cats but my sis had the greatest cat – sweet and comforting

  196. carawling@hotmail.com' Cynthia R says:

    I’ve got 3 cats, starts off with the youngest waking us up for breakfast way to early, spraying her with water bottle to sleep a little longer, giving them all a small amount of food, letting them go outside, going to work, when returning home, letting them out, dinner, lap time, etc.

  197. lvoyce108@gmail.com' Lisa V. says:

    I have two cats and mostly what they do is eat, sleep, use the litter box, look out the window. Then, whenever they feel like it, will come to me for some loving.

  198. melinaramirez1@yahoo.com' melina ramirez says:

    The life of my kitty is taking care of her week old kittens.

  199. lbschrillo@gmail.com' Laura Barnes says:

    eat sleep sleep sleep

  200. wadesmom42409@hotmail.com' Lori Clark says:

    I have 2 cats, one is very independent, the other is depressed when the other one is gone out away from the house. So I have to give her extra attention . both are spayed! Spay and neuter your pets people! 🙂

  201. A day in the life of my kitty? Do you mean a day in the life of me being a servant to the queen?

  202. rebecca.parsons@gmail.com' Rebecca Parsons says:

    My cat meows me awake in the morning for food. Then after he eats he comes into the livingroom with me and sits on my lap for about 20 min. He then roams the house for a while. And then comes back in and sleeps on the floor by the door. Gets up after a while and finds a place to sleep for a while probably in one of the kids’ beds.

  203. ericacarnes@gmail.com' Erica C. says:


  204. Our bella and mango are full of adventure. Sheis is black angora he is a orange tabby so cute

  205. fmd518@gmail.com' Francine Anchondo says:

    My cat likes to sleep and eat .

  206. ditkaren@aol.com' Karen Martin says:

    A day in the life of our kitty. . . since my husband and I have different schedules she works that to her advantage. Up early to eat, back to sleep, up again to eat, wait for the blinds to be opened so she can sit on the window sills. Sleep again and then up to sit at the back patio door to go outside with my husband to lay on the patio or under his chair. Inside to wait for dinner, and then a nap. Wakes up just in time to get a before bed snack when I go to bed. Repeat the next day and the next day, etc.

  207. regnod@yahoo.com' Daniel M says:

    our cat is older and sleeps a lot now and is often moody

  208. jweezie43@gmail.com' Jill Myrick says:

    We have 3 cats Moses, Scooter and Abbey. They get up in the morning and have breakfast, play with their toys and then lie in the sun on the porch. At noon they have treats and eat a little dry and then it’s back to the sun. They have dinner at seven and then it’s family time till bed time when they go to bed and sleep with us.


  209. s2s2@comcast.net' Susan Smith says:

    My cat likes to lay around all day.

  210. cherylann62996@aol.com' cheryla lister says:

    My cat loves to roam about outside all day, but when he sees me coming up the walkway with hands full of grocery bags, he loves to fly into the air and pounce on me!

  211. cowboys.wife@hotmail.com' Christina Sparks says:

    Your kitten is beautiful. It makes me miss my cats I used to have an orange tabby and a ragdoll.

  212. My kitties are usually sleeping when we get up, then they get up and play for a bit. Maybe have a snack. Then they nap. Then they have another snack. Then another nap. Then usually after dinner, they are absolute spazzes! They race around the house, chase each other, play fight, climb on everything possible. This usually goes on until we go to bed. Then they are snuggling close to us when we get up in the morning. What a life!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  213. jessicaruggierocma@hotmail.com' Jessica Ruggiero says:

    She mostly sleeps in front of the window all day and then runs all over the house at night!

  214. A day in the life of my cat is pretty much identical to yours but add in a morning walk outside to pretend to stalk birds and enjoy nature and two more dogs to play with/ignore/contend with.

  215. A day in the life of my cat is a delicate balance of sleeping and hiding 🙂

  216. cpsnsamples@aol.com' shirley hicks says:

    A day in our cats life starts early..eating,,then outside she plays with our german shepherds ,,,chases birds,bees,and butterflies and as soon as she is back inside..she is the Chihuahuas best buddy..

  217. A day in the life of my cat is wake me up, then he goes to sleep. When I least expects it he pounces on me, then he goes back to sleep until it’s my bedtime, then he’s up and ready to play. I love cats!

  218. karenldrake@mail.com' Karen Drake says:

    My cats spend their day lounging around and sunning themselves in front of the window.

  219. achadwick22@yahoo.com' amanda whitley says:

    our cats start the day waiting outside our door to tell us to feed them and then the rest of the day is off and on napping. wish i had that life:p

  220. wowknk@gmail.com' Kristin says:

    Oh, it’s a ROUGH day. Laying in the sun, eating, taking a long nap, waking up for more food, then spending the night walking all over me while I try to sleep.

  221. traceyj40@sbcglobal.net' rochelle johnson says:

    i dont have a cat, but my aunt’s cat is pampered and spoiled every day

  222. cathyb4@yahoo.com' Cathy Burnett says:

    My cat, Sophie, knows exactly when I wake up in the morning. She will jump up on the bed and get in my face and love on me. When I get up she is waiting at her food dish. All during the day, she follows me around whatever I may be doing. She will lie near me in whatever room I am in. When it is bedtime she jumps onto the bed and wants under the cover just until I am about asleep and she slides out and off the bed. The next morning starts the same routine all over again. She is my daily joy.

  223. they sleep most of the day and eat and sometimes fight with each other.

  224. townsley.jayne@yahoo.com' floralmouse says:

    My cat waits for me to wake up at 4AM and then proceeds to run back in forth through the house at full speed for about 10 minutes.

  225. hall490@comcast.net' Sarah Hall says:

    Your kitties are beautiful. I love their gorgeous green eyes.

  226. esldiane@gmail.com' diane baum says:

    My cat babies Angel and Toby, love to spend the morning in the dog run with their dog sisters, layla and Mitzi. The rest of their day is usually eating and sleeping.

  227. sinwolf1976@gmail.com' donald hughes says:

    Your kitties are so cute

  228. staunton.om@schewel.com' Tammy Arnold says:

    I’ve often wondered if my cats are as smart as they act. And then they atack the side of the fish tank and I don’t wonder anymore.

  229. upstatemissy@gmail.com' Melissa S says:

    We lost our cat about 9 months ago, I miss her so much. She was just so sweet and affectionate. She had one litter of kittens who were all taken by family members and I get to see one in person and the rest on Facebook, that does my heart good.

  230. NStrong3604@yahoo.com' Nikki Strong says:

    Cats are so entertaining!

  231. My cat likes to follow us around from room to room to see what we’re up to. He’s an investigator.

  232. dawnkeenan@mchsi.com' dawn keenan says:

    My cats daily routine: Eat, play in the dewey grass, eat more, nap. Wake up, eat, cuddle, play in the grass and repeat.

  233. mihaeladay@gmail.com' Mihaela Day says:

    A day in the life of my kitty includes playing with her toys and laying around

  234. ijessica_r@yahoo.com' Jessica Rose says:

    Aww! Your cats are so pretty!

  235. lovemyace37@gmail.com' Tammie Venne says:

    pretty much the same as a newborn, eat, sleep, poop

  236. alex.welch10@yahoo.com' Alex W. says:

    Your cats make me want to get a new cat!

  237. I don’t have one at the moment, but I love cats. Yours is a gorgeous cat with a very busy schedule LOL

  238. ilikevindiesel@gmail.com' Lynda Thomas says:

    I don’t have a cat because my husband is allergic. :/ But, your kitties are so cute, they are making me very jealous!

  239. Tiffany1720x3@hotmail.com' Tiffany Losey says:

    My cats day consists of eating and laying outside in the sun and more eating lol.

  240. itsrob11@hotmail.com' Robby Rob says:

    I have to imagine they spend the day eating and drinking while we’re at work because they fill up that litter box like no one’s business!

  241. KairaWolfie@aol.com' Nicole Millheim says:

    Lots of fun and playing

  242. jawa22lly14@gmail.com' Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I have a ne rescue kitty and so far she is the cutest kitty. playful and sweet.

  243. I have two cats…they spend a lot of time running from one window to the other in order to check out the activity outside…chipmunks, squirrels, blackbirds. When it’s quiet outside, it’s naptime, then some munchies, antagonize each other. 5 pm they come into the kitchen and sit on the kitchen table waiting for their dinner…after dinner it’s sitting outside and being petted and loved.

  244. braaisjo@gmail.com' Terry Cross says:

    Your kitties are so pretty!

  245. cslmwt@hotmail.com' Connie Tucker says:

    Eat, sleep, play and lots of talking.

  246. thescribbler_1@yahoo.com' Kelly Britton says:

    I have a mostly outdoor cat named Charlie that guards the ol’ homestead. He never goes off our lot, but you can see him walking the perimeter of the acre we live on every night, keeping watch. We also have a cat name Crazy and let’s just say, his name more than suits him. 🙂

  247. delleebarker@yahoo.com' Della Barker says:

    Our 4 kitties spend their day eating, sleeping, playing and messing with the dogs. They are so funny to watch!

  248. My cats have a great life they eat, sleep, look out the window, play, get brushed and rubbed, and do not have to go to work!

  249. Cats are like potato chips. Can’t have just one. Yours are cute. I have 2 fat grays. Both “fixed” One momma and her 3 week old kittens too. I didn’t get her fixed in time :o(


    I have two cats who have essentially the same routine. Wake mommy and daddy up precisely five minutes before their alarm and proceed to whine until fed. Watch mom blow-dry hair and get ready. Sleep until noon. Run around the house and wrestle, getting hair everywhere. Wait for mom to get home and whine until fed…must be fed precisely at 5. Sleep some more. Then get up and play from 8-10. Go to bed with mom and dad. Same thing every day.

  251. scat41351@aol.com' Claudia Hubka says:

    I have 10 cats so someone is always doing something different. My youngest so outside and wonder in our woods, stalking birds, chasing anything that moves. My older & fatter cats lay around a lot and are annoyed by our Great Danes.Everyone else is either like yours eating, sleeping , pretending to be sleeping so they can secretly watch what everyone is doing.

  252. Telling me they want food & water, telling me they want out to sit on the front porch, wanting back in, stepping out in front of me when I’m trying to walk then walking as slow as they possibly can, sitting on me when I’m trying to write, & trying to take my food instead of eating their own.

  253. It just sleeps, but when it is not sleeping it just bosses me around.

  254. kimberlybreid@hotmail.com' Kim Reid says:

    Our four cats follow your list of activities almost exactly except those involving a dog, no dogs here!

  255. jenysa@comcast.net' Jennifer Reed says:

    A day in the life of my kitty is pretty chill. I have sister cats that do not enjoy each other’s company so they have taken it upon themselves to impose a invisible separation boundary in our home. One sister has the downstairs basement pad and the other the main level garden view abode. They each have everything they need and enjoy interacting with us humans as we pass into their space.

  256. traymona@aol.com' tracey byram says:

    You’d think my friend’s cat could tell time because every day she goes to the door at 3:25 and waits until my friend gets home from work at 3:30.

  257. glitterfaeriee@aol.com' Melissa says:

    my cats are similar to yours. they have the best life! lol

  258. sressell@earthlink.net' sheila ressel says:

    My 5 cats wake me up around 5:30 a.m. letting me know they are hungry and want to be fed. They then go back to sleep around 7:00 a.m. for about a half hour. After this they must be fed again because apparently they don’t remember that they already had breakfast. The rest of the day is spent either in the windows, on the couch, on my newspaper or on my lap sprinkled throughout with playing with their toys and each other and being combed, petted and kissed on by me. This continues until dinnertime around 5:30 p.m. when they expect canned food in addition to their dry food. After that more lounging and playing until I go to bed around 10:00 p.m. when they all join me in bed to go to sleep and start all over again at 5:30 a.m. the next morning.

  259. So cute. I have a grand kitty that spends time over here with me when his family is busy.

  260. destanynoel04@gmail.com' lisa jones says:

    This pretty much describes a day in the life of my cat c=

    Be awake and run around on humans faces while they sleep.
    Sleep some more.
    Get up turn around three times, lay down and go back to sleep.
    Think about eating.
    Dream about eating
    Keep sleeping lol
    See that humans are about to go to sleep, get up and eat to have the energy to run around and jump on their faces while sleeping.

    =P Im pretty sure that other things go on but this pretty much sums it up very well!

  261. jeepers133@gmail.com' Emilie Proctor says:

    My cats are super lazy! If they aren’t sleeping they are following my kids around like they are children also!

  262. rb042710@hotmail.com' richelle bowers says:

    I don’t have any cats but yours are beautiful!

  263. My cats = sleep, eat, repeat. They are sweet and I love them! 🙂 Thank you!

  264. danaleedavis@gmail.com' Danalee Davis says:

    My cat loves to run around outside, and he also loves to be inside cuddling with family.

  265. buddygarrett53@aol.com' Buddy Garrett says:

    Your cats are so cute.

  266. fluffblondie@aol.com' Brandi Goolsby says:

    I have one fat, fluffy whose name is Louie. He starts off his day, when I let him out of the laundry room, with nipping my calf muscles – he seems to think that this will speed up the delivery of his cat food. After devouring his food as if he hadn’t eaten in 3 days (actually 9 hours) he then likes to go a round or two with our puppy, or, maybe lie in wait to ambush my daughter. After all that hard work, once the family leaves for work and camp, it’s time for a nice cat nap on the dryer.

  267. thischickwins@gmail.com' thischickwins says:

    with my old cat, its a day of laziness- lots of sleeping and giving dirty looks

  268. bookloon@gmail.com' Laura P. says:

    We have 3 the female general stays in eats, sits in the sun, and sleeps. The gray male will eat, chase the other two and nap, then, during the night sleep by my feet. The younger male will eat sit outside for a bit wander back in and nap under the dining room table before he wants back out then at night he’ll sleep on a throw on our couch.

  269. piggythekitty2010@yahoo.com' Della Taraska says:

    I Have two rescue cats. Percy Bass who is a brown tabby which I have had for 9 yrs now. Also Alice a black long hair domestic that is very demanding. Percy is very laid back and not so demanding. Alice has finally learned to become social. They are both very lovely cats! I love them both very much! 🙂

  270. susansmoaks@gmail.com' susan smoaks says:

    our cats sleep, eat and try to catch birds and squirrels. we call them serial killers, they love to hunt!

  271. angelacisco79@yahoo.com' Angela Cisco says:

    My cats day starts by him crying at the window or door because he wants to go outside. Then he sits by the door waiting for his opportunity to slip out. If he is successful at escaping we will not see him for days until he gets hungry. The first thing he does when he comes back is go straight to his food dish, then he visits the cat liter box, drinks water and wants petting. Once he is satisfied he then goes back to the window/door to start the process over again.

  272. darkmysticnight@hotmail.com' Carolyn Daley says:

    We have two cats. Mushu is our Snowshoe Siamese who is very talkative and meows in response when you talk to him. He is playful, crazy, and daring. Sometimes he will playfully attack you out of nowhere. He craves attention often when I am sitting at the computer. Nikko is our Lynx Point Siamese. He is a bit on the shy and timid side unless food is involved. He constantly stalks everyone in the kitchen, purrs and meows at the same time when he is pleading for food, and gives you a “look” that makes you feel guilty when you do not share food with him.

  273. bmweida@yahoo.com' Breanne says:

    lots of sleeping

  274. kathypease@gmail.com' kathy pease says:

    we have 5 cats 4 who love to go outside and one that is blind so we keep him inside unless we take him out in the yard.

  275. heymissvirginia@embarqmail.com' Virginia Rowell says:

    A day in the life of my kitty is outside, catching mice, bringing them home for a gift and eating his well deserved dinner.

  276. My daughter’s cat Athena loves to play as soon as anyone is around. LOL She sleeps, I guess, when no one is home – LOL

  277. honeypie411@yahoo.com' Julie Hawkins says:

    My cats day consists of eating, sleeping, and getting into things he shouldn’t.

  278. sxybrt23@gmail.com' Stephanie Galbraith says:

    You have cute kitties.

  279. lisavanhook@aol.com' Lisa Vanhook says:

    No cats of my own but yours are very cute..

  280. morris4tax@yahoo.com' Gail Fernandez says:

    I don’t have any cats, but yours are cute.

  281. tishajean@charter.net' latisha depoortere says:

    My cats loves to eat , sleep and play alot of the time at night!

  282. ashley.lynn.irby@gmail.com' Ashley Irby says:

    Wake up. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. 🙂

  283. annabella@centurytel.net' Mary Cloud says:

    Mostly a lot of sleeping except for lunch time
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  284. Sleeping!

  285. amy16323@gmail.com' amy deeter says:

    I don’t have cats,i wish i did

  286. brianeason62@gmail.com' Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…our cat sleeps inside all day, usually hidden somewhere; at night she prowls the house & backyard.

  287. clarkmurdock@yahoo.com' Melanie Montgomery says:

    He just sleeps an awful lot. He moves from the dryer, to the kitchen table to the couch…etc.

  288. candieluster@gmail.com' Candie L says:

    I love cats but my husband is not a fan. So I always love looking at and hearing about others. Thank you

  289. He sleeps 23.5 hours of the day and reserves a little time to eat and play!

  290. cewatts75@yahoo.com' Christine Watts says:

    My cat wakes up, wants attention, snacks a little, sleeps in the sun if there is any, wants attention, snacks some more, sleeps some more, etc… I wish my life was that simple.

  291. Tridingermckee@gmail.com' Trisha McKee says:

    My cat is a bit older, and she sleeps on top of the sofa, away from the dogs. Sometimes she will venture down and play with the bulldogs, but usually, she wants nothing to do with them. She pretty much sleeps and eats.

  292. Eat, sleep and play.

  293. yupbucket@hotmail.com' Tim Moss says:

    Don’t have a cat buy your’s look cool.

  294. Your cats are adorable. My cat used to sit on my keyboard, too.
    Thanks for the contest.

  295. I’m more of a dog person myself… but I must admit that your cats are beauties!
    (Thanks for offering the giveaway)

  296. rajeespot@gmail.com' Rajee Pandi says:

    love your cats

  297. winz135@gmail.com' Denise Donaldson says:

    I dont have a kitty, but yours is adorable!

  298. mendyd15@yahoo.com' Mendy Dinsmore says:

    Lots of playing and sleeping.

  299. freebiequeenbee@yahoo.com' charlotte hess says:

    we just adopted a ten year old female cat, her name is Tilly. We wonder how long she will hide under something? She does allow us to pick her up and cuddle her

  300. lon2lon@hotmail.com' S. Whittle says:

    I do not have any cats but your kitten is adorable!

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