Enter a Sweepstakes & Receive High Value Fabric Care Coupons by Mail

Select ANY or ALL of the coupons at SpecialClothesCare.com and they’ll mail them to you for FREE and automatically enroll you in a sweepstakes to win a $3500 shopping spree, complete with free limousine transportation — NO STRINGS ATTACHED! ** If you like what you read, or have something to … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Weather Radio for Summer Weather Safety

I usually blog about saving money, but today I want to blog about saving lives (but of course there's a money-saving tip at the end. Summer brings with it the chance of severe weather. This year has seen severe weather in many parts of the country, including tornados. One way to help protect your … [Read more...]

Works for Me Wednesday: Simple Toaster Oven Quesadillas Recipe

This week's "Five Ingredients Or Less!" themed edition Works-For-Me Wednesday, I want to share a staple of our weekly menu plan: this Simple Toaster Oven Quesadillas Recipe. This filling, simple meal hits four food groups: protein, grain, veggies and dairy. They're super quick and super … [Read more...]

Benefits of Drying Your Clothes Outdoors – Do You Have Any Tips?

In looking for ways to both save money AND be eco-friendly, I decided I should try hanging my clothes outside again, something I haven't done for years. One thing I wanted to avoid was cluttering up my small backyard with a clothesline, so I opted for this retractable line. When not being used it … [Read more...]

Leftover Cereal Muffins Recipe

I often find that I end up with a lot of extra cereal after shopping the good deals at the supermarket. Or more often, I end up with several boxes of cereal that each have a little big left in the bottom. This Leftover Cereal Muffins Recipe  is a great way to use up that cereal. Any type of flake … [Read more...]

Earn Extra Money by Doing On-line Surveys

See the UPDATED list HERE!!! I've blogged about it before, but I think it's such a great extra money maker, I thought it deserved another post. I am totally hooked on making a few extra bucks by completing online surveys. The trick to doing well is to know which companies to sign up with. There are … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Play Dough Recipe

On summer days when it's either raining outside or just too HOT to play outside, this is a fun and inexpensive project: a Make Your Own Play Dough Recipe. The recipe is originally taken from the Martha Stewart show. If you're concerned about artificial coloring, natural food coloring is a good … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday – Free Stuff, Contests and Deals

NOTE: Click on "Thrifty Jinxy" at the top of this page to see more recent posts and scroll through for more recent freebies! Freebies: Lubriderm Sample SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener flavors For Coffee packets Sippy Cup from Juicy Juice (Offer is old, but still available if you haven’t … [Read more...]

Delicious Easy No-Knead Bread Recipe

This is the most delicious and easy homemade bread. I have been making it for about 3 months and it has become a staple in our house. I love it because it only uses 4 ingredients, is the cheapest bread you can make since it uses only a tiny bit of yeast, is fat-free, looks great, has fantastic … [Read more...]

A Cheaper Way to Get Your Checks

If you need to order new checks, do NOT, I repeat do NOT, order them from the bank. The bank charges you the highest price possible (unless you are lucky enough to have the very rare checking account with free checks). There is a cheaper way to get your checks! Your best bet is to order them online. … [Read more...]

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