Voltron Pumpkin Stencils – Carve Your Own Voltron Jack o’ Lantern!

Halloween will soon be here. Have you carved your pumpkins yet? I usually end up carving a traditional old jack o' lantern with triangles for the yes and nose and do the best I can at making a mouth with crooked teeth. This year I think I'll try my hand at making something special with these Voltron … [Read more...]

Keeping a Multi-Cat Household Odor Free

There are lots of reasons I love my cats. And actually, I love each of them for different reasons. I love my oldest cat Lucky because she is so little and cute and cuddly but also has a strong personality. She's also super smart. Smart wouldn't be the first word I would use to describe our two … [Read more...]

Freeform 13 Nights of Halloween Schedule 2016 (Previously ABC Family)

Freeform 13 Nights of Halloween Schedule 2016 Our favorite Halloween Channel ABC Family is now named Freeform, but it's still scaring up lots of fun with its annual 13 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN celebration! Nearly two full weeks are filled with thrills and chills as we count down to Halloween. It's hard … [Read more...]

Best Baby Toy Gifts – Newborn to 24 Months

Buying the best baby toy gifts for babies and toddlers can be tricky, especially when you don't have little ones that age. It's easy to forget which toys are appropriate AND will be enjoyed by the littlest of tots. To make shopping easier both during the holiday season, and throughout the year … [Read more...]

20+ Super Fun Halloween Recipes

Over the last couple of years we have shared lots of fun Halloween recipes here at Thrifty Jinxy, as well as at our sister sites ThriftyRecipes.com and JinxyKids.com. Rather than make you dig around to find them all, I have compiled them all here in one easy list. The first section starts out with … [Read more...]

Universal Orlando Fun Under 54″ – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley

When mentioning to people that our family was looking forward to heading back to Universal Orlando this summer as part of Family Forward, I usually heard the responses of "So cool!" or "How fun!" But, I sometimes heard responses similar to  "I don't like roller coasters" or "Our kids are too little … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Shower Into a Spa

Sometimes it seems like every year life gets a little more hectic and busy. There are a lot of places to go, things to get done, and not a whole lot of time to just relax. But we all NEED that down time! While we may not all be able to head off to the spa or take a long weekend whenever we want, we … [Read more...]

25 Amazing Halloween Front Porch Decorations

We are officially in Halloween season and that means it's time to get the house decorated!! I live in the city of Anoka, the Official Halloween Capital of the World! Just last week the United States Postal Service was here for the official unveiling event for four commemorative 2016 U.S. Postal … [Read more...]

Doctor Strange Event Press Junket + More – Follow Along! #DoctorStrangeEvent

I have a strange doctor appointment coming up next week. NO! I got that mixed up. What I meant to say is that I have an appointment with Doctor Strange next week! I'm so excited that a week from today I will be in the middle of another awesome Marvel/Disney/Pixar/Freeform press junket in Los … [Read more...]

Printable Halloween Lunchbox Notes and Lunch Ideas

This year I seemed to have gotten into the Halloween mood way before October even arrived. Now that it's finally here, I think it's a good idea to celebrate all month long!! While we can do a lot at home to celebrate the season with Halloween decorations, costume planning and treat preparations, you … [Read more...]

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