Doctor On Demand: See a Doctor without Leaving Home

  When you're not feeling well, about the last thing you want to do is get up, get dressed and get yourself to the doctor's office. Not to mention that once you get there you will probably have to wait around until you actually get to see a doctor. Throughout all of that waiting room time … [Read more...]

Review: JORD Wood Watch + Exclusive Discount for Thrifty Jinxy Readers!

My husband recently turned the big 3-0.  He has been slowly adapating a more sophisticated style, trading out the bootcut jeans for the trousers and the polo shirts with the button downs.  When we were given the opportunity to review a JORD Wood Watch, I knew it would be the perfect accessory for … [Read more...]

Travel Clothing Tips + Orvis Reader Giveaway

I love to travel and there are several things that helps make traveling easier. One of them is knowing what to pack! The clothing you'll want to take along will vary a bit depending on your destination and what you'll be doing when you get there, but there are a few tips that are pretty … [Read more...]

Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift: Colored Pencil Vase

When I was a kid, we lived exactly one block from our elementary school. My mom was one of those parents who wanted to be as involved in her kid's lives as possible. Mom was a recognized figure at that school. Mom volunteered in the library, the office, our classrooms and anywhere else they could … [Read more...]

JLust by JLo from Jennifer Lopez is Here! Enter for a Chance to Try It

I'm a big fan of Jennifer Lopez and have been for a long time. I always have a feeling that I "know" her and I think that's because she reminds me so much of my sister-in-law! They do have the similarities that they are both puerto rican and born in the Bronx, but that's not it. It's that they are … [Read more...]

How to Have Your Most Successful Yard Sale Yet

To me, summer means one thing and one thing only. Yard sales. I cannot get enough of them! From hunting down the best deals to hosting the greatest yard sale of the century. I have hosted many yard sales and I have learned how they fail or how they succeed. Now I get to share with you what I've … [Read more...]

Help Empower Women in China to #ChangeDestiny

Women have a lot of freedom in America when it comes to starting a family.  Society doesn't put any pressure on women to marry at a certain age, but instead encourages career and personal growth.  When the time comes for a woman to find a partner, there are so many options that she can be in control … [Read more...]

10 Disney World Camping Tips

Not many people know that Disney has a dedicated campground for families that travel by RV, drive in with their pop-up campers, or are interested in tent camping. Fort Wilderness is a large resort on Disney property that includes an outdoor campground in addition to a lodge and extensive grounds … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day: Books Mom Will Love + Printable Bookmarks!

My family is a family of readers and that is almost ALL thanks to my mom. From the time my sister and I were newborn babies she read to us every day. While we were growing up, Mom always had a book with her pretty much wherever she went and we always had books too. Even after we were old enough to … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Button Letters Craft

This is one of my favorite crafts. It is so inexpensive (under $10) and looks so adorable when it is complete. Kids from preschool and up can help make this craft, making it perfect for Mother’s Day. If you are using glue dots, the younger kids can do this with some help from an older kid or grown … [Read more...]

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