Summer Adventure TShirts and Plaid – Fashion on the Road

It's time to hit the road for a summer adventure! The long summer days and free weekends are the perfect time for camping or a summer road  trip. This morning I'm headed off on a road trip to Mankato in the southern part of Minnesota. I haven't visited there before (beyond a few hours) and can't … [Read more...]

The Legend of Tarzan: Protect What You Love – Reader Giveaway

It happened again tonight. A commercial for The Legend of Tarzan came on while my husband and I were watching TV. While he is usually quick to fast forward through the commercials, he let this one play. Once it was finished he said, "That looks REALLY good!" So, you can probably guess what we're … [Read more...]

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5 Kitchen Savings Tips

When you think of the rooms in your house that cause you to spend the most, the kitchen is high on the list. Not only do we have to buy groceries every week, but there are all the products you use to cook that food, keep your home clean and ensure the household is running smoothly. Spending less is … [Read more...]

Valleyfair: Making Memories with Family Fun

Valleyfair is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. Since I so vividly remember the very first year Valleyfair opened, that 40-year mark makes me feel pretty darn old, but it also makes me reflect on happy memories as we add brand new ones. When Valleyfair first opened in Shakopee Minnesota in … [Read more...]

The Secret Life Of Pets – What Are Our Pets REALLY Thinking?

As a pet lover, I am incredibly excited about The Secret Life Of Pets coming to theaters July 8th. I'm always wondering just what my pets might be thinking and The Secret Life Of Pets gives us a funny look into what just might be going through their heads. Sometimes I think I might be able to guess … [Read more...]

7 Best Camping Games

Camping is great, sitting around the fire, eating one too many s'mores, enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air, but what else is there to do? Well, you don't have worry about figuring that out all on your own. Here is a list of some of the best camping games everyone will enjoy. These activities … [Read more...]

Voltron Birthday Party Treat Ideas with Cupcake Tutorial!

Whether the Voltron fans in your life are 9 or 39, we know they would LOVE a Voltron-themed birthday party this year. Last month I had the chance to visit DreamWorks Animation Studios to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Voltron Legendary Defender exclusively for Netflix. While I was … [Read more...]

How to Give Your Pet a CheckUp Wellness Test at Home

In our family of pets, there is a big difference between getting our dog to go to the vet vs. getting one of the cats to go to the vet. For Toby, the dog, he just LOVES riding in the car and he doesn't even think about the actual destination. But the feline family members, as all you cat lovers … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Doing Laundry More Enjoyable

I will be perfectly honest and say that laundry is not on my list of chores that I like to do. I know some people who find doing laundry to be relaxing and therapeutic. My brain just does not compute that situation. What I DO like is that feeling once all the laundry is finished and put away and the … [Read more...]

Shop, Search, and Save with Qmee

Let me paint a picture for you.  It's Friday.  It's Pay Day.  You've had a long, stressful week and it is time to treat yourself to a little bit of retail therapy.  You head to the local coffee shop for a tasty treat, then you stop by the drug store for a new bottle of bubble bath for some … [Read more...]

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