6 Great Uses for Single Mismatched Socks

uses for mismatched socks

We all have heard of the old saying where the dryer “eats” our socks. Somehow, we all seem to be missing socks that we think we still have. When I find a lone sock in the laundry basket I set it to the side thinking that its mate will eventually show up. Unfortunately, at times that never happens! What do you do with these socks that have no matches? In this article, I will share some creative uses for single mismatched socks so you don’t feel like you need to just toss ’em!

6 Great Uses for Single Mismatched Socks

1. Dust with them! One of my favorite uses it to slip a sock over my hand and use it to dust hard to reach places.

2. Make a hot/cold pack. Fill a long tube sock with rice or flax seed. Tie off the end. When you need to make the aches go away, pop your sock into the microwave for a few minutes. The rice holds in the heat well.  Otherwise you can keep it in the freezer so it is nice and cold when you need it.

3. Travel shoe protectors. Slip socks over your shoes to protect your shoes and your clothes from the dirt on your shoes in your luggage.

4. Crafts for kids! Use old socks to make puppets with your kiddos one day this summer.

5. Make some fun toys for the pets in your family. Dogs will love it if you tie the long tube sock into knots and play tug of war with them. Cats will love a baby or small child’s sock filled with catnip (ends tied off) to toss around.

6. Fill a sock with bits of leftover soap bars. Tie off the ends and lather up!

I hope these tips help you find your inner creativity and allow you to find new uses for old mismatched single socks!

What uses do YOU have for single socks?

Handy Uses for Single Mismatched Socks

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  1. I like your ideas for uses for old socks. I like to put catnip in them, tie a knot in the top so the catnip doesn’t get out and then watch the cats go crazy with them. They really love it.

  2. Oh, love the dusting idea! You forgot tip 7: wear them mismatched. 😀

  3. I made these for my kids. its a great use for “orphan socks”

  4. I agree with Amy. My husband purposely wears mismatched socks. Hardly anyone notices and when they do, they just mark it up to his quirky personality!

  5. carlsxtramail@gmail.com' Carl L Smith Jr says:

    Thanks for the ideas! For some strange reason my washer has been eating more socks than usual lately. I wonder if that is maybe a sign my washer is getting old ( but it’s only 3 yrs old), or maybe needs some type of maintenance? I just started a few months ago using the washer cleaner, the stuff you put in like detergent and run a cycle to clean the inside of the machine. The things I use spare socks for are as a dust cloth or rag for things like greasy car parts, and also I fill the bottoms with catnip and sew or just tightly tie it closed for an easy homemade cat toy for my cat. He loves them!

  6. I just love this list. I have used old or mismatched socks for dusting, but never thought of the other uses! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea at Feeding Big for Less Money! See you next week!

  7. Great ideas! I love repurposing items. Found you on Feeding Bigs.

  8. Such good ideas! I just keep tossing solo socks BACK into the laundry pile in hopes eventually they’ll find their mate. Then once I get tired of that I’ll toss them out. Now I have somethings to do with them instead!

  9. Use it as a bottle bag, if a gift, dress it up. Use it as a insulator for a bottle, keeps warmer or colder longer.
    As a tubing for keeping wound dressings in place. Turn a big sock into a hat for a baby, it will look hilarious!
    Stuff the sock and make a neck pillow out of it. Use a baby sock as a coinpurse or credit card holder.

  10. jenrodrigues18@yahoo.com' Jen Rodrigues says:

    Good ideas. I have a couple pairs in the laundry room and I should use them for dusting since I clean a lot and always use paper. That would save me more as well. Thanks!!

  11. Can’t wait to make the cat a toy tonight -thanks for the idea!


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