Thrifty Baking: Tips to Reduce the Cost of Baking from Scratch

Thrifty Baking Tips to Reduce the Cost of Baking from Scratch

Baking from scratch is usually cheaper (and healthier) than buying baked goods, but here are a few tips to reduce the cost of baking from scratch and keep the costs down even further:

**Substitute one Tbsp soy powder and one Tbsp water for one egg (this also reduces the fat in the recipe!)

**Use powdered milk mixed with the appropriate amount of water in place of fresh milk

**Most cookie recipes will taste just as good if you reduce the sugar by up to ½ (again – this healthier too!)

**Instead of buying a whole bag of self-rising flour for a special recipe, you can make your own by adding 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt to each cup of regular flour.

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  1. Amy is right – stock up on as many baking and pantry goods as you can while the stores are catering to the holiday cooks.

  2. Great tips! Both in the post and the comments. Thanks!

    I also know you can make your own cake flour by replacing 2tbsp of each cup of flour with corn starch. Don’t know if this saves money over buying cake flour, but it keeps me from buying multiple flours anyway.

  3. Wish I had known sooner about the self-rising flour tip, I just bought a bag of that!

  4. I have found that in my area powdered milk is more expensive than fresh, what I do to save money on baking with milk is if I have any that goes sour I freeze it in 1 cup portions just for baking. Many recipes call for sour milk anyway, and I have never had an issue substituting sour for fresh in a recipe.

  5. Great tips! I had no idea you could make your own self-rising flour. Pinned to reference this list later. Thanks!

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