Microwave Marshmallow Caramel Corn Recipe

 Microwave Marshmallow Caramel Corn Recipe

WARNING:  This popcorn is extremely addictive!!  If you’re planning on making this Microwave Marshmallow Caramel Corn Recipe to take to a party or give as a gift, I highly recommend making two batches.  It’s going to be hard to get it all out of the house without eating at least half!  This recipe is so easy to do that it’s perfect for an anytime snack or movie night.  Or package it in a pretty cellophane bag (or just a regular baggie with a bow) and give it as a simple holiday gift.

Microwave Marshmallow Caramel Corn Recipe

1/4 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. butter
5 full-size marshmallows
6 c. popped popcorn

NOTE:  Due to varying wattage of microwave ovens you may need to cook slightly longer or shorter times.  Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes. Stir. Microwave another minute.  Add marshmallows. Microwave until melted, stirring once or twice, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Pour over popcorn and mix well.

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  1. This has got to be the easiest caramel corn recipe ever. I love caramel corn by the recipe I have calls for a ton of brown sugar and corn syrup. Not the healthiest recipe. I love how easy this is to make. My daughter can help make it to give to all her girl friends for Christmas. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Ohmygosh! This recipe is right up my alley. Love, love, love it. Matter of fact, I have everything in the house now. You know what I’m thinking…..

  3. This looks and sounds incredible! Love the warning about addictivity. When I saw the picture, I immediately thought, “Oh my, I wouldn’t be able to stop eating it!)

  4. should the popcorn be plain/no salt or butter? thanks

    • I used no salt or butter, but I think it would still taste good with salted/buttered popcorn. I like salted caramel treats so the salt might be a good addition. I am going to test it out that way next time!

  5. Tanya Holland says:

    This looks so good. My husband would love this. I think I’m going to try it this weekend.

  6. Ut, Oh. I’m in trouble. This is simply too easy to make. I’m going to forget I saw this recipe.

  7. What size of marshmallows or is it 5 cups? Sort of confused.

  8. Jenny Scheldberg says:

    Looks like a good holiday movie. So many talented actors/actresses.

  9. That is too easy to make. Good thing I don’t have any popcorn in the house today.


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