Make the Most of Christmas Clearance Candy Sales

christmas clearance candy

Now that Christmas has been over by more than a week, many stores are drastically reducing the prices of their Christmas items 50%, 75%, even 90% off. One of my favorite tips for these clearance sales is to check out the candy that is on sale.

Of course candy can be eaten right now, as is, or you can use it for baking, but Hershey Kisses or other candies wrapped in colored foil are perfect for upcoming holidays. The colors of the foil are usually red, green, silver and gold. So, I open the bags and sort them out to use the bred and silver wrappers for Valentine’s Day and then the green and gold wrappers for St. Patrick’s Day.

Do you stock up on candy after the holidays?  How do you use it?' About Chrysa

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  1. That is a great sorting idea! I should do that with the M&Ms I just bought. I usually stock up on dove and ghiradelli chocolate this time of year for the rest of the year. The dark is perfect for baking with.. I like it better than the taste of chocolate chips for cookies. I also use it to make fudge, chocolate covered rice krispies clusters and lots of other baked treats. For the chocolate chip cookies I cut up each dark dove square into 12-16 pieces..

    • That’s a great idea for the Dove. I love their chocolate chips but this is a way to do it for a lot less!

  2.' sandra davis says:

    I had planned to stock up on the Hershey Candy Cane Kisses because I am so addicted to them. but just my luck, I haven’t been able to find any anywhere. I should have grabbed some extra before Christmas was over.

  3. This is an excellent idea! I usually just try to buy candy that is wrapped all in one color. I didn’t even think far enough ahead to consider sorting colors for the closest coming holidays! Genius.

  4. I wish my printer was working. My CVS has these 90 % off right now.

  5. Oh man….I doubt the chocolate would make it to Valentine’s in my house!! I do love this idea, quite brilliant.

  6. Great ideas! I also sort through for holiday wrapping paper that doesn’t scream Christmas and use it to wrap gifts all year… why pay full price when it’s on sale for 90% off!

  7. I love to buy as much chocolate as I can on clearance and save it for melting chocolate, when I make my chocolate covered pretzels.

  8. I do this, too! I just make sure to throw the Hershey’s kisses in the freezer or I will be sure to eat them before the next holiday!

  9. I love saving them for the holidays but sometimes they don’t make it that far with a little snacking. I also picked out all of the green M&Ms and decorated my son’s birthday cupcakes. There are tons of uses that don’t make them look like you are using Christmas candy but then again, my son doesn’t much care what color he is eating when he gets a special treat!

  10. We stocked up on after-Christmas candy at Target this year. We found some great deals because it was all marked down really low.

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