My Love and Just a Little Bit of Hate Relationship with My Cats

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My Cats

Before you cat lovers get all up-in-arms, let me clarify my title. My relationship with my cats consists of a WHOLE BUNCH of love and just a teeny tiny bit of hate. But, who am I kidding? Anyone who owns a cat knows exactly what I mean. They are most often a total joy, but there are a few things than can make you just a little bit nuts.

Let me start with the bad first and mention what makes up that tiny bit of hate.  First on the list is never being able to sleep in because my four living alarm clocks always know when it’s time for breakfast and feel it’s their duty to wake me up to serve them.

Fancy Feast Cats

Secondly, is the constant state of pet hair everywhere. I don’t know if the pet hair comes more from the cats or from our 75-pound German Shepherd. The dog says it is the cats’ hair. The cats say, “I don’t care whose hair it is. You’re the human. Now pick it up!”

The number one thing I hate about having cats is litter boxes. I have never met a person who likes to clean litter boxes or who likes the smell of what is taken out of the boxes. BUT, there is a way to minimize that impact. It’s the Litter Genie. Many of you may be familiar with the Diaper Genie. Well, this is basically a similar concept, but for our furbabies!

To use the Litter Genie, you just scoop up the clumps from your litter box, open the lid on the Litter Genie and drop in the clumps. Then pull the handle to let the litter clumps drop in and seal away the waste and odors. It’s air-tight, which means that even when you open the lid again, the smells are kept inside. It has a small, sleek, compact design, which makes it perfect for small spaces and can seal away waste for one cat for up to 14 days.

Litter Genie

So, now that I covered the “hate” part, I have to say there are waaaaaaay more many reasons why I love my cats and are glad they are part of our lives. Actually, there are more ways than I have the time or space to share, but just a few of them are:

There is nothing better than spending my work-at-home day than with a cute, cuddly cat curled up on my lap, next to me on my desk, or wedged in behind me on my desk chair. I love that!

Sammy Fancy Feast

Watching our cats play provides endless entertainment. Since our two youngest cats are only about 9 months old, they are extra playful. They love to hunt imaginary objects, tackle cat toys (or everyday objects they decide are good cat toys) and just generally be silly. The little boy cat, Sammy, actually will play fetch like a dog! If you throw a little ball he will chase it down, pick it up in his mouth and return it to you to throw again.

Peanut Fancy Feast

Speaking of dogs, our oldest cat Peanut will come running when he hears his name (just like a dog0 because he knows he’s getting a treat. He scored a whole new bag of treats this week when I took advantage of the special offer running at Target right now. When you buy any TWO (2) Fancy Feast® – 24 pack OR Litter Genie® Pail/Refill, you get a FREE Cat Toy or Friskies party mix cat treat. The offer is available while supplies last 2/15/15 through 4/11/15.

Fancy Feast Litter Genie Treats Toy

He was also super happy to see the 24 pack of Fancy Feast that I brought home. He and the little kittens were all over the box even before I had a chance to take any of the cans out of it! Once I actually opened a can for them, they were all over it. With age comes wisdom and Peanut was able to make sure he got his share of the food by using a paw to pull the bowl away from the little kids. Lucky for them, there are 23 other cans left in the box!

Cleo Fancy Feast

Cleo Sammy Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast Cleo

Fancy Feast Sammy

Do you have your own fur babies? Be sure to catch this special offer while it lasts:  Buy any TWO (2) Fancy Feast® – 24 pack OR Litter Genie® Pail/Refill, you get a FREE Cat Toy or Friskies party mix cat treat. The offer is available while supplies last 2/15/15 through 4/11/15.' About Chrysa

Chrysa is the founder and owner of, a site dedicated to living a fabulous life on a frugal budget. Her approach is that by spending less on the boring everyday stuff, you can have more money to splurge on the things you REALLY want, whether it’s travel, fashion, electronics – you name it! Chrysa is married, has a 8-year old nephew she dotes on, as well as three lovable cats and a big sweetie of a German Shepherd.


  1.' Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My in-laws feed their cats Fancy Feast. They all seem to love it.

  2. My husband has been stuck lately doing the litter box since I’m pregnant, and I seriously considered getting him a litter genie! Thanks for the extra vote!

  3. I have a friend who’s totally devoted to her three cats. She told me once that every cat owner has a 90% love, 10% hate relationship with their cats.

  4. HAHA I know EXACTLY what you mean. Just when you’re at the hate part, they come up and rub against you, it’s like they know. I need to check out the litter genie!

  5. I love the green eyes so pretty. My mother has two cats and I know she is very fond of them.

  6. I had a black cat for one day, long story, but my family were always dog lovers so I have always had dogs since. I don’t think I could do the liter thing at all, LOL! Which is probably why I never wanted kids, I’m not sure I’m cut out for Diapers either! LOL

  7. I’ll have to tell my daughter about the free toy with the two 24 packs. Also, that litter disposal system is too cool!

  8.' Aimee Fauci says:

    This idea is genius. It reminds me of the baby diaper genie but I could see this being more useful.

  9. I am glad that my little chiweenie doesn’t shed as much. I can’t handle the hair everywhere on my wood floors

  10. We have 4 cats … our newest is Mordu and he is a MESS! He tries to climb the door frames!! We feed our cats dry food, but the litter genie looks like a must-have!

  11. I have 3 dogs that are the same way. Thankfully, they go to my husband’s side of the bed to wake him up for morning feedings every day lol.

  12. Oh wow! People seem to love their Diaper Genies, I bet the genie for kitty litter is a big hit too! I’d totally try that if we had a cat!! Cats are fun. 🙂

  13. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about love/hate. My cats growing up used to nip at your toes if you tried to sleep in.

  14. That genie looks amazing! I’ve had cats my whole life and have always wanted something like that! Very cool

  15. I don’t give my cat (or cats in the past) wet food unless it was suggested by a vet. No reason for it other than I don’t like how it makes their breath smell or how it makes their stool. Sooooo..but that litter genie. Now, that looks like something I need.

  16. That litter genie is genius! I love how easily you can rid the odor!

  17.' Debbie Denny says:

    I am not much of a cat lover, but my neighbor feeds hers this I think.

  18. I love my cat but hate dealing with the litter. I’ll have to try a litter genie!

  19. Awwwww, these pictures are making me want a million cats. You can never have too many. They’re adorable,

  20. I love cats but hate the litter box. It has kept me from getting another cat. I will have to try a Litter Genie.

  21. Where can I buy this in the U.K.

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