HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Interview – Meta Golding and Bruno Gunn

HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Interview – Meta Golding and Bruno Gunn
Meta Golding Bruno Gunn Interview

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Meta Golding and Bruno Gunn from the soon to be released HUNGER GAMES:  CATCHING FIRE.  We chatted about their roles as Enobaria and Brutus, their experience filming and what it’s like to be a part of this phenomenal franchise.  Joining me for the interview was Samara from Simplicity in the Suburbs.

Samara – Before the movie came about, were you familiar with the books? had you read them or were you fans of the book series?

Bruno – I had not read the books.  I had seen the first movie. But I knew of this phenomenon that was going around.  I have a sister who is a teacher.  She teaches 6th grade.    She would say “all these kids are all reading this book The Hunger Games and their teachers are reading it too.“  So that was my first taste of it.

Meta – I knew about the phenomenon, but I think I associated it more with Twilight, so I thought it was more for pre-teen girls and that I wouldn’t enjoy reading it.  Then I saw the first film and I loved it.  Then I got cast and I read all the books and they were really super interesting.

Chrysa – When you actually read the books and read your characters.  What was your reaction to your character?  Were there any things from the book you wish your character did or didn’t do in the movie that was in the book ?

Bruno – I wanted my character to do everything.

Meta – Enobaria was a nemesis to Katniss.  It’s interesting reading a book for the first time and knowing that you are going to be playing this character.  So you’re not reading it blindly.  I was reading it and every time Katniss says something like “Enobaria looked at me” then with my imagination I would stop and say “Wait, what is Enobaria thinking?”  So it was a really interesting reading experience because I have never played a role that originated from a book.

Chrysa – Are there any other book series that you would like to do? 

Bruno – What is amazing is the fans.  One great thing about this group is that they are book readers.  They are not just moviegoers, but they love books. And love to read.  More than occasionally I’ll get tweets that say “Oh my gosh.  You would be so great as Alex in this book if they make it into a movie”.  So, I don’t have one in mind, but they’re out there.  The kids are telling us that they are out there.

Meta – If Michele Obama ever writes a memoir I would love to play her.  I think for me a lot of the books I have liked have already been done or are more period pieces, but I would be more interested in doing a memoir of someone  because there are so many talented people who have had interesting lives.

Meta Golding as Enobaria

Samara – What were the best and worst parts of filming for this move, getting ready for it, or just the whole experience?

Meta  – There are so many great parts of being part of this franchise.  I think right now is interesting as the move is about to come out.  Because you do the filming in a vacuum – you’re just doing your work.  Like when you guys are writing your blog and before it goes out, before you push send, you’re just writing in a vacuum so you don’t know how it’s going to land or what someone is going to get from it.  But as we’re starting to do press now, we’re participating in this incredible energy that is the Hunger Games trilogy .  The other day we were at a mall in New Jersey and there were thousands of kids and families and just being part of that excitement.  It feels like it’s their film.  Even though I think someone my age gets a lot out of it and somebody in their 60s, because as an adult you read that in a different way, but just to be part of something that effects people and people are excited – especially young girls.  There were so many young girls there and that’s really exciting.  Also, as an actor, I think to play a character that is so physical and physically strong.  We trained for months with people who choreographed the Matrix so to have this new skill set.  I know I’m answering this in a long-winded way but also to work with people like Bruno, who is a wonderfully accomplished actor, and Jennifer Lawrence and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Woody Harrelson and to play on that level with people that I have admired for years its just a dream come true.

Bruno – I think the best part for me was the whole physical part of taking on these characters and the preparation.  It was a lot of fun.  It was a mountain to climb and we were doing it and we could see each other and our fellow cast mates getting better and better.  As we got closer to our first shoot date we were hitting all cylinders and ready for it, so that physical part of it I think for me was one of the best parts.  Now the worst part is was shooting in November on the East Coast outside.  We’ll just leave it at that.  Outside.  In November.  On the East Coast.

Meta – It was right after Superstorm Sandy and we had to jump out and dive into freezing cold water.

Bruno – November, shirtless!

Samara – What was the worst part for you, Meta?

Meta – Well I think that  filming was the worst part and also, lets be honest, I had to be on a very strict diet, ladies, and that was no fun.  No cakes, no drinking.  I think it was our birthday so we had like half a glass of wine each.  We had to be so strict about everything.  Even though it was great to be disciplined, it’s no fun.

Chrysa – So what’s the first thing you splurged on when you could go off your diet?

Meta– I remember actually I had to do this big sword fight that I had been training for months and right after I finished I went by myself to this bar and had a cheeseburger and some french fries with  a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate cake.  Because you have to reward yourself.

Samara – Have you kept up your skill set?

Meta – I think you can see that Bruno has.  {Which was obvious from the guns on Mr. Gunn!}  I am shooting this television show right now called Tomorrow People and it’s on the CW.  I’m the villain in that and I fight a lot of people.  Actually, Bruno and I haven’t seen each other in a while so I was showing him some of the video of some of our rehearsals and it was supposed to be just a little thing, but  then when we got there the director saw that I could do stuff and so it was  this big huge action scene and that wouldn’t have been possible before this film.  I really feel like I have a new skill set.

Bruno Gunn as Brutus

Chrysa –  If you had to or were able to play another character in the film, what character intrigues you the most?

Meta – For me it’s Katniss.  Also because for Enobaria Katniss is the one to beat and I think for Katniss, Enobaria is the one to beat.  And so I think I have really watched what she is doing and because Enobaria trains kids and wasn’t expecting to be in this position she is always studying the game and the way that Katniss won is  so interesting.  And also because when I read the books I fell in love with the character, as everybody else did.

Bruno – It would be Katniss.  She is the hero.  I love nothing more than a strong female character.  There is not enough of that and here we have a trifecta of strong women with Suzanne Collins, Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss.  So, Katniss is the hero.  She is the leader, the strength, the backbone to this movement.

Samara – What message do you think you would take away or you hope that people take away from this part of the series – Catching Fire?

Meta – I think that I would compare it to a storm – say an earthquake and how people survive.  Our characters, Enobaria and Brutus, are considered really tough but we’re actually just trying to survive.  It;s really The Capitol that is the villain here and we have all been forced into these situations.  So I think the takeaway whether you’re in middle school or high school and just learning how to navigate the social complexities or if you’re in Corporate America and dealing with that  – -or whatever job or society you’re a part of, we’re social beings – so how do you survive?  I think that’s the takeaway.

Bruno – The takeaway for me is that any time you want change you have to stand up and voice your opinion and sometimes it’s not always the favorite.  We are at an age where we can only do so much and right now its those kids out there who have a chance to have an impact and have a chance to have a revolution to change things.  It’s going to be tough, but you can do it and you can come out of it a winner.  Again, it’s for the kids.  The message is for THEM that this is what you have to do to have change.

Chrysa – In the process of preparing, filming or afterwards, is there anything that  this particular experience has taught you about yourself or something that you took out of it personally?

Bruno – Good question.  We haven’t had that one.  Really nice question. {That response made me smile.}

Meta – I think for me as a woman having to get so physical really shifted things for me.  Before I would be walking down the street and if I see someone would get a little nervous.  Especially while we were doing this I just felt so in my body, confident.  I think that on a personal level that is what it really was.

Bruno – I want to say the physical stuff, but I have always been a physical person so it was just a different type of physical for me.  But I think as someone who has been at this a long time I felt like – Wow, here I am.  I have climbed this mountain and I have made it to the top.  This is a big break.  This is an amazing opportunity.  And here I am at the top of this mountain.  And as I’m at the top of this mountain I look over and I’m like – oh my god there’s another mountain over there and it’s just as big, if not bigger.  So, as artists and actors we both climb this mountain and we don’t have opportunity to celebrate because we see that next mountain.  So, I think this experience for me was about really taking it all in and celebrating it.  Having the opportunity to say “Yeahh! We did it! This is awesome!”  So, I think for me it’s about this opportunity to just celebrate this accomplishment and knowing there’s that other mountain there because it doesn’t stop here.' About Chrysa

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