Gardenline 10′ x 10′ Gazebo at ALDI Only $99.99 – Do you have one?

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Aldi Gardenline Gazebo

I was in Aldi yesterday and saw this Gazebo.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a display, just the box. In the picture it looks awesome with the two-tier roof, corner shelves and netting and the price is only $99.99!  This is much, much less than other gazebos (I have been shopping for one) so I’m trying to figure out if this is a great deal or if it might be a case of “you get what you pay for”.  Sooo….have any of you bought this or know someone who has?  If so, please fill us in on the details!

Update:  I have also been looking at Gazebos on other sites.  You can see lots of  Gazebo options HERE, HEREHERE and HERE. You can also try eBay!


Sunjoy L-GZ288PST-4H Large Parlay Gazebo with Netting, 12' by 10', TanSunjoy L-GZ288PST-4H Large Parlay Gazebo with Netting, 12′ by 10′, TanSunjoy S-GZ604PCO-F Seville Polycarbonate Top Gazebo, BlackSunjoy S-GZ604PCO-F Seville Polycarbonate Top Gazebo, BlackSunjoy L-GZ120PST-2L 11.8' x 9.8' Franklin Bay Window Gazebo Large, GraySunjoy L-GZ120PST-2L 11.8′ x 9.8′ Franklin Bay Window Gazebo Large, GraySunjoy L-GZ375PST 9′ x 9′ Marcel GazeboSunjoy L-GZ375PST 9′ x 9′ Marcel GazeboSunjoy L-GZ076PST-1C 14.6' x 13' Genoa Hexagon Gazebo with Glass Bar Shelf - Tan, LargeSunjoy L-GZ076PST-1C 14.6′ x 13′ Genoa Hexagon Gazebo with Glass Bar Shelf – Tan, LargeGazebo Penguin 41218 4-Season Solarium, 12 by 18-FeetGazebo Penguin 41218 4-Season Solarium, 12 by 18-FeetGazelle 5-Sided Hub GazeboGazelle 5-Sided Hub Gazebo10' X 10' Gazebo Replacement Canopy Top Cover - Beige, Double-teir10′ X 10′ Gazebo Replacement Canopy Top Cover – Beige, Double-teirAbba Patio 10x13 Feet Fully Enclosed Garden Gazebo Patio Canopy with Mosquito Netting - BrownAbba Patio 10×13 Feet Fully Enclosed Garden Gazebo Patio Canopy with Mosquito Netting – BrownSunjoy L-GZ660PST Harley GazeboSunjoy L-GZ660PST Harley GazeboSunjoy L-GZ660PST Large Capri Gazebo with Netting, 12' by 10', GraySunjoy L-GZ660PST Large Capri Gazebo with Netting, 12′ by 10′, Gray' About Chrysa

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  1. Hey! Great question!!!

    I’m wondering the same thing you are….They will be going on sale april 20th in my area….hopefully someone can give us the answer!

  2.' Anonymous says:

    I bought my gazebo three summers ago at Aldi’s and love it! But I need to replace the top since I let it get abit too weather-worn. The frame I leave up all year and it is in still great shape. I need to know how to order just the top and for how much. It is model number 4699. Thanks, Mel

    • did you ever find out how to order the replacement canopy for gazebo?I have the one but not sure of my model number,my posts are each about 5″ round and its a double tier top tier measure 36″x36″ and the bottom tier measures about 118″x118″ customer service pretty much didn’t want to talk to me and basically said buy a new gazebo,I mean really?can anyone help

    •' Pennie L Olson says:

      we have had one for 6 years. the canopy and the netting need to be replaced aboutevery other year.we love can order them thru the manufature.

  3.' Anonymous says:

    We bought ours 2 yrs ago at Aldi’s and have it at our home in Savannah. This year we need to replace the netting and screens, but if you take them down for the winters, they will last a good long time (lesson learned!) It is a great gazebo for the price! Buying another to place on our deck this year.

  4.' Anonymous says:

    I too am in need of replacing my entire canopy and netting for this item b/c of normal wear and tear. If you find any information please share. Thanks!

    •' Anonymous says:

      You should be able to purchase the replacement canopy and netting by calling 800-599-8898, but the design/model# changes over time and you might find the fit a bit off but it will probably work. Cost is close to the Aldi sale price of $99 for the complete gazebo, so you might consider buying a completely new unit.

    •' Pennie L Olson says:

      customer service number is 800-599-8898. this spring Aldis had them in the store.

  5.' Anonymous says:

    I bought one last year, but didn’t screw it to the deck like a should have. The wind blew it over on the roof and the top part of the frame got twisted and bent. I’ve still got the canopy part with screen – anybody want to buy it?

  6.' Anonymous says:

    I’ve had mine blow over a couple times, too. The canopy frame was fine, but the top frame pieces were toast after the third time.
    I simply got replacement pieces from a local aluminum works, the kind that you get porch railings and screen room frames from. Cut to required length and they even drilled the holes for the nut/bolts! New top frame for $30.
    The replacements were stronger than the originals, so instead of the frame twisting in the next blow over, the anchoring plates that you bolt through twisted, but I was able to get another year out of it by hammering them back into place.
    After 5 years, the bottom corner frames were rusting out, and the canopy was destroyed from the sun. Florida weather, never took the frame down, except for a couple hurricanes.
    I found it a good buy, at a price of $30 per year with repairs.

  7.' Anonymous says:

    I bought mine 3 years ago – it finally gave way. you have to secure the corners, or it will blow over in a mild breeze (lesson Learned) and it does not handle snow-load (lesson learned). I’m buying another as the more expensive ones would have the same problem. Not clearing the snow was my fault, not the fault of the design.

  8.' Anonymous says:


    Which Aldi did you find this in?

  9. Is it possible to put this on the ground and not a deck-with stakes???

  10.' Anonymous says:

    I purchased the gazebo shown above 5 years ago it lasted 2 years then the metal rusted Then Aldis sold another gazebo simalar but instead of the four scrolled sides like above picture they replaced with four solid round 5″ poles for the sides which held up better, this is my third summer with the new style. I need to replace the roof after this summer I am hoping Aldis gets the gazebo I have back next summer.. seems as they change back and forth between these two styles every couple years. I didn’t buy this years model again because of the rust issues.. My neighbor put up the gazebo pictured above this weekend..He removes it during the winter so hopefully it will last longer with out rust and It looks beautiful. One suggestion I have if the gazebo is placed on a deck screw it into the deck or the first 30-40 mile wind it will blow over.. I screwed my gazebo in the deck and leave it up all year I just remove the canapy during the winter!

  11.' Anonymous says:

    I just bought one of these 10X10 Gazebos at Aldi’s. Can you attach the post to a concrete patio slab? The attachments I received with the purchase do not allow that setup. What do I need to purchase to be able to do that? Or is this setup for soil or grass only?

  12.' Anonymous says:

    Yes you can attach the posts to concrete slabs, use a concrete drill bit and then either screws or pins and voila it is permanent.

  13.' Anonymous says:

    We have purchased two of these Gazebos from Aldi’s. Can’t beat the price. The first one lasted a few years and only had to be replaced after we neglected to take down the canopy before it snowed. The weight of the snow caved it in. The 2nd one looks good, but it must’ve been an “irregular” because we’re having to drill new holes to put it together. Still, for the price, the material is worth it.

  14.' Anonymous says:

    I need instructions to assemble my Gardenline gazebo that I bought at Aldi’s?

    • MECORTEZCASANOVA@AOL.COM' Marthalyn says:

      The poles have letter stickers on them like A, B, C, D. and you’ll notice that there will be four wide and four thin poles that form the roof. the wide ones go in the corners and the thin poles go in the center of each side. you will see the screw holes line up with the pre drilled tabs at the end of the poles. that end lays on top of the square frame and the end with the silver push bottons meet up in the center after you add the vent roof pcs ( they are the ones that look like the letter H almost.. Email me & I can send pics of the frame set up) if you need. It took like a half hour with one other person and a drill. FYI (my set came with a second set of roof poles)

  15.' Anonymous says:

    Are they available in any stores near Columbia, MO?

  16. I am looking at purchasing one of these and was curious as to how to anchor it in the ground. I have no deck, nor cement patio. The photo in the ad does not show nor say anything about what would be needed.

    Any suggestions?

    And BTW the Amazon link in the original post “Update” you will find replace canopy’s and screening … just an FYI

  17. anybody have the assembly instructions? can’t find mine from last year, ugh!

  18. This gazebo is on sale again this week. By chance, can anyone please measure the pillars? the width and depth of the base. I need to see if this can fit behind a door – between the fence and the door. I know YOUR gazebo might be different, but it will give me an idea. I need the footprint measurements of the corner column. Thanks!

  19. MECORTEZCASANOVA@AOL.COM' Marthalyn says:

    Does any one have a top connector? ( the plastic or metal 8 way connector that joins the poles together) Mine cracked under the snow. My fault- as I covered the entire frame with bubble wrap and clear shower liners to convert it into a green house. The frame held up great to my surprise- I Just did not expect the 11 storms back to back and ahhhhh 55″ of snow and ice Mother Nature gave JerZ this past winter. lol the top frames held and the connector shattered under the weight stress so I need a new one. If you do please email me so I can buy it from you. Thanks!

  20. This will be our fourth year. The frame has held up great. It’s a little lightweight, but we placed concrete patio pavers on top of bottom rails to keep it in place. I’m replacing thecanopy due to a little tornado that blew through our area last fall; the canopy tore at the velcro tabs that secure it to the frame. Other than that, it’s a great find for the money.

    •' Jerry Meylor says:

      Where did you find a replacement top? I is listed as 10 x 10 but I measured it and it measures 117” x 117”. I’m afraid that if I order one that is 120” x 120” that it would end up being way to big.
      Thanks Jerry

  21. 2014 instructions – Hint: If you ever need to find instructions – search your product with also “PDF.”

  22. Stupid question – Hanging netting – The instructions do not state what to do BEFORE wrapping the netting around the metal frame. I have put the plastic hooks on the netting, but do not see directions on how to ? separate ? the netting to wrap it around the gazebo. Is there a secret zipper somewhere?


  24. Need to find a replacement canopy for my Aldi Gardenline gazebo. Anyone purchase one that fits great/well?

  25. I bought an Aldi Gardenline Gazebo several years ago. I called their number to order a new canopy and the number is no longer valid I bought the one with round poles that can be screwed into a concrete slab. I think I lost the model number. Can anyone help me find a working number I can call??

  26. I love this Aldi Gazebo. I found a replacement canopy online at I also purchased replacement netting. The netting was much thicker and better then the original. The only problem was the netting was a bit to long. It wasn’t really a big concern since it wasn’t very obvious. All I did was search for a 10×10 double tier canopy which was not carried in store. Hope this helps everyone! 🙂

  27. How does this gazebo handle in the wind? If we set it on our concrete patio with two sides against the house will it be stable in the awful wind we get in our area? I want it for protection rom mosquito/knat bites in our area.

  28.' thad fox says:

    trying to install from last year but couldn’d find directions
    from last year. can anyone email original instructions?
    basic corners are easy but top bars problem. thanks.

  29. I bought the gazebo on Sunday. Put it up on Monday for memorial day. I secured it with big rocks instead of the concrete pavers. Wednesday night we had rains with winds, and the whole gazebo blew down the road. When I retrieved the gazebo the frame was badly bent. I was able to savage the cover, screen, and a few other pieces is anyone is interested in purchasing. #3 days #a waste of money #very disappointed

  30. Saw one of these still available at an ALDI in my neighborhood in Michigan. For the $119 price, I’m willing to pull the trigger and take a gamble. Can someone who owns one please give me the height of the corners? I’m working with a just barely 10×10 area on the deck and I want to make sure it will fit underneath the overhang/gutter. Thank you!

  31. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one of these gazebos. Aldis is all out of them

  32. Gardenline 10′ X 10′ Gazebo
    Model No: 7884-14/21474
    Customer Service
    Phone: 1-800-599-8898 (After sales Support)
    Fax: 973-227-7189
    Web: – (can download instructions)

  33. Aldis is again selling the gazebos, at least ours is. They had 4, marked down from $119.00 to $99.00

  34.' Michelle says:

    I LOVED mine!! Unfortunately, i am moving and just sold it

  35. Best thing ever, Florida sun has bleached the top, but 3 years and it’s awesome…..screwed it onto my deck

  36. Thanks for all the great comments! I have been debating buying one but was worried it was crap because of the price. I’ll definitely get one now.

  37. I was just at an ALDI in Philadelphia today and they have this for $119. They also had a replacement canopy for $25. I would like to use one of these on our concrete patio, but not sure I want to drill holes into it. How else could I secure it? Buy concrete pavers, place it on top of them and drill into those? Thanks!

  38.' Christine Simonds says:

    What is the deal with the holes that have grommets on them on top of the canvas?

  39.' Gary Lowe says:

    We have very strong sun on our deck which is on the south side of our house. We decided to buy a Gazebo from Target. We had it four years and it more than paid for itself in air conditioning cost savings the very first year. It cost $299, and we got 2 seasons out of the original canopy, and two more years out of the replacement Canopy. The canopy replacement was $130 each. We were ready to order our third canopy when my wife saw and bought a $99 Gazebo at our local Aldi’s Which, by the way, was $45 less than the replacement canopy we were about to buy – since Target had increased the cost of the canopy by $15 over the past two years. We bought our Aldi’s Gazebo over 5 years ago. I took the old one down and put up the Aldi’s Gazebo on our back deck. Like with our first one, I used two 1 1/2 in lag bolts, on each leg, to secure it to the deck. I never took it back down until I replace our deck last fall. The canopy lasted through 5 seasons, though admittedly the 5th year had really taken a toll on the sun-bleached fabric, it still got us through the year, and we just replaced it this spring (2016). Once I put the canopy up, I rarely take it down and it stay up from late April early May, through early October. I will either take it down, or loosen three corners, pull them around to the still secured forth corner, and secure them to the roof rail with bungee cords, when it storms. These are much cheaper than any I have ever found. Ours is still in great condition, and the canopy cost was only abt $25. However, since Aldi only sells the replacement canopies in the spring, and when they run out they are gone, I recommend you buy two, and keep one back just in case of an emergency. I am extremely satisfied with our Gazebo, and I recommend this item.

    Our first Gazebo lasted 4 years, cost $299, and we only got 2 seasons out of each canopy. Canopy replacement was $130 each. In my opinion, you just can’t beat Aldi’s deal.

  40. This 10 x 10 gazebo from aldi’s is great I have had mine for 4 summers , the fabric is starting to look a litle worn so I wiill get a new one this year, well worth the money.

  41. I have had mine for several years, my frame was in great shape top needed to be replaced, we had an early snow and I didnt take the top off yet , didnt matter it was torn in a few places but the snow was to heavy and bent the top frame , checking on prices for replacement I found canopy replacement cost was as much as purchasing a whole new frame and all. but Gardenline is a good brand name. !

  42. i just bought the gazebo and was wondering how to tie down the canopy because my deck is five feet off the ground

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