Effortless Meals and Family Dinner Conversation Starters

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Effortless Meals Family Dinner Conversation Starters
Is dinnertime crazy in your house? Dinner should be the time of day when families can come together after a long day to relax, reconnect and enjoy great food. Unfortunately, when we feel like we are torn in a dozen different directions during the day and then we have to finish the day by preparing a meal – dinnertime can be anything BUT relaxing. BUT – it can be easier! How about an easy way to get dinner on the table AND a great way to reconnect?

Effortless Meals Walmart

For the easy dinner, I headed to Walmart. In the deli area they have these handy dandy signs with ideas for effortless meals. You can easily pick up a Marketside Rotisserie Chicken and a ready-to-eat sides like potato salad or cole slaw, along with a 2 liter Coca-Cola product. Or, you can do what I did this week and choose a Marketside Pizza and a 2 liter of Diet Coke. Another idea that I especially like for a quick meal alone is a Marketside Sandwich Meal with a 6″ sandwich, bag of Kettle Brand chips and a 16oz Coca-Cola product. Easy peasy!

Coca-Cola Effortless Meals at Walmart

Now that dinner is so easily under control, that means there is more time to sit down as a family, share about your days and enjoy each-others company. If you sometimes need a little help to get the conversation rolling, we have these Printable Family Dinner Conversation Starters.


Printable Family Dinner Conversation Starters

Using the conversation starts  is fun and easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Print the Family Dinner Conversation Starters.
  2. Cut them out on the printed lines.
  3. Fold up each conversation starter.
  4. Place all pieces of paper in a cup or bowl.
  5. One at a time, go around the table letting each person draw a question from the bowl to read it aloud.
  6. The person who drew the question gives their answer first.
  7. Each person around the table also gets a chance to give their answer.
  8. Continue with each person in your family having a chance to draw and read a question.

Even the reluctant conversationalists in your family will get some motivation if it’s turned into a fun activity. We like that drawing a random question feels a bit like playing a game.

Effortless Meals Pizza Walmart

With an easy dinner ready to eat and fun conversation to be had, it’s time to enjoy mealtime with the family!

Which of these effortless meal combinations would your family most enjoy?

Coca-Cola Effortless Meals Walmart

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I buy those pizzas at Walmart all the time. They are a huge time saver.

  2. No lie – those Walmart pizzas are incredible. We get the big one, and it almost doesn’t fit in the oven!! As far as dinner conversations go, we prompt our 4 year old to tell us what he did at school. The teacher’s emails are helpful to remind him!

  3. Walmart pizzas are awesome! I tell people all the time to get them. lol

  4. I LOVE Walmart pizzas. I pick them up all the time. I also snag their rotisserie chickens a lot, too.

  5. Catherine S says:

    I have never tried the Walmart pizza, but it sounds yummy. I am all about a quick and easy dinner on week nights.

  6. Oh those re some great conversation starters. Pizza is always a great meal for family dinners!

  7. That pizza looks so good. I love the conversation starters for dinner. It is the best time to have a conversation with the family.

  8. We buy those pizza’s all the time! They’re super yummy, and so easy for me to just grab and go after work for the hubby and myself.

  9. I feel we have our best family discussions over dinner and love the idea of unique conversation starters. Communicating with one another is always so important, even on those nights that call for a quick meal solution.

  10. We love conversation starters! We have a few boxes of them we pull out when we have more time for dinners. Going to print these to add to our collection!

  11. Love the idea of the conversation starters. What a good way to get everyone talking.

  12. I love the Walmart pizzas, but that chicken meal coming with a side sounds fabulous too! Thanks for the great conversation starters! #client

  13. We’ve had these pizza before and they’re amazing! What a great way to get a family meal in during the busy school week

  14. Easy dinners are key for us now that school has started back. I really enjoy a good pizza and coke every now and then!

  15. Our routine is for each person to tell the best part of their day. I love these conversation starters to mix it up.

  16. Debbie Denny says:

    I like their pizzas. Great conversation ideas also.

  17. I like the idea of the conversation starters. Having a good dinner prepared and served so easily makes it even more fun to sit down and enjoy the conversation. Wal-Mart is a fun place to shop!

  18. We don’t have those pizzas at our walmart, ours are a bit different but we love them. Such a great, quick dinner and it’s delicious.

  19. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love quick and easy dinners. I get this deal usually on Wednesday nights. It is great when you are on the go.

  20. Sam’s Club has the best deals on meas! I love that you can just easily get this and it’s affordable!

  21. I like the dinner conversation starters. These would be good ice breakers for a variety of settings.

  22. I’m all about easy dinners. That is especially true on busy school nights when we have to be to events /sports.

  23. The conversation starters are a really cool idea. I like that a lot.

    A pizza night is my go to easy dinner!

  24. That pizza looks really yummy! I love that dinner conversation starters printable. Such a great idea!


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