Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable – Something Fun to Fill Your Eggs!

This Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable makes coupons for fun treats like a movie night, skipping chores, and breakfast for dinner to hide in plastic eggs.Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable

When it comes to the fun parts of Easter, Egg Hunts are right at the top of the list! I loved searching high and low for eggs when I was a kid and now I love to hide the eggs. I remember a few times when we were little that my parents would hide one of the hard-boiled and dyed eggs so well that we wouldn’t find it until months later. We had to be very careful not to crack the shell when that happened because a months old “real” egg does not smell good out of its shell!!

Luckily, that isn’t an issue with plastic eggs. The only tricky thing with those is thinking of fun things to fill them with. Candy and tiny trinkets are always fun, but we have something else to add some variety to your Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Money Printable

This Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable is a fun way to fill those plastic eggs with coupons for special treats for your little one. They include things like Breakfast for Dinner, Going to Bed 30 Minutes Late, Family Game Night and more. To use them, just print them out on regular printer paper, cut out and fold up to put in your eggs. This could be the start of a brand new Easter tradition!

Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable


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