DIY Disney’s Descendants Character Bracelets Craft

Disclosure AffiliateDIY Disney's Descendants Character Bracelets Craft

If you have a Disney’s Descendants fan in your house (or if you are one yourself), you’ll want to make out these fun and easy DIY Disney’s Descendants Character Bracelets. We are loving Disney’s Descendants! It’s so fun to see a whole new generation of Disney characters brought to life.

In this fun Disney’s Descendants craft, it only takes a few supplies to create bracelets representing each of the four villain kids: Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay.

Each bracelet is designed on the signature colors worn by that character. I’m sure you can pick out who is who even without the name labels on them!

All you need to make the bracelets are an assortment of pony beads and elastic. I used this bead set from Walmart. I bought it in the store, but see that they have the same one at and (at the time I’m writing this) it’s only $12.42. It has 2300 beads, so you’ll have plenty left for other projects! I also found what looks to be the exact same kit under another brand name at Amazon HERE.

For the elastic, you can use any thin elastic, usually labeled beading cord elastic.

Disney Descendants Character Bracelets Supplies

DIY Disney’s Descendants Character Bracelets Craft

Pony Beads
Beading Cord Elastic

Disney Descendants DIY Character Bracelet Instructions


Cut a length of elastic 10″ long. Thread on beads according to patterns below. Tie cord with a double knot. Use scissors to trim excess cord. Tuck knot inside one of the beads.

Disney Descendants Mal Bracelet


For Mal’s Bracelet, you will need 16 purple beads, 4 magenta beads and 4 green beads. Thread 2 purple beads followed by a green bead. Then thread two more purple beads followed by a magenta bead. Repeat.





Disney's Descendants Evie Bracelet


My favorite thing about the Evie bracelet is the single red bead to represent the signature heart necklace that she always wears. To make this bracelet you need that 1  red bead, 12 dark blue beads, 12 medium blue beads, and 3 light blue beads. String the beads in this order. 3 dark blue, 1 red, 3 dark blue, 2 medium blue, 1 light blue, 2 medium blue, 3 dark blue, 2 medium blue, 1 light blue, 2 medium blue, 3 dark blue, 2 medium blue, 1 light blue, 2 medium blue.



Disney Descendants Carlos Bracelet


For the Carlos bracelet, you’ll need 10 black beads, 10 light gray beads and 5 red beads. String the beads in this order: 2 black, 1 red, 2 gray. Repeat 5 times.





Disney Descendants Jay Bracelet


For Jay’s bracelet you need 6 dark brown beads, 6 light brown beads, 6 red beads, 3 dark blue beads and 3 yellow beads. Thread in this order: 2 dark brown, 2 light brown, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 2 red. Repeat 3 times.






Disney Descendants Character Bracelets DIY

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