DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft

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Ready to up your Valentine’s Day decor game? That’s what we did with this DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft. When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Hearts, candy, lace, flowers? Yep, those things all represent Valentine’s Day along with a whole lot of red and pink decorations. While we LOVE all those cute Valentine options, sometimes we want something a bit more subtle to decorate our homes.

With this DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft, we took simple twigs, added a few touches to turn them into glam cupid’s arrows, and displayed them in a clear glass jar. The result is a stylish decor addition that gives a nod to Valentine’s Day without screaming it too loud! Read on to see how to make this simple craft for your own home….

Valentine Twig Craft Supplies


DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft



● Long twigs from tree branches
Gold or Valentine themed ribbon
Cardstock paper
Hot glue gun
Clear jar or vase
● Scissors
Gold spray paint

Glitter CardstockGlitter CardstockAssorted FeathersAssorted FeathersMini Hot Melt Glue GunMini Hot Melt Glue GunBall Mason Jar Wide MouthBall Mason Jar Wide MouthPremium Metallic Spray Paint, 18K GoldPremium Metallic Spray Paint, 18K GoldOffray Woven Metallic Ribbon, GoldOffray Woven Metallic Ribbon, Gold


1. Spray paint your twigs outside in a well-ventilated area. Let the twigs dry completely before bringing inside.

Valentine Craft with Sticks Process

2. Cut out small triangles from cardstock in the color of your choosing. We used gold glitter cardstock to make our triangles. These will be the tips of your arrows, so you may need to adjust the size of the triangles according to the size of your twigs.

Gold cupid arrow point
3. Fold each triangle in half.

Cupid Arrow Twigs
4. Glue one folded triangle to the bottom of one of your painted twigs, and then glue the matching triangle onto the other side of the bottom of your twig. This will form the point of your Cupid’s arrow.

5. Trim down a feather to a length that you like according to the size of your twig. You will put this feather at the top of your arrow.

6. Gently hot glue the feather in place at the top of your twig and in line with the point of your arrow.

7. Wrap a ribbon of your choosing around the bottom of the feather to cover it completely. Secure the ribbon in the back of the arrow with hot glue.

8. Display your finished arrows in a clear jar of vase.

Add a subtle Valentine's Day themed touch to your decor with this DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft starting with twigs.

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  1. This is an adorable DIY Valentine’s Decor craft of a Cupid’s Arrow. I love it so much that I am going to have to add some additional stuff with our Cricut while making it!

  2. That is adorable! So simple and elegant looking! I am always looking for easy craft ideas since I am not the handiest of people when it comes to crafting!

  3. How cool is this DIY! Very simple to make, and very beautiful! A great addition to a centerpiece!

  4. I really like the sparkle embellishments on the feathers. These are a fun twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day decor.

  5. This is so fun! Not only do I love the rustic chic look this homemade piece provides, the color scheme you chose would go amazingly well with my neutral decor.

  6. Not related but this idea remind me about the Hunger game series movie. After I read your idea, I share with my friend and he told me that he wanna make to decorate for his coffee shop on Valentine day.


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