Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Recipe

I love fresh kiwi!  It has that bit of a tart tang to it and is truly a unique fruit.  It’s also chock full of vitamin C, which is always a bonus.  For a tasty summer treat, this Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Recipe is sure to please. Serve these at your next summer barbecue or let them add a little something special to the dessert table at a party.  This can also perk up a school lunch if you add one into a lunchbox.

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Supplies

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Recipe

4 Kiwi Fruit
1 cup Melting Chocolate
20 Pop Sticks

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Step 1

Peel and slice Kiwi into thick (between 1/4″ and 1/2″) slices.
Insert stick in each slice and place on parchment or wax paper and freeze for several hours.
Heat Chocolate by microwaving for 30 seconds stirring and repeating until melted. Allow to cool for 2-3 minutes.
You will need to work with one pop at a time while they are completely frozen (no moisture). Moisture may cause your choclate to sieze up (clump).
Dip pop in chocolate and use spoon (if necessary) to coat completely. Gently shake off excess. Chocolate will set almost immediately.
Return to parchment and place in freezer to set up.
You can optionally drizzle with white chocolate by heating in microwave as described above, tranfering to zipper bag, clipping corner and drizzling a small line back and forth across each pop.

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Pops Dipping

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  1. shelly peterson says:

    What a great idea. These look delicious and so easy to do. The kids and I included, would love these.


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