The Benefits of Line-Drying Clothes – It’s Not Just the Energy Savings!

Disclosure AffiliateThere are many more benefits to line-drying your clothes beyond the obvious of saving energy. Check out these benefits you might not be aware of!

The other day, I happened to overhear a conversation about line-dried clothes that made me sad. It seems these good people did not appreciate naturally dried clothes, citing the fact that they were “crunchy.” It’s true that clothes dried outside tend to be stiff, but about 30 seconds of wearing or toweling off will take care of that! Toughen up, Buttercup, I say! My family grew up without a dryer, and hanging the clothes out is still my favorite chore, looking out over the world while my children play around me or hand me clothes. Sure, it’s a pain when it rains or freezes, but here are six things to celebrate about line-dried clothes.


The Benefits of Line-Drying Clothes


Line-Dried Clothes Have a Fresh Scent

I have to be honest, there’s something wrong with my nose and I can’t smell much of anything. Still, I often hear that the fresh scent of clothes just in from outside is one of the best things about line drying. It freshens up the whole house according to my mom! Moreover, YOU get some fresh air when you hang clothes up, too!

Line-Drying is An Opportunity for a Bit of Exercise

It’s not a whole workout program, but hauling heavy baskets of wet clothes and then hanging them up is part of a non-sedentary homestead lifestyle. Every bit of movement counts towards keeping you healthier.

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Disinfecting Power

When I had cloth diapers for my kids, one reason that line-drying was recommended was that sunlight kills germs. Could there be an easier way to get do so? The sun also can help whites be whiter; of course, the downside is that it can fade colored clothes, too, but I’ve noticed the dryer takes a toll on my clothes just as fast if not faster.


When my husband and I first married, my motto was, “Clothes dry for free!” Since we lived in an apartment and had to use a coin-op laundry, I would haul my wet clothes home to hang up and save a buck! I wasn’t as die hard once we had kids, but I still appreciate those easy savings. Even if you have your own dryer at home, the gas or electricity costs to run a dryer can really add up over the course of a year!


As soon as we moved into our first apartment, I strung up a clothesline so–I wasn’t the only one in the complex to do so, either. A short time later, I received a notice saying that I was violating our lease and facing eviction if we didn’t take it down. This was a bit of a shock to a country girl like me–how could something as innocuous as a clothesline be violating the lease? I had a rude awakening as I learned that some people consider clothes lines to be uncouth or lower-class. That seems so ridiculous and snobby to me. I get some satisfaction in flouting this notion every time I do the wash.

Better for the Environment

Hanging up the laundry burns no fossil fuels and in no way takes anything away from our natural resources, hooray!

Using a clothesline instead of a dryer is an easy change to make and see changes and benefits immediately. What are YOUR favorite reasons for line-drying your laundry?

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  1. I miss being able to dry clothes on the line, and how good they smell holding an armful bringing them in! I know a CEO who has taken pictures of clothes on lines everywhere they traveled! Also, it saves wear on the clothes, a dryer shortens the lifespan of your clothing!

  2. Line dried clothes just smell better. I hadn’t thought about the workout it takes.

  3. I never considered hanging laundry on the line to be a workout. It makes sense though. I used to do this when I lived at home. Our dryer crapped out on us, so this was what we had to do. I didn’t mind doing it, but my mom still prefers the convenience of using her dryer. She was happy when it was working again, lol.

  4. I love drying my clothes on the line. I know it saves money, and I LOVE the way clothes smell when they’re dried outside. I didn’t know that sunlight killed germs, though.

  5.' Deanna Adkins says:

    I have a clothes line! I hang out my laundry. When we bought our home that is the first thing I got my husband to do is put me up a clothes line!

  6. I am so excited to do this again!!! I am hoping the weather stays dry enough to be able but i have a covered patio so I should be able to do it more then I used to.

  7.' shelly peterson says:

    My mom used to line dry some of our laundry as kids. I loved it when she lined dried our sheets, they smelt so good. I don’t have anywhere to line dry clothes but I do hang dry all our shirts in the house.

  8. I love cloth when they are line dry!! My mom always use to, I can’t wait for spring so I could finally do that myself!

  9. Line drying is practically a spiritual experience for me. I enjoy looking up to the sky as I hang my clothes, knowing the breeze and sun will purify them. Love to watch sheets, pillowcases, linens
    Swaying in the wind.

  10.' April Gupton says:

    I remember doing this as a child!

  11.' Susan Hartman says:

    I remember the crunchy clothes from my childhood. I was so jealous of the soft towels my girlfriend had. But I do have to admit to this day I like hanging my blankets outside to dry.

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