Snowman Pretzels Recipe – Winter Fun in the Kitchen!

Snowman Pretzels Recipe

Snowman Pretzels Recipe

Well, the holidays are over, but there is still a LOT of winter left – at least for those of us in a cold climate! Tomorrow we are heading to 11 degrees below zero! That means a lot of winter time inside the house! A fun way to pass the time is by making winter-themed treats, so we will have a few new ones to share over the next week or so.

Today we have this super cute Snowman Pretzels Recipe. They are fun to make using pretzels and melting chocolate and decorated with colorful fruit roll-ups scarves and Starburst noses. I like that these have a little bit of extra character because each is slightly different. If you wanted to get really crazy you could even use other small round candies to add colorful buttons or colored eyes – maybe not your “traditional” snowman, but fun, bright and colorful!

Snowman Pretzels Ingredients

Snowman Pretzels Recipe

24 Pretzel Rings
1 cup White Candy Melting Chips
3-4 Fruit Roll-Ups
1/4 cup Dark Chocolate Melting Chips or Mini Chocolate Chips
1 Orange Starbursts



Cut Starburst into 3 rectangular strips (1/4″ x 3/4″)
Cut each of those in half, creating 6 – 1/4″ x 3/8″ rectangles.
Now cut each of those diagonally creating 12 triangles for noses.
Unroll Fruit Rollup and cut into 1/2″ strips to use as scarves.
Line cookie sheet wih wax paper.
Heat White Candy Chips by microwaving for 30 seconds stirring and repeating until melted.
Transfer to corner of zippered bag and clip tiny piece off of corner to pipe.
Lay scarf on prepared sheet and pipe a small dot of candy in the middle.
Place 2 rings so they are just touching at that spot as pictured.
Pipe additional candy on top to better secure them.
Fill the inside of each ring with white candy.
Place nose in upper ring.
If you are using mini chocolate chips for eyes mouth and buttons you need to place them at this time before candy sets. If you are using melting chips you will pipe these on after the white sets.
Fold scarf over to hide the joint.
If you are using dark melting chips, heat them by microwaving for 30 seconds stirring and repeating until melted. Transfer to corner of zippered bag and clip tiny piece off of corner. Pipe eyes, mouth and buttons.
Place cookie sheet in refrigerator for 10 minutes to allow candy to set.

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Snowman Pretzels Recipe for Winter

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  1. Those snowmen are adorable! I have a similar recipe but I have never thought about making snowmen!

  2. shelly peterson says:

    These are super cute snack that the kids would enjoy making and eating.

  3. Carol Nine says:

    Those are so cute! My grandchildren would love them. Who am I kidding, I’d love them too. They are pretzels that also have white chocolate as an ingredient, and I love white chocolate with pretzels.

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