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Our McDonald’s Reader Giveaway Ends Tomorrow – Did You Enter?

If you haven't entered yet, our McDonald's reader giveaway ends tomorrow (1/20).  Don't miss your chance to enter to win! See the rest of our contest and giveaway listings here.  GOOD LUCK!** If you like what you read, or have something to add, PLEASE leave a comment at Thrifty Jinxy! Thanks!** … [Read more...]

Winning Wednesday – Sign Up to Win!

We're going to try something new here at Thrifty Jinxy and perhaps make it a weekly feature. Winning Wednesday will include a roundup of current giveaways for you to enter to win and also include a small special "Winning Wednesday" giveaway.So check out all the great giveaways below and then enter … [Read more...]

Monkey Quest from Nickelodeon – Review & Reader Giveaway!

Do your kids like to monkey around?  If so, they might enjoy Nickelodeon's newest game - Monkey Quest.  Kids ages 8-12 can explore virtual worlds and create their own adventures and play the Monkey Quest game online.  Kids love it so much that in the short time since launching in April 2011, it has … [Read more...]

Arthur & the Invisibles 2&3: The New Minimoy Adventures

COMING SOON:  Arthur & The Invisibles 2 &3: The New Minimoy Adventures will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 22. In the part-live action, part-animated film, the 10-year-old hero Arthur (Freddie Highmore) explores the magical land of the Minimoys with two new adventures.  Hemust … [Read more...]

Raisels – The 100% Real Fruit Snack that Tastes Like Candy – Review and Reader Giveaway

Raisels are a new, fun and healthy snack from The National Raisin Company.  Although they taste like candy,  Raisels are a 100% real fruit snack!  They contain 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement, real dried fruit golden raisins, and less added sugar than sweetened dried cranberries. To … [Read more...]

Meeting Lizzy by SarahBeth Carter – Review and Giveaway

Meeting Lizzy by SarahBeth Carter is the story of a teenage girl suffering at the hands of an abusive boyfriend and the teenage boy who happens to cross paths with her. This young adult novel explores a serious issue while at the same time being an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable piece of … [Read more...]