Jungle Book Inspired Sunshine Fruit Plate with Healthy Fruit Dip


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Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife…..

I love those lyrics from Disney’s The Jungle Book!  It’s a cute, fun and catchy song — but also very true.  We can be happy with just the bare necessities of life – family, friends, happiness and healthy food.  In the song, Baloo mentions the healthy fruits of the pawpaw and prickly pear.  While those aren’t fruits we are likely to run across very often,  there are lots of other healthy fruits to enjoy!  Inspired by The Jungle Book, I headed to Walmart to purchase the movie and some fruits to make a healthy, Jungle Book inspired snack!

The Jungle Book #JungleFresh #shop

The Blu-Ray/Combo Pack Diamond Edition release of Disney’s The Jungle Book became available on Tuesday so I made my way to Walmart to get it.   When I got to the store, I headed right to the Electronics section to find the movie.  There was a nice big Jungle Book display on the end of an aisle.  Right on the top shelf was the super cool bonus package.   Walmart is the ONLY place where you can receive a free Jungle Book Lunch Box with the purchase of the Diamond Edition!

I grabbed the movie and put it in my cart and then headed to the produce section to pick out my fruit.  Since we have been having such a cold and miserable winter, I wanted to pick out some nice tropical fruits that would add some sunshine to our viewing of The Jungle Book.  I got bananas, oranges and a pineapple, which also added some color to my kitchen until it was time to make our snack.

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To assemble our snack, I first prepared the fruit.  I peeled the oranges and separated them into sections.  I cored and cut the pineapple, saving the peel to use later in our display.  The bananas were also peeled and sliced.  To make the sun, I used an oversized dinner plate.  Starting on the rim, I lined up the orange slices all facing the same direction.  I then piled the banana slices in the center of the plate.  To finish it up, I filled in the space leftover with pineapple chunks.  Then it was on to the dip.

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This tasty dip tastes awesome on any type of fruit. (It actually tastes great all by itself too!) It’s super easy to make.

Healthy Fruit Dip Recipe

1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt
2 Tbsp packed brown sugar
1 Tbsp honey

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Cover and chill until ready to use.

For our movie watching snack table, I chose some bright colored placemats and napkins to compliment the fruit.  To serve the dip, I placed it in a small bowl with approximately the same diameter as the pineapple. Then I just slipped it into the pineapple as a natural-looking holder.  I also saved the top of the pineapple to add a little more greenery to the scene.

Watching The Jungle Book, singing along with the fun songs and enjoying our healthy, sunshiny snack gave us a great break from this horrible winter weather.  These Bare Necessities made us forget about the cold and snow – BARELY!

Healthy Fruit Dip #JungleFresh #shop

Want to see more healthy Jungle Book themed healthy snacks?  Just check out the hashtags #JungleFresh and #CollectiveBias on Pinterest and Twitter.

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  1. You just gave me a GREAT idea for our family cookoff that is coming up in 2 weeks. I can’t eat a lot of things the people bring so I try to bring food that I can eat. I want to make this sunshine fruit tray. Thanks!

  2. I’m happy to say that my kids actually prefer fruit over sweets like cookies, so this would be devoured in no time flat. What a cool idea!!

  3. lola_violets_2010@yahoo.com' Allison Downes says:

    Wow! That looks yummy. I love how you used the pineapple as the dip holder. We love this movie. I will have to try out this recipe myself. Such a beautiful yet simple presentation. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ok, that looks freaking DELICIOUS. I wonder, would the dipping sauce still be good if I used strawberries instead of pineapple?

  5. savvysavingcouple@gmail.com' Amy Desrosiers says:


  6. That fruit dip sounds so good! What a fun idea for a snack!

  7. lewislibrary4052@hotmail.com' Sherri Lewis says:

    I love the pineapple fruit dip holder….. how cute! I will have to give this a try

  8. That fruit platter looks delish. I’ll be over for breakfast in the morning… and then again for a snack!

  9. This looks like a delicious and yummy recipe to celebrate the Jungle Book movie! My daughter loves this movie and we have been snacking on fruit more frequently lately. I never thought to use a pineapple as a dip holder but this is so creative! The Greek yogurt dip recipe sounds like it would be tasty on any kind of fruit. I would eat it topped with crunchy granola too!

  10. Your plate looks so cute! That dip looks so good too!

  11. HOW CUTE! What a great jungle themed snack for a birthday or any day! Love the Jungle Book!

  12. What a fun fruit platter! I think my son would love the Jungle Book. I’ve been meaning to pick it up for him!

  13. love this fruit tray and dip! we may do a viewing party this week for TJB 🙂

  14. I love that you used a pineapple to hold the fruit dip! We picked up a copy of The Jungle Book this weekend. It was so much fun to watch the movie with my son. It let me relive a part of my own childhood.

  15. This all sounds so refreshing and includes fruits I really, really love. The display is so cute too!

  16. Yum! That fruit dip looks absolutely amazing! Love that you served it up inside the pineapple! Very #junglefresh! #client

  17. My daughter loves fruit-so this Sunshine Fruit Tray is just the ticket. I also like how you use yogurt to make a delicious dip. We’ll have to try this one.

  18. I love the pineapple dip idea! It’s so creative!

  19. lgothard@comcast.net' Lorayne Gothard says:

    This is such a cool idea. I would love to try the fruit dip!!! I will need to make this for the family.

  20. i love fruit trays. I always try to go one for parties so there’s a healthy option

  21. Fun! I love The Jungle Book! One of my favorite Disney movies!

  22. You did a good job w/your presentation!! I love fruit, and I love that you used a pineapple. They’re so good fresh!

  23. I love love love fruit trays. We love putting a fruit dip with them as well.

  24. oh I’m definitely going to have to go down and get The Jungle Book! I don’t think either of my girls have seen it yet.

  25. That all looks so good! The perfect snack to eat while watching The Jungle Book.

  26. I love your ideas! I’m actually throwing a Jungle Book party tomorrow, so these came just in time!

  27. This would be a great idea for my pool party I’m throwing in a few weeks! Love this platter idea.

  28. eobihfrank@gmail.com' Eliz Frank says:

    Your dish looks tasty and healthy too. Great addition to the Jungle Book inspired foods

  29. Yum! Very delicious and healthy too! My girls would love this!

  30. This makes me want to grab the Jungle Book and throw a little jungle party for my family. (the kids already act like animals anyway lol) I really want to try the dip too. But, maybe when I’m home alone…and I don’t have to share. 😉

  31. This is great idea for snack dip! I want to try this at home. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  32. This turned out so cute!! My kids would love this

  33. Gosh that pineapple looks really good. I love how you used the outside of it for the dip. Very cool!

  34. What a beautiful spread!! Makes me want to go cut up my pineapple!! We love the jungle book movie!

  35. It is such a cool idea to have the snack tray match the movie! I am going to have to try this with my family this weekend.


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