Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas .

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day because you are on a budget but still want to make the day special for the one you love? Well, there is some good news on the horizon and that is that you can find great inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make the day memorable. All it takes is a little effort and a little creativity.

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Make It a Culture Day – If you and your significant other enjoy museums, rare books or foreign movies, you can make a fun and interesting date that can cost little to no money at all. Check your local newspaper or contact local cultural organizations. There are numerous museums that offer free admission and movie theaters will have discounted ticket prices during certain hours. If you love books, check out a rare book shop and then enjoy an espresso at your local coffee house.

Surprise, Surprise! – If you are a guy and you don’t normally cook, try your hand at a home-cooked meal. She will truly appreciate the time and effort that you put into making something special just for her. For a girl, hide a cute note under his pillow on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Or for something even better, leave little love notes around the house. Your guy will feel warm and special just knowing how you feel about him.

Romantic Walk

Get Your Hearts Pumping – Getting active can be good for your health AND your relationship. Go to a local park or nature preserve for a hike or, depending on your climate, sledding or cross country skiing. If you’re not feeling quite that adventurous, plan a long walk together and spend the time talking, reminiscing or dreaming about your future.

Make It a Romance Movie Night – If you’re looking for an inexpensive movie date, nothing beats cuddling on the couch with some good old fashioned movies. Get a bowl of popcorn, a couple glasses of beer or wine and a warm blanket and you are ready to go. Some great movie choices include Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle and Ghost. To make things even more special, watch the very first movie that the two of you watched together.

Create Something with Your Own Two Hands – Gifts you make yourself show you really care because you not only took the time to plan a gift, but you also took the time to make it. One of my favorite gifts ever was when my husband made me a sugar scrub all on his own. He is NOT a crafty guy! (Here’s a great lemon sugar scrub recipe.) And who doesn’t love treats? This Valentine’s Day Popcorn Mix Recipe is easy enough for anyone to make.

Valentines Day Popcorn Mix Recipe

Give the Gift of Time – Your significant other is probably hardworking like the rest of us. Give him or her time to do whatever they desire with no interruptions. For instance, the man in your life can enjoy time to play golf or watch the game while the woman in your life can read a book while relaxing in a bubble bath or get a manicure done. You can get creative by taking an empty wine bottle, insert a message inside about the “timely gift” and add a red bow.

Choose Rose Alternatives – Roses can be extremely costly, especially on Valentine’s Day. The next best thing is to pick some nontraditional alternatives so that you can save some money. Alternatives include lilies, orchids, mums and tulips. Or give her something that lasts and choose a houseplant decorated with Valentine bows.

Do you have any other inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas??

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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  1. We are aggressively saving and trying to find ways to save on just about everything! These are great ideas!

  2. Jenna Wood says:

    My idea of a GREAT cheap Valentie’s Day is not having to clean or prepare anything for an entire day. I’ve still yet to see that elusive gift, but I ask for it every year 🙂

  3. I LOVE this! A night in with your sweetie, a good movie, and some homemade nom noms is always a good choice for a frugal date night.

  4. This is wonderful! I don’t think that gifts needs to spend a lot of money and these are all great ideas.

  5. These are genius ideas and the fact that they do not cost a fortune makes me that much happier! We tend to keep things low key for Valentine’s Day.

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