EverPet at Dollar General: Cat Person, Dog Person or PET PERSON?

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Peanut Everpet

Some people would consider themselves a cat person.  Some people would consider themselves a dog person.  I love both my dog AND my cats, so I would definitely have to call myself a pet person.  My pets each have different qualities that make them so lovable!  Our dog Toby is so fun.  He always wants to play and is overjoyed any time we pick up a toy to play with him.  He is also SO excited to see us when we get home.  He whines and cries with excitement when he knows one of us is outside and ready to come in the house.

I love each of my cats, Peanut and Lucky, for different reasons.  We often say that Peanut is really a dog because he has so many dog-like qualities in that he always likes to be right next to us – very loyal for a cat!  He is also the comedian of our household.  He makes us laugh at least once a day with all the silly things he does.  Lucky, on the other hand, is our little princess.  She is a total diva, but still a sweetie who likes to snuggle.

EverPet Dollar General

I love to show my pets how much I love them by giving them special treats.  Living with pets can be pricey, so it’s nice to find ways I can pamper them without spending a fortune.  I headed to Dollar General last week and was introduced to the EverPet brand which has food and treats for dogs and cats at very reasonable prices.

Toby everpet

For Toby I picked up both Wavy Bacon Dog Treats and a Rawhide Knotted Bone.  Can you believe that bone was only $1!  What a deal!  As you can see, he was very appreciative of both.  He is such a good boy – look at him sitting and waiting for his treat!

Everpet Chew

Peanut was also very excited to get something new.  He eats a prescription dry food as his “everyday” food and I think he gets a bit bored with it.  So, a bit of wet food is always loved as a special treat.  He ate up his EverPet Wet Cat Food in a hurry!

Peanut Everpet Food

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  1. A stray had a litter of kittens in my garage and the kittens are getting so big AND wanting to eat real food. I need to check out dollar general; I was sleeping on them for pet supplies.

  2. This is great for animal owners.. SN I just took a sneak peek at the post you have on the butterfly cupcakes.. Oh ya.. I pinned it!

  3. I think my cats and dogs would love this. They eat anything and everything. 🙂

  4. I am a cat person and don’t like dogs but my hubs loves dogs can we live together that’s the question.

  5. This is great to know about. We have a cat now and eventually we want to get a dog when my daughter is a little older.

  6. My cat would love any treats! We are bad and hardly give her any!

  7. We only have two birds, but this is great to know so I can tell my mother in law who has pugs!!!

  8. I’m a dog lover, never been into cats. I wish I had a dog now but I live in a apartment and there is no room for one. So I have a couple of goldfish for a pet.

  9. I had no idea they had a great variety of pet treats! I’ll be stopping by to pick up some stuff for my dog!

  10. Totally a dog person here! My golden retriever would love those bacon treats, for sure!

  11. I did not know Dollar General had pet supplies – I will definitely check them out!

  12. Our dog Rio loves those treats from Ever pet! He would gobble up an entire bag if I would let him! Your fur babies are cuties. 🙂

  13. You are making me feel very guilty! I need to give our dogs treats much more often.

  14. We have two doggies and have never been cat people. I have always been allergic to them until this year. My boyfriend adopted the sweetest little kitten and my allergies disappeared! I think I became tolerant. Now I have an even balance of love for both 🙂

  15. I had no idea Dollar General had pet food. My cat loves textured food, which I see in your picture. I’ll have to go check it out!

  16. It’s great to see an affordable option for pet foods and treats. They can be so expensive!

  17. cute critters at your house!! i *almost* wish our kitties would eat wet food. they all like treats tho

  18. It’s nice to find affordable pet products. I often pass them up because “treats” are not a necessity. Nice to know I don’t have to now.

  19. We have a dog. I have never even thought of checking there for pet treats!

  20. What beautiful animals! We have two dogs, and I’m sure they would love those treats!

  21. You can definitely afford to give them a few more treats when they’re priced like that. Yay for your pets!

  22. I’ve never thought to buy our pet treats at Dollar General! Great prices!

  23. Love your pics of Toby and Peanut. We have a cat and he can only eat wet food, cause dry food irritates his tummy. Great prices for the treats and food.

  24. I am definitely just an animal person. I have two dogs and two cats. Which is my favorite probably depends on the day lol.

  25. I wouldn of thought to get pet food there. I bet it would save a bunch!

  26. I have never thought of purchasing pet treats at Dollar General – I was not aware that they offered such a great variety. I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing! By the way, Peanut, Lucky and Toby are adorable!

  27. I am 100% dog person! haha My husband likes cats but I’m allergic.

  28. What a nice treat to get your pets at an affordable price!!

  29. I’m a pet person. Hubby is not, so we don’t have one. He’s got a job where pets don’t like him (mailman) so I understand. I do miss having a pet from time to time though. 🙂

  30. Posts like this make me miss having a pet. These are definitely some cuties.

  31. We have two dogs and they are like children to me. I need to check out our DG to see if they carry any of this.

  32. I have two cats at home as well. They tend to have rather sensitive stomachs – so quality affordable products are a must!

  33. ashleym.morton@yahoo.com' Ashley Morton says:

    We’re pet people and we love spoiling our pets. Its nice that DG has such inexpensive treats.

  34. I love seeing photos of pets as models!! It is always nice to find reasonable priced products

  35. Dollar General has such great deals! Your pets are so cute!

  36. Your furbabies are adorable. We have two cats at our home.

  37. We’re not pet people, but the pictures are adorable.

  38. I am just a pet person, although I have a special bond with my two dogs. 🙂 I will have to check the pet items out at Dollar General next time I am in there.

  39. I frequent Dollar General, ever since they put a store in my town. I haven’t yet tested out their treats for my doggy yet though!

  40. We can’t wait to move so we can have a kitty! We’d love to have a dog too, but that would be too much for our family to handle.

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