Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Recipe

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kc masterpiece bbq beef

Now that summer is FINALLY here, I love to make easy, delicious meals that don’t heat up the house by keeping the oven on for hours. That’s where the slow cooker comes in handy. It’s also a time that go-to ingredients like KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce come in handy. It packs a lot of flavor into one bottle so I don’t need many other ingredients to make a super yummy meal. That means preparation is quick and easy and I can move on to enjoying the summer!

Thanks to KC Masterpiece and DataRank for sponsoring today’s recipe.

Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Recipe


3 pound beef chuck roast
1 1/2 cups KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce
6 cloves garlic, peeled and halved
salt and pepper

Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Recipe


Place the beef in the slow cooker. Cut 12 deep slits spread out over the surface of all sides of the roast. Press 1/2 clove of garlic into each slit. Sprinkle both sides of roast with salt and pepper. Add BBQ sauce and turn roast to coat all sides. Cook on low 7 to 8 hours or until meat shreds easily by pulling it apart with two forks.

To serve, place on sturdy buns like kaiser rolls, or just serve on a plate alongside mashed potatoes (which is how my husband likes it).



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  1. That looks so tasty! I love things like that for lunch on a weekend outside on my deck!!

  2. That looks do tasty. Love KC Masterpiece.

  3. nicole dz says:

    Slow cooker recipe are the best, the meat is always so tender, and I love how you can just set it and do other stuff while its cooking. Very easy recipe!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! That photo is mouthwatering. It looks delicious. I love using my slower cooker, this I will be trying!

  5. I never have luck making BBQ.. I need to try it again using this version. Looks so yum!

  6. I really must try this slow cooker beef recipe. It looks delish and easy!

  7. Recipe sounds delicious! Great BBQ my style CROCK POT. Perfect for hot summer days

  8. I love slow cooker recipes! Thanks for sharing looks delish!

  9. shelly peterson says:

    Looks so easy and so yummy! The family would love this.

  10. I love making BBQ dishes in the slow cooker, it makes it so easy! Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe!

  11. I love slow cooker BBQ. It’s so easy and I can do it myself. LOL…I actually get compliments on it. Great recipe.

  12. I love how easy it is to make a slow cooker meal just by adding a couple of ingredients and cooking all day! I’d love for you to submit it Crock Pot Love and I’ll share it with all of my visitors 🙂

  13. WOW! This looks sooo good !! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  14. I like that you make it in the slow cooker. It sounds tasty too.

  15. I have a love for a good crock pot recipe. So simple and who doesn’t love their beef slathered in BBQ sauce?

  16. We just bought this BBQ sauce last night! We had no plans for it, but I’m definitely adding this recipe into the mix. Thanks for sharing!

  17. My husband and sons like anything with beef and barbecue sauce. Making this in the slow cooker just makes life a whole lot easier for those that have to cook for more than one when they get home from work. I will be trying this one out.

  18. yum and lots of garlic. winning combo for me- bbq and garlic!!

  19. How delicious! I really want to try this out!

  20. I’ve never tried adding garlic to my BBQ pork. We love garlic but it just never occurred to me before. Thanks for the tip for amping up my usual recipe!

  21. This is definitely going up on my meal plan for the week. Seems savory!

  22. I love simple! We do the same thing with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! Great flavor- less time in the kitchen= winning!

  23. My husband loves bbq and we both love using the slow cooker. I will be sure to share this with him.

  24. Oh this recipe looks delicious! I have a slow cooker and need to start putting it to use. Might actually make this.


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