Cooking Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs: Tips and Tricks

Cooking Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs: Tips and Tricks - Use these easy tips and tricks for Cooking Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs and you will end up with perfect results every time!

How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Every Time


People joke that boiling water is the only cooking they know how to do. Once it comes to making eggs in that boiling water things start to get tricky! That’s why we’re talking about cooking perfect hard boiled eggs today with some helpful tips and tricks. While it’s hard to “ruin” hardboiled eggs, some turn out much better than others. There are lots of variables while you’re cooking: How long do I boil them? Did I boil these long enough? Can I peel them yet? Are they cooled enough? It can be difficult because you never know if they are cooked until it’s too late. You cool, peel and cut open the egg only to find out the yolk is runny. I got so tired of this happening that I experimented until I got it just right. Having chickens made it a bit easier, endless eggs!

Revere Line 3-Quart Covered SaucepanRevere Line 3-Quart Covered Saucepan

It can be easy to over cook an egg. If that happens the yolk will be hard and chewy -very unappetizing.  Follow these easy steps for cooking perfect hard boiled eggs and you will have success every time.

Cooking Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs: Tips and Tricks


1. Place the eggs in a sauce pan and cover with water. Make sure the water covers the top of the egg. Bring to a  boil.


2. Immediately turn off the burner, remove the pan from the heat and cover.  Follow the chart below: Stoves burners do vary and some heat hotter and more quickly than others. You may need to adjust your time. 

3. Place the eggs in cold water for 5 minutes to stop the residual cooking.


Serve warm or refrigerate.  To make peeling easier, do not over crack the egg.  Tap it gently on one end, peel away the shell to form a circle, then use your thumb to peel, kind of like you would an orange.

For A Soft Cooked Egg:  Simmer gently on medium low, about 8 minutes.

How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Every Time

For something extra fun, I love these super cute Heart Shaped Egg Molds! I have seen lots of options to fry eggs into a heart shape, but not boil them. This would be adorable in a packed lunch or on a brunch table!


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  1. I love hard boiled eggs. I make them for potato salad or deviled eggs quite often!

  2. Boiling eggs can sometimes be tricky! I tend to always undercook or overcook. Thank you for sharing these tips. Those heart shaped molds look adorable.

  3. Good information to have right before Easter. I will be making deviled eggs. I will be using your tips for sure.

  4. We love having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick snacks. So much healthier than a bag of chips.

  5. I remember being a single guy rooming with another guy who was fresh from living with his parents. As I have put my eggs in the pot to boil, he walks into the kitchen and decides he wants one, too (mind you, the water is already at a roiling boil). So, he throws in his egg, which immediately shatters. And now my boiling water is a beautiful shade of white and yellow.

    Needless to say, tips and tricks of boiling eggs are something that are surprisingly necessary in this world.

    Oh, and I need those heart-shaped heart molds. I would love to give my wife an egg shaped like a heart just to make her ask “how the heck did you do this?”

    • That story is hilarious! It leaves me wondering if he ended up eating the runny egg pieces from that pot of water…

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