Avocado Wrap Recipe – Perfect for Summer!

Today we welcome Olfa, who shares her delicious avocado wrap recipe!

Avocado Wrap Recipe

Summer equals outdoor activities in our family! With the harsh Canadian winter weather, we go outside as soon as the warm weather shows up! Being always outside doesn’t leave much time for cooking, baking. I am always looking for easy healthy recipes that can feed the crowd without being stuck in the kitchen!

One for my favorite summer recipes is the avocado wrap. It is ready within 10 minutes! Best of all, anyone in the family can prepare it. Even my 5 year-old daughter!

Tortilla bread: I usually go with spinach tortilla. It is tasty and has nice color! You can choose any kind of Tortilla!
1 avocado: peeled and diced!
2 Slices of Swiss Cheese. You can replace with any other cheese. You can even try it with goat cheese.
2 Lettuce leaves
Salt and pepper

Make It
Avocado can be messy to cut! I usually cut it lengthwise by pressing the knife blade into the flesh touching the large pit. Then gently separate the 2 halves. Remove the pit with the knife!
Cut a cross-hatch pattern into the flesh and use a spoon to scoop.
To make things easier, you can just use an Avocado Peeler and Slicer.
Season with salt and pepper!
Spread over tortilla
Layer with lettuce and cheese
Roll up and serve!
You can serve it with a spinach salad, cheese and crackers!


Enjoy! What’s your favorite way to eat Avocado?


About the Author
Olfa is the founder of OurFamilyWorld: an online parenting magazine dedicated to helping stop bullying, keeping kids healthier, providing practical family budgeting tips and sharing easy healthy recipes for the family.

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  1. This looks delicious!!! I just started having a taste for avocados and this would be a great recipe to make!! YUMMY!!

  2. Spinach tortilla and Swiss sound delish with avocado! I just bought a bunch of avocados on sale, and have been looking for good recipes – like this one!! Yum yum! I can’t wait to make this.


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