7 Tips for Shopping Christmas Clearance Sales

7 Tips for Shopping Christmas Clearance Sales

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for the Christmas clearance sales!!! Of course, these sales are always good to get gifts for next year at a discounted price, but there are things you can get that won’t have to be stored away for a whole year until they are useful. Here are some of my tops tips for the sales. Before, I start with the list of items to scout out in your shopping, let me note that unless there is something you really need, wait until the sales hit 75% or 90% off until you buy. Sure – some things may be sold out, but if it wasn’t something you really needed it’s no big loss, right?

7 Tips for Shopping Christmas Clearance Sales

1. Many patterns of Christmas wrapping paper that are either solid color or have simple geometric shapes can be used for other occasions. Most of the birthday presents I give are wrapped in Christmas paper, but you would never guess it! It always seems like Target has a lot of these multi-occasion designs.

2. Look for disposable plates, paper towls, food wrap and plastic bags with Christmas designs or packaging. Solid color plates/cups can be used throughout the year and if it’s just for home use the other paper goods are useful even WITH Christmas designs. All of the Ziploc baggies I have used for the last 8 years have snowflakes on them since I snagged them for 14 cents a box many years ago!

3. Chocolates wrapped in foil or other candies can be used for baking or for other occassions. One of my favorite tricks is to buy the clearanced bags of Christmas Hershey kisses that are wrapped in red, green, gold and silver wrappers. I open the bags and sort out the red and silver wrappers to use for Valentine’s Day and then the green and gold wrappers to use for St. Patrick’s Day.

christmas clearance candy

4. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, any decorations, wrapping, chocolates, etc. in plain red wrapping is great to use for Valentine’s Day and it’s not too far away! You can also get plain red napkins, plates, wrapping paper and other “red” items perfect for the holiday.

5. If you know anyone getting married or having a baby in the coming year, grab a clearanced “Our First Christmas” or “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. Just make sure that it doesn’t have “2014” written on it! You can also get a mom or grandma ornament to use as a Mother’s Day gift.

6. Check out the baking supplies and mixes. Stores that usually don’t carry many baking supplies, such as Walgreens, will drastically reduce the price of these items after Christmas. Betty Crocker and Pillsbury both make Christmas-themed cake mixes and cookie mixes that will be with Christmas clearance in Target and other stores. Also, check the refrigerated area of your grocery store for discounted christmas cookie dough.

7. In the clothing area, many “Christmas” designs are often just winter designs. I have bought snowflake t-shirts and long sleeve shirts from Target 90% Christmas clearance and they work fine all winter long, not just around the holiday.

Do you have any clearance shopping tips? If so, please share them in a comment!


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  1. I’m looking for household items I need like a George Foreman grill with removable plates. We really need a vacuum – maybe I can find one of those irobots that vacuum for you. . . If I can’t find them 50% or more off – I just won’t buy them.

  2. Great ideas! I had not thought of buying red items for Valentine’s Day.

  3. The tips are definitely good ones.
    I’ve done some of the things you suggest for years.

    I have a pretty good supply of solid color wrapping paper that can be used for other occasions. I also have a couple of striped patterns that can be used for all purpose. I bought some bows today. Bows and wrap I’m willing to pay 50% off, so that I can get a good selection.

    I have some knit tops that are winter themed, but because they’re considered Christmas I got at substantial savings.

    Micheal’s and JoAnn’s both had some items I wanted, I shopped JoAnn’s today for 80% off. It’ll be 90% tomorrow, but I doubt if the things I was after would be available. Got some great stuff. I hit up Rite Aid and Walgreens as well.

    I love the day after Christmas (and later)!

    Another item that you’ll usually find marked down 50% now through the first of the year are fragrance gift packages. Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Longs have done this for years.

  4. Oops, I meant Beverly’s had the 80% off today.

  5. well like toys, barbies, they are always good for girls, and some times you can get the real barbies for $2 or even $1.50

    and on the toys, my oldest child bday is jan 25th, and so is my granchild, so i cN BUY TONS OF PRESENTS for them at teh after christmas sales

    and for all year long, like a present for soemthing t=good they done or a bday party that sprouted up from nowhere ,and they need a present, and the bath oils, perfume, and any of the gift sets are real good for that too

    real nice present and they wont know you paid $2 for

    and thank for the idea of the v=candy and valentines day and patrick day! way cool idea

    and chap stick, tht even though some have snowmen but most is just brand name, you can get for like 10cents, and i gegt as much as i can
    christmas tree decoration for the next yeear
    and also you can get a new tree for next to nothing

    and the red and green tote boxes, heck 90% time no see your closest and place you store stuff and so what, it all one color and can use

    after halloween i got $1. tshirt, with long and short sleeve, that just had skelton headds and such (i have 2 goth daughters) so they are great for them

    i picked up the dollar off coupons at food lion for the troufffes candy, and now with it have price :))
    and this year, we bought mostly gift cards for the kids
    cause even they said they rather have those for the AFTER sales but the 4 yr old granchild we brought present for

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