Printable Paper Bow Template – Make Your Own Package Decorations!

Printable Paper Bow Template

Add a special touch to your gift-wrapped packages with a paper bow that you make yourself! This printable paper bow template makes it very simple to do and VERY thrifty!!!

To make your bow, just use colored copy paper. For an extra-special version, print out the template on plain white paper, let your kids color the bow with crayons or marker, and then cut out and assemble!


Printable Paper Bow Template

To make a bow:

Print out the printable paper bow template here
Cut out pattern on black lines
Place dab of glue in center of top piece
Fold in the edges of the middle piece to center and affix with glue
Form small rectangular piece into a loop
Affix loop to center of bow with glue

Printable Paper Bow Template


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