Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern – Directions for a Fun, Healthy Halloween

Make an Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern for a Fun, Healthy Halloween! Just follow our easy orange

One of the most fun parts of the Halloween season are all the cute and inventive foods looking like ghosts, monsters, witches, pumpkins – you name it! One think that all of these treats usually have in common is that they tend to NOT be healthy. While I love a good cupcake as much as the next person, it’s also nice to have some healthy Halloween snack options that are just as cute and fun as their unhealthy counterparts.

This Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern manages to accomplish being both healthy AND fun! For our fruit jack-o-lantern we filled it with fresh berries, but you can use any type of fruit you like. If you want to be a little more on the gruesome side, you could fill it with chopped kiwi so it looks like it has green slime coming out of its face. I think I will stick to the more cute berries for now!

Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern

Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern

Total: 20 minutes
Servings: 3

3 Oranges (in this case I used Grapefruit Oranges)
½ cup Blackberries
½ cup Blueberries
½ cup Strawberries (sliced)

Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern Directions

1. Rinse all fruit. Dry.
2. Using a straight edged knife on your grapefruit orange, turn knife inward at an angle while making a complete circle. This will release the top of your grapefruit orange. Remove and set top aside.
3. Begin to remove the inside of the grape fruit orange by using a small spoon. Place the grapefruit orange juice and pulp into a small bowl. You can save it and serve as a refreshing drink next to your treats!
4. Once the grapefruit orange is empty, use a small knife to cut out your jack-o-lantern face! Be creative. You can carve square eyes, triangle eyes, a smile, or big teeth! Have fun!
5. Slice the very top from 3 strawberries. Use this as a garnish on top of your orange jack-o-lantern! You can secure it with a toothpick, or a dab of honey.
6. Slice the strawberries into quarters and then in half again.
7. Evenly distribute the blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries into each jack-o-lantern. Use a toothpick or tiny spoon to serve.

Your family, friends, and children will love these friendly Halloween treats!

Orange Jack-O-Lantern with Fruit #5

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  1. I really love this idea. It is creative, it inspires creativity by using other fruits and it is healthy! I am going to do this for the grand kids.

  2. That is such a great idea. I love that you have used fruit.

  3. These are so cute and look totally terrific! I would totally serve these at a get-together.

  4. I love that these are not only festive but also healthy! The kids would love them!

  5. I do like these. I think they’d be great to serve for breakfast on Halloween morning. 🙂

  6. These are so cute, I’ll be packing these into my lunches for work. 🙂


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