How to Save Hardened Brown Sugar – Paper Towel to the Rescue!

There are lots of tried and true methods to rescue dry and hardened brown sugar, but most of them require using other food like apple slices, bread or marshmallows to soften it.  When I found my container of brown sugar all hard and stuck together this morning I really didn’t want to waste more food to save THIS food.  So, I took the concept of adding moisture and decided to dampen a piece of paper towel.  I just draped it over the edge of the sugar container and closed the lid.  When I got back home this evening, the brown sugar was all softened, except for the very bottom portion.  I stirred up the sugar and put in another towel.  I’m sure it will ALL be soft by morning!' About Chrysa

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  1. I always just throw away brown sugar if we forget to close it and it hardens up. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  2. Thanks for the tip and so easy to do too!! I will try this with regular sugar too!! Rita Spratlen

  3. Wow!1– I sure could have used this hint last night when I was getting the cinnamon rolls ready for this mornings breakfast– I’ve tried the apple– its ok– never heard of marshmellow or bread–pretty hand trick– I end up putting a few drops of hot water in a bowel with a bunch of brown sugar then into the microwave–it was ok but just a little wet–I used it any way– but this will be much better in the future–so thanks for the help.

  4. Wow, I had never head this tip. This will save me money and my sugars

  5. This is a great idea! I hate wasting anything and brown sugar will get hard in no time.

  6. never heard this b4 I am going to try it out for sure!

  7. Well that was easy! Love tips like that. Thanks!

  8. This is GENIUS!! Would love to have you share this at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party going now!


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