DIY Festive Holiday Chip Boxes

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Make these DIY Festive Holiday Chip Boxes! Perfect to hold Chocolate Wavy Lays! #SweetnSaltyHoliday

So many of our favorite holiday traditions involve food. I can probably think of a dozen right off the top of my head! Our first is our traditional Christmas Eve feast where everyone in the family gets to have their favorite foods, whether that’s beef jerky, smoked oysters, or hot dogs cut up and fried in a pan with butter (my sister’s favorite since she was 3 years old.)


Food is also a big part of holiday gift giving. Every year I know I have at least ONE food item on my Christmas wish list. Those wish list items almost always include chocolate! While I love chocolate itself, I love it even MORE when it is combined with something salty. Thats why I am a BIG fan of Lay’s Wavy chocolate covered potato chips! They’re available in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and brand new for this year – Milk Chocolate Covered with Almond Bits. The combination of the thick crunchy chips and the sweet chocolate coating is SO good!


While Lay’s Wavy chocolate covered potato chips are so yummy that anyone would be happy to get a bag of them “as is”, we always like to add a little something to our gift presentation. So, to turn this treat into a pretty as well as delicious gift, I created these cute gift boxes after picking up several bags of Lay’s Wavy chocolate covered potato chips at Target.

The boxes are easy to make and you can even make different sizes depending on just how much of your Lay’s Wavy chocolate covered potato chips you’re willing to share!


Festive Holiday Chip Boxes


Cardboard take-out boxes
Clear School Glue


Spread newspaper over your work surface.
Using the clear glue, draw a simple design on the side of your box.
Quickly cover the entire area with glitter.
Let glue dry 30-60 minutes.
Shake all loose glitter off box and onto newspaper.
Return loose, unused glitter to container for later use.





That’s it! Now your festive holiday chip boxes are ready to be filled with Lay’s Wavy chocolate covered potato chips and be given to the lucky recipients on your holiday gift list!


What are some of your favorite ways to package yummy treats as holiday gifts? Let me know in the comments because I’m always lookign for new ideas!

Make these DIY Festive Holiday Chip Boxes! Perfect to hold Chocolate Wavy Lays! #SweetnSaltyHoliday' About Chrysa

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  1. I thought I was the only one that fried hot dogs in a pan. I don’t use butter though. Anyways, I love a mix of sweet and salty. Chocolate covered chips sound good. Next shopping trip, I’m going to look for them.

  2.' vickie couturier says:

    never had a chip with chocolate,they do look good

  3. Thanks for sharing this fun and festive idea – These containers are perfect for the delicious Chocolate Wavy Lays! #client

  4.' Toni Schlinsog says:

    Neat idea! I’ll have to try this with my children.

  5. Where have I been? I had no idea you could buy chocolate covered chips!

  6.' Julie Wood says:

    I have a lot of these boxes, but I never thought about decorating. These are really pretty and fun to make this design. My daughter and I want to make these!

  7.' Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This is a fabulous small gift idea! I love the boxes!

  8.' shelly peterson says:

    What a super cute and fun idea! I will have to make some of these.

  9. Your boxes look cute!! The chips sound delicious!!! Thanks for sharing this great idea! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  10.' Yvonne Delgado says:

    Always looking for good DIY craft for Christmas gifts. Its fun to give people gifts but it can get expensive – this is a cute idea

  11.' Tamra Gibson says:

    How cool is this. I admire u snd everyone that thinks outside the box so to speak. I’m going to have to try this and see what the family thinks. The decorations make it even better

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