What Should You Buy in October? My Local CBS Morning Segment

Disclosure AffiliateWhat Should You Buy in October? My Local CBS Morning News Segment

Fall is officially here and with the beginning of a new month it’s time to ask: What Should You Buy in October? This morning I appeared on our local CBS station to discuss the items that you’ll find at great prices all month long. You can read my recap here and see the video itself at the bottom of this post!

What Should You Buy in October?


Camping Gear

As the colder weather sets in and the kids are back in school, most people are doing a lot less outdoor adventuring. That means gear for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and water sports is all on sale now. Look for tents, sleeping bags, fishing gear and more. Many of these items can serve double-duty as fall tailgating gear like coolers, camp chairs and tables. Check stores like Cabela’s and Dick’s for deals.


With the back-to-school shopping season finished, retailers are looking to move out the current inventory to make room for new styles for the holidays. You’ll find great deals on jeans for both kids and adults in stores and online.


Halloween/Fall Décor

Keep your eyes out for sales. Many stores will offer one or two holiday items on deep discount just to get you in the door. If you have time to visit multiple stores, you can grab great deals everywhere. As we head toward the end of the month, prices start dropping across the board, but craft stores start to slash prices well before the holiday (like right now!), so check out stores like Michael’s and Jo-Ann for Halloween décor, party supplies and costume accessories.


October is the start of the off-season for European travel and runs through April. This means lower airfare and hotel prices and a bonus is that popular sites won’t be as crowded when you visit. If you’re traveling domestically for the holidays in November or December, think about booking your plane tickets now. Prices will start going up by late October. This time slot between summer vacations and holiday travel causes a dip in cruise and package vacation prices, making it the perfect time to score a last minute deal!

Passenger jet on taxiway

Seasonal Produce

Here in Minnesota, as well as in other parts of the country, October is peak season for locally-grown produce like apples, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and of course, pumpkins! Local farmer’s markets have plenty of these fall favorites on hand or you can make a fun weekend trip out of visiting a local orchard or pumpkin patch to pick your own. Enjoy them now and, if you’re ambitious, can or freeze them to enjoy all winter long.



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  1. Thank you for this list……I was wondering when the best time to buy appliances was

  2. That’s a great list. I always try to buy thing during the time of year when they’re cheapest. Also, HOW COOL to be on television. Awesome!

  3. What a great post to share, I love the idea of sharing what should be purchased in October. I can’t believe October is already here though!

  4. Great tips!! I just bought jeans and I was totally thinking it’s the time to get them since everyone shopped up a storm in Aug and Sept. I didn’t know travel was a better deal in October. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I had no idea travel was better in October like this!!! I love to go to places when they aren’t as busy as the normal season.

  6. For me seasonal goods in October are a must.. Pumpkin everything and I love it!

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