5 Tips for Softer Towels

5 Tips for Softer Towels

Don’t you just love the way new towels feel so fluffy and soft?  Unfortunately, they often don’t stay that way for long.  But with these 5 tips for softer towels, you can keep your towels feeling soft much longer – which is a whole lot cheaper than constantly replacing your towels with new ones!

5 Tips for Softer Towels

1. Vinegar – The first way to make your old towels feel newer is by turning to the old standby of plain white distilled vinegar. Just toss your towels into the washer with a single cup of vinegar and let it run. If the vinegar scent is too strong for you, just put the towels through another wash cycle without the vinegar.

2. Wind Drying – The second way you can have softer towels is a rather old-fashioned method of drying your clothes. Just wait around for a nice, windy day and hang your clothes out on a clothesline outside. Try mixing this drying method with the vinegar washing method; it just might make your towels even softer!

3. Brushing – This next method is a little unorthodox, and it doesn’t involve washing or drying. Go and grab a big brush, maybe you can clean off Fido’s expensive pet-brush or you can grab the giant styling brush you got for your birthday, and lay your towel flat on a bed. Using long strokes in one direction, brush the entire side of your towel, flip it over, and brush it again. If you did it right, your towels should be as soft as the day you brought them home.

4. Baking Soda – Ahh, our ancient companion, baking soda; you’re always there when we need you, especially when our towels have become stiffer than plywood. You can soften your towels with baking soda by mixing roughly half a cup with your detergent before running the washing machine. As an added bonus, considering baking soda’s reputation for making anything smell good, those sweaty, smelly gym towels will smell bearable once again.

5. Tennis Balls – Now, this one may sound a little weird but it’s proven to be effective in most cases. Go to your local sports supply store (or Target/Walmart, etc.) and buy a few tennis balls, and toss them in with your towels.  The slight bouncing of the balls will knock out lumps and fluff your towels a slight bit (You’ll still have to do some fluffing but, hey; they just softened up your towels for you…). If you’re willing to shell out a little bit more money, you can always go out and buy a couple of dryer balls.

A Few Tips – I’m not going to go on the record here and say DON’T use fabric softeners, you can still use them, just don’t use fabric softeners in excess; too much starts to dull the effect over time. Second; try to put fewer towels into your machine at one time; it’s better on the machine and it increases the effectiveness of the methods mentioned.

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  1. My towels get to stiff this time of year with the pool and chlorine. Great info! Going to put it to use today!

  2. I might try vinegar. I love soft towels!! This is a great post to come across today! Have a fun weekend. 🙂

  3. I don’t use tennis balls, but already use dryer balls which help to perform the same function. They always beat the soft right into our clothes!

  4. Tennis balls really do work wonders! Great tips, hadn’t thought of brushing or using baking soda. Will have to try these methods soon!


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