Zeqr Makes Earning Extra Money Easy When You Share Your Skills

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Do you love to learn or teach? I enjoy both. Years ago, I taught myself to sew. I was able to make extra money by sewing home decor items for people. I also taught sewing to children and adults at a large craft store. It was a blast!

I also like to learn. I loved school. Currently, I am an amateur photographer. I started as many of us do; taking photos of the family. Then I began taking photos for my blog. Now I would like to take my skills to the next level. With Zeqr, I can do both!

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A New Global Knowledge Hub

I am in love with Zeqr, a new global knowledge hub. It connects those who wish to learn with those who want to share their knowledge. It is such a great idea! If you are an expert in a particular field, you can share your knowledge via one-to-one live video sessions. This changes how knowledge is exchanged on a global level.

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Getting Started With Zeqr

Getting started with Zeqr takes just a few minutes. You just choose if you are a “Zeqr” or “Expert” and add a bit of personal information. Next, you will choose a password and you are in! Next, you can browse for a class you would like to take. The length of the class and the fee will vary from Expert to Expert. I found a Creative Photography class that is only 45 minutes long. I signed up! I am super excited!

Are you an expert in your field? Why not share that knowledge? Zeqr Makes Earning Extra Money Easy

Zeqr Makes Earning Extra Money Easy

If you are a professional expert in your field, why not make extra money doing it? You can easily create a class with Zeqr and deliver your knowledge. With this innovative personalized learning experience, you can be your own boss! You can set your own schedule and choose the fee to charge for your services. I can show others how to sew in my spare time and make money! That is awesome! Be sure to follow Zeqr on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think of Zeqr? Would you like to share your knowledge and make extra money? What field are you an expert?

About Kelly

Kelly is a wife, mom of 5 (2 are furry), camera bug, tech lover, gadget grabber, travel enthusiast, music aficionado and TV junkie. Her goal is to share with you recipes, DIY ideas and crafts that are fun, easy to make and won’t break the bank.


  1. askandilltell86@aol.com' Jenna m wood says:

    I absolutely love this concept, what a great way to network and earn a side income.

  2. savvysavingcouple@gmail.com' Amy Desrosiers says:

    This is really cool! I know so many people who would love to make some passive income.

  3. Very interesting concept. Hopefully they have good ways to vet the people who claim to be experts!

  4. Interesting concept. The way we are able to learn and improve our skills online is amazing to me. Thanks for sharing this I hadn’t heard of them but I will check them out.

  5. This sounds really cool! I’ve never heard of it before!

  6. How awesome! I’ve never heard of this platform before. Now I’m going to be digging through all the cool skills on there I want to learn.

  7. This is such a cool concept! I love finding new ways to make extra money and this sounds like fun.

  8. What a good opportunity. This is very hepful. Great sharing and post.

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