Take Your TV Entertainment to a New Level this Year with DISH!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, we are ready to head into a new year! I’m happy that means that we have more time at home to do a little relaxing and catching up on our entertainment hours! With the weather outside being unpredictable and often COLD, it’s nice to snuggle up on the couch and watch some of our favorite TV shows and discover new ones.

If you haven’t had DISH in a while or have never had it, you will not believe all the bells and whistles they now offer! We love the powerful Hopper 3 DVR (which is able to record up to 16 shows at once and has space for 2,000 hours of recording) and Hopper GO (a pocket DVR which allows you watch your shows on up to 5 mobile devices without internet), their new Voice Remote and the fact that they’re now integrated with Amazon Alexa. I also appreciate DISH’s My Tech, Free DISH Installation and amazing Customer Service and Support. We enjoy the portability of DISH Anywhere, the seamlessness of their integration with Netflix, and their awesome Premium and Sports Channels. Their America’s Top 120 fits right into our budget for $49.99 a month and I have peace of mind there won’t be any crazy rate hikes with their 2 Year Price Guarantee.

Let me tell you a bit about a few of my favorite features DISH offers!

Take Your Holiday TV Entertainment To A New Level With DISH! 2

Introducing DISH and Amazon Alexa. This is awesome! With this feature you can easily control your TV with your voice. It makes me feel like I am living in the future! All I do is tell Amazon Alexa what I want to do and she does it. DISH with Amazon Alexa lets you control your Hopper without ever touching your remote. Now we don’t fight over who has the remote! I can tell Amazon Alexa to change the channel, play from my DVR and more!

Take Your Holiday TV Entertainment To A New Level With DISH! 3

The Hopper GO Pocket DVR will change your life! This little guy allows you to take your recording on the go with the HopperGO. You can stream 100 hours of TV content on up to 5 devices. This means not only me, but all my family can be included in this, all while the HopperGO uses its own mobile hotspot. You can save your data and not stress about being connected to the internet.

Take Your Holiday TV Entertainment To A New Level With DISH! 4

For a limited time, you can get 190 channels for just $49.99. And as I mentioned, you are guaranteed this price for 2 years. This means no surprise charges on your bill. You also get HD Free for life and 3 months of Free Premium channels, like Starz, Showtime, HBO and more! Isn’t that great?!

And just to make your new year shine brighter, for a limited time, receive a *Free Amazon Echo Dot, and a Free Voice Remote when you *sign up for DISH using the Offer Code: CJFreeEchoDot through 1/15, while supplies last. *New customers only. Alexa integration requires internet.

Which DISH feature are you most excited about?

Take Your TV Entertainment to a New Level this Year with DISH integration with Amazon Alexa, Netflix, Hopper GO Pocket DVR amd MORE! AD #TV #television #entertainment

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  1. I had Dish for many years. I was always very happy with it and it sounds like they have advanced their service a lot since then 🙂

  2. We’ve been talking about dish a lot lately. We have cable right now, and over the years, the value has gotten less and less.

  3. It really seems like DISH is agreat system with the DVR and voice control remote. I have cable now and it is linked to my internet and phone so it is hard to bring in a new service.

  4. We have thought about switching to dish for years now. I don’t know why we haven’t honestly!

  5. Looks like they have some great options! When I am out of my current contract then I will have to think about DISH!

  6. This sounds amazing! I wanted to subscribe to DISH years ago but my community does not allow any kind of satellite dishes on our buildings- which is a bummer because they are a better option than our cable company!

  7. This sounds so great! Right now we only go with Netflix because my family doesn’t really watch much t.v., and we’re trying to save money. At some point we may go with dish though.

  8. We don’t have DISH, but a few of my friends and family members do. They’re very happy with it. We’re still under contract, but might consider changing when it’s up.

  9. Dish has really upped their game since I looked into using them a few years ago. I think the pricing sounds perfect and I love the mobile Dish option. We are a family on the go so taking shows with us is really great.

  10. I may need to look into DISH again. There are so many great options now that they didn’t use to have!

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My Mom has Dish. She seems to really enjoy the channels and service.

  12. Dish truly looks impressive. Going digital is is awesome

  13. This sounds realy cool! I have not heard this before but it sounds like a great entertainment for the family!

  14. Allison Cooper says:

    All of these features sound wonderful! I wish that we could sign up for Dish because they are so affordable too compared to the other cable providers, but they unfortunately don’t serve my area. We have looked into them though because we always hear great things!

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