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Small things can make a big difference.  I like to try to make small changes in my routine that can make a big impact.  When things get busy, I find that my diet suffers and I don’t eat all the fruits and veggies that I should.  Lately I have been starting my day by throwing together a quick smoothie.  I use a whole banana and a big scoop of mixed berries (I buy the huge bag of frozen ones).  I add in some Greek yogurt and milk and a few seconds later it’s ready.  That way I have started out my day knowing that I already have two servings of fruit out of the way.  Simple change = big result.

Toyota also believes that small changes can lead to big results and employed that principle to help areas impacted by Superstorm Sandy.  They partnered with with Food Bank For New York City in a program called Meals Per Hour that galvanized a team from the Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC) to share Toyota know-how on how to do more with less.

Toyota’s goal was to increase the number of meals given out per hour.  By making small changes, the team was able to raise the number of emergency meal boxes from 25 to 450 per hour, providing 250,000 meals in the process.  Now that is proof that small changes can have a huge impact!!

You can also do something small to make a big difference.  Watch this Supermarché documentary to see what changes Toyota made and why these changes matter and Toyota will also donate one meal to Food Bank For New York City, up to 1,000,000 meals by July 19.

Please watch the video to donate a meal and then tell us – What small changes have you made or do you plan to make to create big results?

This post was written as part of my sponsored partnership with the Stiletto Media Blogger Network.' About Chrysa

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  1. That is such an amazing feat that Toyota was able to accomplish. 24 to over 400 boxes an hour is a huge improvement! Way to go!!

  2. Wow that is a huge jump in number of boxes! Great work!

  3. wow…they did wonderful getting the count up

  4. Wow..that’s amazing they were able to make such an impact.

  5. That is wonderful they will be giving out so many meals this summer. Way to go, Toyota!

  6. Great initiative!! I love big companies making things like this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is great to know. I’ve always been a big fan of Toyota’s cars. It is good to see that they do good in other areas also.

  8. 25 to 450 per hour is amazing! Such a great initiative!

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