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I’ve worn glasses since my freshman year of college, which was about 9-10 years ago.  I always love when it is time to pick out a new pair of glasses and change up my look, but sometimes the eye doctor’s office doesn’t have the styles or brands that I want.  Plus, it is super hard to see what I look like in different frames because I can’t see without my glasses on.  Recently I ordered a pair of frames from and I have to admit, it was the easiest eyeglasses purchase of my life!

I created an account and took a selfie without my glasses on.  A lot of frames on their site are eligible for “virtual try-on” which means you can see what a pair looks like on your 3D rendered image created from your selfie.  I absolutely LOVED this feature because I could see exactly what different shaped lenses looked like on my face before purchasing a pair.

 glasses dot com

Once I selected this super cute pair of teal, square frames from Coach, I let know my eye doctor’s contact information.  They reached out to my doctor on my behalf to obtain my prescription the next day, and within just a few days I had this brand new pair of Coach glasses arrive on my doorstep.  I love them, and I LOVED the process of shopping with!

Coach Glasses

I could go on and on about how easy it was to order my glasses, how quickly they arrived at my door, or how much I love wearing them, but what I really want to focus on is the fact that is doing a lot of good in the world. Did you know that over 1 billion people don’t have access to an eye exam or a pair of glasses.  Your purchase from helps that number decrease by one person each time you shop. has partnered with OneSight to launch the “Share Your Sight” program.  For each pair of frames purchased from, a pair of glasses will be given to someone in need.

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It doesn’t stop there.  The OneSight campaign does more than just ship frames to locations around the world.  They have volunteer opticians at clinics to give patients free eye exam.  Volunteers also help the patients select the frames that are fitted with prescription lenses and given to them that very same day.

If you wear glasses, consider purchasing your next pair from and help someone else regain their vision.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do! So many places donate food and medicine. I never see anything like this donated. Love it!

  2. I love when companies do things like this! It can be hard for some people to afford glasses when they really need them.

  3.' Pam Wattenbarger says:

    We used Glasses . Com in the past for my daughter’s glasses and they were great. I like that they donate a pair of glasses when you buy some.

  4. I can’t think of a better gift than to give the gift of better eyesight and a pair of glasses to someone in need! Definitely going to check out this company STAT!

  5. Not only are these awesome glasses, I love how the company pays it forward! I will be checking out for my next order.

  6. I absolutely love that is partnering with One Stop for the “Share Your Sight” campaign. It makes me feel great to know when I buy glasses that someone else will receive glasses for free who really needs them and it’s terrific to read about the volunteering. Love the color and style of glasses you received.

  7. I have been wearing glasses since elementary school. In fact I am totally due for a new pair! I love Coach, I usually get Coach or Michael Kors Glasses and Sunglasses they are my hands down favorite. and they usually last me a very long time.

  8. I love the new frames and the ordering process sounded super easy. It’s great that is partnering with OneSight. Their campaign is so generous.

  9. It’s great when companies give back. I love your taste in glasses too and it’s so great that you know you’ve helped someone else to see

  10. The thought of people not having access to appropriate eye wear is incredibly sad, as I could not imagine life without my glasses. How wonderful that you give back when treating yourself to a new pair!

  11. I love when companies do this! It makes me get behind them and want to buy from them even more despite the price!

  12. I need a few pairs for me and the kids anyways! This will be a nice excuse to help out!

  13. This sounds like a great deal on eyewear. Would be great for kids.

  14.' Nikki Wayne says:

    I love the campaign. I love companies who have big hearts for other people, great job for them.

  15.' Christina Aliperti says:

    I need new glasses and these are some gorgeous frames. I love the entire campaign and what they are doing to help those in need.

  16. Getting a good pair of glasses is a must for a lot of people. Getting into a cause to help others get better eyesight is just wonderful!

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