Roku Express – Top Holiday Tech Gift Under $30

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Tech gifts tend to be pricey, but this year there is a brand new model from Roku that is UNDER $30 and will make an impressive gift for anyone on your shopping list. Plus, it gives the lucky recipient access to hundreds of thousands of movies and TV. That’s a lot of giving! Plus, if you plan to be doing some traveling over the holidays, you might want to grab one for yourself. Features like Hotel & Dorm Connect make it easy to access public Internet networks to stream when you’re away from home.


The all-new Roku Express offers fast 1080p HD streaming. Set-up is effortless. Kick back and enjoy access to 350,000+ movies and TV episodes across 3,500+ paid or free channels, including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, PBS KIDS, and more. There are no monthly rental fees for owning a Roku Express—it’s so affordable, you can make every TV in your home smart. And because it’s from Roku, you’ll get great features like an easy-to-use remote, simple navigation, and unbiased search across top channels. Watch what you love and spend only what you want.


Roku Express is so affordable you can make every TV in your home smart. There are no monthly equipment rental fees for owning a Roku Express. And with unbiased search across top channels you can find where content is free or cheapest to watch. Setup is effortless with the included HDMI cable. An intuitive interface makes it easy to search across top channels and access all your favorite channels from the home screen.

Get the Roku Express HERE!

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  1. Brandon Sparks says:

    I would love to have one of these. They look great from what I have read..

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    I have been so tempted to get one of these.

  3. Trey Stone says:

    I’ve used a Roku before, all those devices are the same.

  4. April Gupton says:

    I love my Roku!!!

  5. carol clark says:

    these are great gifts i gave one to my daughter for christmas

  6. We’re huge fans of our Roku device! Installing it could not have been easier, and there are so many apps that make catching up on shows simple and convenient.

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