Prep for the Holidays with Nifty Cool Samsung Appliances at Best Buy

The holidays are right around the corner, which means now is the time to get your kitchen up to speed for holiday entertaining, baking, and cooking. Right now Best Buy has a number of Samsung appliances available with some pretty amazing features to help you stay on top of things during the busy holiday months…and beyond!

One product I would add to my dream kitchen is this Samsung – Microwave Combination Wall Oven with Flex Duo. It includes a microwave and a convection oven with a number of different settings to fit a variety of baking and cooking needs.

But the coolest feature? WiFi connectivity, man! I am not used to having “smart” appliances, but I love the idea of being able to remotely monitor my oven for peace of mind. The WiFi connectivity allows you to turn on/off, preheat, and adjust temperature or time from your smartphone. Plus, there’s a WiFi-enabled temperature probe that allows you to check the internal temperature of a turkey, roast, etc. without having to open the oven and use a separate food thermometer – genius!

Another addition to my dream kitchen: this Samsung – Family Hub 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. With a busy family and a jam-packed fridge, it can be tough for me to stay on top of what is getting close to its expiration date or what we’re running low on.

This refrigerator features Family Hub 2.0 which has capabilities of Food Management, Family Connection, and Entertainment – all controlled from a WiFi-enabled touch screen. This way I can get updates on my groceries, create shopping lists, and peek inside my refrigerator from anywhere. I can even set expiration notifications to keep all my food fresh! Plus, there’s the option to manage family calendars, play music, and even watch TV (yes, on your fridge!).


10% Off Four or More Samsung Kitchen Appliances

Right now at Best Buy you can save an additional 10% when you buy four or more Samsung kitchen appliances. Choose from refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, range hoods, over-the-range microwaves, and countertop microwaves.

As you prep your home for entertaining during the holidays, check out Best Buy’s expert service to help you find the right Samsung appliances for you and your family’s needs at a price that fits your budget.


  1. I am totally looking forward to all the baking and cooking that I will be doing for the upcoming holidays! Samsung makes some really great appliances that help out in the kitchen.

  2. The best part of the holidays is baking! I cannot make a turkey to save my life, but I whip up some mean cookies! I’d love to cook them in a stove like that while I listened to my jams with my REFRIGERATOR! WHAT?!

  3. I would love to update a few of my appliances for the holidays. I am very frustrated with my fridge and dishwasher, and it would be nice to handle holiday guests a little better and make the holidays less stressful!

  4. Samsung has such a great line of kitchen appliances! Thanks for showcasing them, I cannot daydream enough about them! We live in an apartment, and I dream of being able to own these in a house one day!

  5. I would love to have that fridge! It looks like it’s a whole lot bigger than mine and I like all the features that it has. If I could I would get this for sure.

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