Patriotic Party Gear – Get Out the Red, White and Blue!

Summer will soon be here with TWO patriotic holidays that are some of our favorite days for backyard BBQ celebrations with our family and friends. Treat your party guests to some patriotic party gear so everyone can get their stars and stripes on even if they didn’t show up to the party already wearing red, white and blue. It will add to the festive mood and get everyone into the party spirit!


Patriotic Party Gear Ideas:


  • When your guests arrive to your event, have a table near the entrance stacked high with hats, jewelry and other patriotic party gear.
  • Set up a photo booth! Have a designated station for taking photos complete with a photo printer or instant camera so your guests can display their photos for everyone to see.
  • Have a contest! See how can come up with the best combination of party gear to let the red, white and blue shine. Have a fun prize for the winner!


Red, White and Blue Party Gear:

You can keep the cost of your patriotic party gear low shopping at, where everything is just a dollar each. These are just a few of the many red, white an blue options the have:

Glittery Patriotic Top HatsGlittery Patriotic Top HatsPatriotic Flashing Star Beaded NecklacesPatriotic Flashing Star Beaded NecklacesPatriotic SunglassesPatriotic SunglassesPatriotic BandanasPatriotic BandanasPatriotic Flower LeisPatriotic Flower LeisPatriotic Headband BoppersPatriotic Headband Boppers

There is lots more to choose from at If you want to let your guests (especially the kids!) get really creative, you can also have some glitter, markers, scissors and glue sticks on hand to let them use your red, white and blue party supplies like paper plates and plastic cups to design their own creations!

These Patriotic Party Gear Ideas will add some Red, White and Blue fun to your next 4th of July or Memorial Day party or backyard BBQ!

Looking for some more patriotic holiday fun? We have lots of fun ideas and recipes here on and also visit for some more red, white and blue ideas!' About Chrysa

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  1.' shelly peterson says:

    The popcorn balls look delicious. These are some really fun patriotic items. I will have to get some.

  2.' Julie Wood says:

    I am going to get out my Patriotic stuff for the Holidays and I love the 4th of July with all the festivities! I love the festive popcorn balls!

  3. These popcorn balls are so cute! I’m just realizing I don’t have any patriotic party gear – I must get some!

  4. I love these ideas. We never have a 4th without decorations and party favors. Decorations are half the fun of the party!

  5. Those are so fun! I love the headbands. I get super goofy when we have get togethers. It’s a huge part of the fun!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again! These are great ideas for some serious fun!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, these are great. Also can’t wait how time is just flying by!!

  8. I love these ideas! I especially need the bobbing red-white-and-blue antennae. I’m sure my boys wouldn’t be embarrassed even a little bit. Especially my teen.

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