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yYo-Kai Watch

Now that spring is here, we are on the home stretch to the end of the school year. That means school projects, studying for tests and all that other end-of-year business will soon be in full swing. It can add up being to a time with lots of work which leads to lots of stress for kids AND for parents! We all know that when kids are stressed out that means parents get stressed out too – so alleviating that stress can be good for everyone!

What do your kids like to do to take a break from it all? Of course there are lots of options. Our first choice is always going to play outside but, let’s face it, that isn’t always an option. So its always a good idea to have back-up plans in mind. What else makes your kids happy and able to take a break from their stress? If letting their imagination fly with game playing is one of the answers, they are going to want to check out the new Nintendo Yo-kai Watch game.

Little R Yo-Kai Watch Game

Yo-kai Watch is already a huge video game craze in Japan, but now it is available in the U.S. for the very first time and it’s made exclusively for the portable Nintendo 2DS and 3DS family of systems including the New Nintendo 3DSXL. This game lets your kids get their imagination going with the fun and a little bit mysterious Yo-kai. They are the physical embodiment of everyday problems, and they live everywhere in our world—under cars, near vending machines, in the river—you just can’t see them.


That’s where the Yo-kai Watch comes in! With it, you can find hidden Yo-kai, befriend them, and call upon their powers when you need their help. There are over 200 different types of Yo-kai just waiting to be discovered!

We all know how much kids like to collect things, and collecting Yo-kai is no different. Each one has different characteristics and different powers. You can do even more by combining certain Yo-kai together, or combine Yo-kai with other objects, via the technique called Yo-kai Fusion to create and even more powerful combo!

Yo-Kai Watch Game

Yo-kai Watch is available now, online and wherever video games are sold at a suggested retail price of $39.99. You can play it on Nintendo 2DS and 3DS family of systems including the New Nintendo 3DSXL.

Yo-Kai Watch Logo


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  1. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My son has been asking for this.

  2. Cynthia Mercado says:

    My son would love tis. He likes anime!

  3. Adrienne Gordon says:

    you can play against friends

  4. Jennifer W says:

    I want to play it as you can battle with other players and it looks like a really fun game.

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    I want to win this because our son loves playing new games

  6. Jill Rivera says:

    Yes, another ds game to play with friends.

  7. toilletloo says:

    I want to play it.

  8. Erica Hall says:

    My seven year old would love this- thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Alexandra H says:

    Local battles means I can play with my husband 🙂 We’re both gamers, and love finding good two-player options.

  10. Austin Baroudi says:

    My daughter loves the show so I’d love this for her! I think she’d love playing it! Thanks so much for the chance!


  12. Enrique Herrera says:

    Been looking for a great kids game for my little sister, and it looks like yo-kai watch wins the bid! ;D

  13. It sounds fun that the Yo-Kai can gain experience and be fused together!

  14. I learned that some of your quests are part of the story, but others are just for fun.
    Thank you!

  15. Josh Lippman says:

    My son is in love with Yo Kai….amazing giveaway

  16. Brittney House says:

    I like that you can play against your friends.

  17. vickie couturier says:

    my grandsons would totally love this

  18. Looks like a fun game like Pokemon, good fun for all ages

  19. Wireless Internet access required for online features.
    My kids are big nintendo fans.

  20. This game is in the style of a Japanese Manga. This would be a nice gift for a little boy.

  21. my little niece would love to play against of friends

  22. Paul Gardner says:

    My two sons would enjoy this very much!

  23. Emily Benzing says:

    I really like the different characters and the storyline! Looks like so much fun!

  24. Aaron Matteson says:

    there are over 200 diff characters

  25. My kids would love to play this game it’s one of my children’s favorite shows!

  26. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I learned that in the game Nate uses the watch to investigate mysteries around town, convincing Yo-kai to give up their hi-jinks and instead use their powers for good. My son would really like that

  27. I would love to win this for my son. He would love the fast paced adventure!

  28. Ivette Chestaro says:

    I have 3 boys and they would love to own this one. They love to play with other players!

  29. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My kids would love to play this games looks like so much fun

  30. Dana Hunter says:

    I’ve been looking at this game for some time. It looks like great fun. The idea of emotions and ghosts is very creative.

  31. Tanya White says:

    i learned that you can play against friends

  32. Michelle C says:

    I like that you can battle over wireless!

  33. Kristin Goodson says:

    Legends are the most powerful Yo Kai! I learned that there are over 200 different types of Yo-Kai.

  34. elizabeth miller says:

    I would absolutely love to win this for my daughter. I have been hearing about this thing for weeks. It would be great to give her as a reward in June for doing good in school all year.

  35. Lori Walker says:

    I like the story.

  36. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My daughter loves Anime and can’t wait to play this one! I also love that you can play against your friends!

  37. I learned that you can view videos and tutorial s of use of the Nintendo Yo-kai Watch Fun and Reader all over on YouTube.

  38. Elizabeth P. says:

    I’d like to play it myself, but also introduce it to my almost 6 y/o sister as she has shown an interest in video games and she would probably have a blast with it since she loves pokemon.

  39. My kids would love learning about all those characters.

  40. I would like to win this game for my middle nephew. He is the perfect age and enjoys these type of video games. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  41. Stephanie Liske says:

    I learned that it’s anime, and I’d like to win it for my son, he loves anime.

  42. Erica B. says:

    I’d like to win this for my nephew.

  43. Francine Anchondo says:

    I think my son would enjoy this game

  44. Daniel M says:

    wanna win for my nephew

  45. I would like to win this because my son would love this .

  46. susan smoaks says:

    i want to win this for our son. he has been asking about it.

  47. I’d like to win this for my granddaughter.

  48. Kristi C says:

    I would like to win because my son really wants this game.

  49. I would like to win because it reminds me of Pokemon which my son loves to play.

  50. Charlene S. says:

    I would like to win this for my son. He really enjoys playing this style of game.

  51. This is incredibly charming.

  52. Brandon Sparks says:

    My son would really love this game. I learned that you can play against your friends and more..

  53. Susan Smith says:

    I learned that this game is anime, and I’d like to win it for my daughter who loves anime.

  54. Dario Moniz says:

    I think scanning the medals with the watch is pretty cool

  55. My nephew would really like this

  56. Jaime Cummings says:

    I would like it because the sprites look like lil pokemon characters. Looks like a wonderful game for my nephew!

  57. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’d love to win this for my oldest daughter, she’s a huge anime fan.

  58. Philip Lawrence says:

    I learned that it is on Disney XD!

  59. Maria Malaveci says:

    My son would love this game so much!

  60. Kathy Pease says:

    I would like to win this for my daughters stepson 🙂

  61. Learned it is something that my grandson would probably like.

  62. Kristen Patton says:

    I would love to win this for my little cousin! It looks like a fun game that he would enjoy playing!

  63. Barb Stenby says:

    i like you get to interact by feeding them, finding them looks so fun!

  64. Melanie Montgomery says:

    My nephew would enjoy playing it!

  65. Joy Venters says:

    You may find free bonus stuff at the end of full episodes on YouTube!
    Scan a code into your 3DS to get in-game items!
    My grandson would love this

  66. We like it for the great game

  67. Laurie Emerson says:

    I would like to win this as my daughter and son loves these type of games.

  68. I would like to win because I’d give this to my son because he’s a Yo-kai fan

  69. Lily Kwan says:

    I would like to win this game because it looks very fun!

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