Nine Lives Movie Prize Pack Giveaway with $25 Visa Gift Card

Nine Lives Movie Prize Pack

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Thrifty Jinxy reader will win a Nine Lives movie prize pack including: a $25 Visa Gift Card to see Nine Lives in theaters, Nine Lives T-shirt, Cat Tie, Cat Ears & Cat Sunglasses (Prizing and samples courtesy of EuropaCorp.) To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 8/16/16. Good luck!

Nine Lives Movie Prize Pack Giveaway


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  1.' Julie Wood says:

    I like that this movie is about a very funny Cat who does funny things and gets into trouble. My kids and I want to see this fun movie in the theater!

  2. What appeals to me about his movie is the cat. I love cats

  3.' Mami2jcn says:

    The cat is adorable and appeals to me most.

  4.' Cathy French says:

    I love cats and also enjoy K Spacey movies. Looks like a fun movie.

  5.' Lisa Brown says:

    The cat appeals to me, it looks like a cute movie.

  6.' Jennifer Rote says:

    I want to see this because I am a fan of Christopher Walken.

  7.' Adrienne Gordon says:

    That it involves a cat.

  8.' Austin Baroudi says:

    I just love cats! Christopher Walken is pretty cool too!

  9. I am a cat person. The cat appeals to me.

  10.' Stephanie Phelps says:

    The actors in it appeal to me and the story line seems so cute!

  11.' Jessica To says:

    My son loves movies with animals and this looks funny.

  12.' Ellie Wright says:

    The cats appeal to me. I know my kids will love it.

  13.' Kristen says:

    What appeals to me most is the good cast.

  14.' shelly peterson says:

    This looks like a cute family movie. I like Jennifer Garner.

  15.' Janet W. says:

    What appeals to me the most is the comedy and Jennifer Garner!

  16.' Kim Henrichs says:

    A great cast and I’m a huge cat lover so this is right up my alley!

  17.' Brenda Haines says:

    Christopher Walken as a cat.. Need I say more? πŸ™‚

  18. The story line sounds really good and I love Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken!

  19. The cat and the story line are the most appealing to me.

  20.' Kelly D says:

    The storyline appeals to me. I like the thought of a businessman transforming into a cat.

  21.' Debbie F says:

    Well I love cats so there’s that. πŸ™‚
    No matter how many times I’ve seen a cat chase something, play with something, wrestle with another cat, I can’t help but smile so I know I’d enjoy this movie.

  22.' Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a huge cat lover and this movie looks really cute and funny. Perfect for bringing the whole family.

  23.' bernie wallace says:

    This movie appeals to me because it is a movie that I can take my whole family to. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  24.' Natalie says:

    I would love to see this movie because I am a huge pet lover and LOVE Jennifer Garner.

  25.' Ann Fantom says:

    I like that this is a family friendly movie, about a very cute cat that my daughter will love to watch

  26. iI love comedy movies & this sounds like a nice one.

  27.' Mary Cloud says:

    i like the whole idea of the Dad becoming a cat and having to spend time with his family

  28.' latanya says:

    seeing the cute cat

  29. I love CATS cannot wait to see this movie

  30.' Christina Foley says:

    I We are a huge family of animal lovers and advocates, I just love pet based movies.

  31.' Hannah C says:

    What appeals to be most is that it’s about cats and I love cats.

  32.' Michelle C says:

    I’m a fan of Jennifer Garner and we enjoyed the previews for this movie!

  33.' Pamela Gurganus says:

    What appeals to me most about the movie Nine Lives is the actors! I’m a big fan of Kevin and Jennifer! Oh, and I love cats! πŸ™‚

  34.' Breanna Pollard says:


  35.' Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love the message about spending more time with family!

  36.' Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the cast.

  37.' shannon fowler says:

    The cast is amazing. I also am a huge fan of any pet movie.

  38.' Robin Abrams says:

    I love movies with animals. This movie looks like it would be great funny movie

  39.' Austin H. says:

    I like cats. But mostly what I like is the great cast. Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken. It looks funny

  40.' Holly Thomas says:

    The cast appeals to me most.

  41. love that it looks like a great family movie

  42.' kelly tupick says:

    The funny, cute and adorable cat appeals to me the most. I am a cat lover and love watching cats on the big screen.

  43.' Jeanne Coulombe says:

    Love movies with animals in them 😊

  44. What appeals to me most is the great cast….some of my favorites.
    Thank you!

  45.' Cynthia C says:

    I a a cat lover, so a movie about a cat is something I would enjoy.

  46.' Kim Niland says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but I will see it. I have cats and I am an animal lover. Looking forward to seeing this movie.

  47.' Patricia D says:

    We have two cats, and we love them very much! I enjoy movies and things with cats in them, and this movie looks so fun! Can’t wait to see it!

  48. Movie with animals in them are so great! I love my pets, and we can’t wait to watch this!

  49. I would love to see this because it is family friendly, and I love movies with animal characters!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  50.' Cindy Peterson says:

    Mr Fuzzypants, is the most appealing aspect of the movie.

  51.' Kimberly Hilbert says:

    The most appealing aspect is that Christopher Walken is in it. Not really sure about the movie. Movies have great potential for being sweet and cute when there are cats involved. Often they are insipid, unfortunately.

  52.' Ashley C says:

    I love that Jennifer Garner is in it! I think she is a great actress

  53.' Andrea Williams says:

    I am a big Jennifer Garner fan and also the idea of Kevin Spacey as a cat cracks me up. πŸ˜‰

  54.' Sarah Hayes says:

    I think the cast looks awesome

  55.' Christopher Mason says:

    The cat

  56.' Laurajj says:

    Oh what I love is that it looks like such a great funny movie that our whole family could enjoy going to see together! The cat looks so funny and adorable! Such a great cast!!!

  57.' Janice Wright says:

    This looks like a funny movie that I could enjoy with my grandsons. I love cats!

  58.' elizabeth miller says:

    I like that there is a movie finally really featuring cats. I also like that it looks really amuzingly funny.

  59.' vickie couturier says:

    im a animal fan,and huge Kevin Spacey) fan

  60.' Justin Sparks says:

    I really love the cast selection

  61.' Debbi Wellenstein says:

    The premise of the movie appeals to me.

  62.' Gracie Kahl says:

    I just really like cats. And Kevin Spacey.

  63.' Donna L says:

    This movie sounds cute and funny.

  64.' Candice says:

    I like that it looks like a good kids movie. I love that it has animals in it!

  65.' Amity J says:

    Humor and cats-two of my favorite things…

  66.' Lori Thomas says:

    Mr Funnypants, and the story appeal to me

  67.' paige chandler says:

    I like that it is clever and I wish I could turn my hubby into a cat…sometimes

  68.' Barbara Montag says:

    Since I am a true cat lover I love the cats and their tricks!
    thank you

  69.' Debra Hall says:

    it looks so funny and i love cats

  70.' James Robert says:

    I have 5 kids and 4 cats, we would love to see this and would fit perfectly into our lives

  71. The actors make it an appealing movie as well as the fact that it’s family friendly and I can take my niece!

  72. I’m an animal lover, and I love comedies. Combine them and I’m in love.

  73.' Corrina Hernandez says:

    OMG I LOVE CATS!!! Never heard of the movie till now! Would love to see it!

  74. The cats appeal to me.

  75. It appeals to me because I love movies that give a good laugh!

  76.' heather s says:

    It looks like a fun family movie

  77. I want to see if because Jennifer garner is in it

  78. I love cats – I have two as pets! – and Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite actresses. Plus, I think this would be a good one for the whole family to see together.

  79.' Tammy Evans says:

    I love movies with animals plus it sounds funny

  80.' Dwayne Berry says:

    If I go see this movie, it’ll be because of Christopher Walken. I’m a big fan.

  81.' brittany doerfler says:

    What appeals to me the most about this movie is it has kevin spacey in it

  82. What appeals to me about his movie is the cat. I love cats

  83.' Yvonne Cutler says:


  84.' Sarah L says:

    I like cats. I like comedies. I’ll like this movie.
    Thanks for the contest.

  85.' Lasonda says:

    This movie looks like it would be a fun family movie and I like cats!

  86.' Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    It seems like it would make us giggle and be fun for the whole family.

  87.' JAMES LYNAM says:

    Great cast but I hate “CATS”!!!!!!!

  88.' Sarah Hall says:

    I enjoy animal movies and cats are so finicky so this should be cute.

  89.' Marty Crosson says:

    It looks like a movie the kids would enjoy and the parents could tolerate πŸ™‚

  90.' Cynthia Mercado says:

    I love Cats! This movie will be awesome!

  91. I love cats, so I love the concept of this movie already.

  92.' Linda Lansford says:

    Because my grandson will like the cats.

  93.' Sara Floyd says:

    It appeals to be because it stresses the importance of family

  94.' Sheila K. says:

    This movie has a great cast and a catβ€”what could be better!?!?!

  95.' Denise S says:

    What I like is that it would be funny seeing the human perspective on being a cat.

  96.' Cheryl Billings says:

    I like the amazing cast and the fact that it would be perfect for a Grandma and Grandtot day out!

  97.' Richard Hicks says:

    Everything appeals to me as I am a lifelong cat lover.

  98. I love Kevin Spacey – like the idea of him in a comedy role like this

  99.' Brittney House says:

    I love Kevin spacey and it looks like it will be funny but heartwarming.

  100.' Cheryl W. says:

    What appeals most to me about the movie Nine Lives is the cast. I absolutely love Christopher, Jennifer, and Kevin.

  101.' amber kolb says:

    I love the humor! Christopher Walken is just great!! I can’t wait to see this!

  102.' kelly grant says:

    Cats! I love kitties

  103.' Cindy Brooks says:

    Two of my favorites are in this movie, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner

  104.' Sheila Ritter says:

    The fact that it is a fun loving family movie.

  105.' rochelle haynes says:

    What appeals to me is the casting of the movie

  106.' Carole Spring says:

    I like the idea of the dad transforming into the cat and learning about his family’s life from that perspective.

  107.' chickie brewer says:

    I like the movie cause is a family movie and it is nice to see a funny cute cat! πŸ™‚

  108.' Dawn Keenan says:

    I love cats, so this movie would be perfect for me!

  109. I am a cat person, so this movie appeals to me.

  110.' Denise B. says:

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this movie, but I do love cats.

  111.' Laura Schrillo says:

    I love Christopher Walken

  112.' Soha Molina says:

    I like the cast.

  113.' Jackie Burns says:

    I want to see this movie because of the antics of the cat.

  114.' Readwritered says:

    The cat in the movie is appealing

    Thx for the contest

  115.' Julie Murphy says:

    Should be fun because it has some great cast members.

  116.' Nakisha Geter says:

    I am dying to see this movie!!!

  117. The adorable cat appeals to me. We haven’t had a movie with a cat as the center in a long time!

  118. This looks like a funny movie and a great break from summertime heat.

  119. ARECK2004@YAHOO.COM' AARON RECK says:

    I love cats and think it’s going to be a very funny movie. Cats are hilarious.

  120. My kids love cats.

  121.' chantelle walker says:

    that I will have no problem getting my BF to go as he LOVES cats lol

  122.' brandy c says:

    I like that it has a lot of celebrity cats in it. I love cats.

  123.' Birdiebee says:

    The fact that this movie includes cats appeals to me as this is a movie I can relate to with my granddaughter who is also a cat lover.

  124.' Angela Winesburg says:

    It looks funny and I love the cast!

  125.' Marcia Goss says:

    The movie looks really cute. I like Jennifer Garner and Kevin Spacey, and really want to take my granddaughter to see this.

  126.' Laurie Nykaza says:

    Looks live a funny movie and I have 4 cats so love to see it.

  127. I love cats and this movie has a cat doing hilarious things. I am also a fan of Kevin Spacey.

  128. I would love to see this because I am a huge cat fan and also the storyline really appeals to me!

  129. Kevin Spacey as a cat = HILARIOUS.

  130.' Peggy Rydzewski says:

    My grandson and I have plans on having a nana day including this movie.

  131. I like that Kevin Spacey is in the movie

  132. I love Jennifer Garner so I’m sure I’d love this!

  133. It loos like a funny movie and with a good message!

  134.' Tabathia B says:

    That his “soul” was transferred to the cat and how he lives as a cat

  135.' Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I am an animal lover so it very much appeals to me. Also, I am a fan of Jennifer Garner movies.

  136. The cast looks great and I’ve always loved movies that feature animals, especially cats.

  137.' Jerry Marquardt says:

    I like that Kevin Spacey plays Tom Brand in this, as a daredevil billionaire at the top of his game, in a movie appealing to all animal lovers.

  138. Christopher Walken is in it!

  139. I love me some Jennifer Garner!

  140. This looks like a fun movie with many laughs for everyone. It is advertised a lot on TV

  141. This movie has a great cast. That is what appeals to me.

  142. I like Jennifer Garner and it looks like a cute movie.

  143. Jennifer Garner is what I like best.

  144.' Susan Smith says:

    What appeals to me about his movie is the cat. I love cats

  145.' Stephanie Liske says:

    We love animals. πŸ™‚

  146. Jennifer Garner is great.

  147. It appeals to me because it’s a comedy but it also teaches you that there is more to life than work, work and more work.

  148. This type of comedy can be a lot of fun, and it is rather nice to have them use a cat–most of the time, the story seems to involve a dog. Put that together with a good cast and it seems to be a movie we want to see.

  149. The cast appeals to me. Love Walken & Spacey.

  150. Kevin Spacey! I really love him.

  151.' Susan Christy says:

    I like a good family movie and this looks like a funny one!

  152. Always be a kid at heart, watching kid movies with my grandkids….

  153. it looks like a fun family movie!

  154.' Joanne Schultz says:

    I love cats, and it looks like a funny enjoyable movie!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  155.' Alyce Poalillo says:

    Anything with a cat theme appeals to me so this should be a winner.

  156. has some of my fav stars in it and looks like a fun one!

  157. I love funny stuff plus I love it when cats are being funny and have a personality.

  158.' stephanie macdonald says:

    I am a fan of Christopher Walken.

  159. The cat of course. My daughter and I are huge cat lovers

  160.' susan smoaks says:

    I am excited to see this movie because it looks funny and I am always looking for a good laugh. it is exciting to see these big stars in the movie too.

  161. I looking forward to seeing the movie because I love cats.

  162. Mancrush on Robbie Amell,

  163.' Sarah Cool says:

    I would love to see this because I love Kevin Spacey and cats!

  164. This movie appeals to me because it is one I can take my grandson’s too and they would really enjoy it.

  165.' Patricia Mingozzi says:

    I like that Jennifer Garner is in the movie and that it is a family comedy.

  166. I can’t get enough of cats. Especially funny ones that can talk!

  167.' Tyler LeFevre says:

    The cool cats.

  168.' Dawn Monroe says:

    I’m looking forward to watching Christopher Walken.

  169.' Mona LeFevre says:

    Anything with cats are great.

  170.' Jennifer Brinker says:

    I want to see this because it looks funny and I think my whole family will enjoy it.

  171.' Teryn LeFevre says:

    The cats looks interesting in this movie.

  172.' Tim LeFevre says:

    Cats look fun in this movie.

  173.' Trisha McKee says:

    I love that this is a movie I can see with my daughter and I love that it has such a positive message about family and time.

  174.' Barbara Leonard says:

    I love fun comedies, especially with Jennifer Garner and cats!

  175.' Allyson becker says:

    I love animal movies!

  176.' Renee Walters says:

    Im a cat person. The cat appeals to me.

  177.' Danielle Magee says:

    I love the actors that are in this movie, I think they will make it hysterical!

  178.' Tracy Shafer says:

    I like anything with or about cats!

  179.' Nicole Carter says:

    It looks like a fun movie and I love the actors in it.

  180.' Shauntea Crutcher says:

    I like that it’s a family friendly movie that I can enjoy with my children.

  181.' Philip Lawrence says:

    I like that it is a PG rated movie with a message for everyone.

  182.' Jennifer Reed says:

    What appeals to me most about the movie Nine Lives is that it has a talking cat. I love movies with talking animals.

  183. This looks like a really cute and funny movie and very family friendly!

  184.' Debbie Penney says:

    What appeals to me is the funny cat. I am allergic to cats and it is so unfair because I do love them so! I cant wait to take my nephew to see the movie!

  185.' Kathy Pease says:

    It looks like a great family movie to bring the kids to.

  186. I like the cast of Nine Lives!

  187. I am a big fan of Kevin Spacey and it looks funny.

  188.' Sharon Braswell says:

    Mr Fuzzypants, the wonderful cast and the story! Tom aka Kevin Spacey is in for a rude awakening for missing out with family time! Looks and sounds warmhearted and funny!! Thank you!!

  189.' Tiffany Greene Elliott says:

    I love cats and Jennifer Garner plays in it! This would be a great movie for my whole family to watch! Thank you!

  190.' Leah Shumack says:

    Kevin Spacey tends to play more serious roles that I can’t wait to see him in this funny one!

  191. I like that it is funny and has a good message.

  192. I like animals with movies in them and I really like Jennifer Garner

  193.' Stephanie S says:

    My young son is going to grow up to be a crazy cat man. He LOVES anything cat related!

  194.' Lee Swann says:

    Cats & magic are a centuries old successful combination! The movie has an award-winning cast that supports that combination, especially when the character becomes a talking cat. It seems to be a genuine cat lovers movie, with stuff that appeals to both adults and kids…maybe some of the jokes real little kids won’t understand, but a good family sit-together-to-see movie.

  195.' Lisa Vanhook says:

    I’m a big fan of Christopher Walken and I love cats…

  196.' Amy Deeter says:

    Very nice cast, the movie is a family movie, and it also looks like a very funny movie

  197. I love the cast and it looks like a cute and funny movie.

  198. I like that ir is about a cat.

  199.' laurie murley says:

    I love to watch movies with animals in them

  200. It looks humorous and has cats, good enough for me : P

  201.' Lily Kwan says:

    The cute cat most appeals to me!

  202.' james jenkins says:

    Around here, cats living their own agenda is very real!

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