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Every year I looooove watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. The only downside is that I get sucked into watching the commercials too and so many of them make me cry! Even when I’m watching those movies on my DVR, the lure of the commercials is just to strong and I watch them and, ultimately, CRY! My theory is that when Hallmark creates their commercials they show several of them to a focus group and place a full box of tissues in the room. If they get through the commercials and the tissue box hasn’t been touched, then they go back to the drawing board.

So, since I end up crying at the commercials, I’m pretty happy that now I have the options of watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies on DVD. And what’s even better is that it’s not just last year’s movies that are available. The brand new movies that are being played for the first time this season are available for purchase NOW at Walmart! This also makes a great gift-giving option because if you watch a movie on TV that you love, you can buy it as a gift for someone that you know will also enjoy it. Four of the new Hallmark Christmas movies on DVD in the collection are:

The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas
Fireman Zachary Stone (Routh) is a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t believe in love or commitment. When a stray tabby cat named Ambrose shows up at his door, Zachary takes him in and slowly starts to see that a little companionship might not be so bad after all. Zachary’s commitment to solitude is further challenged when he meets Marilee (Sustad), an animal lover and veterinary student who teaches Zachary how to care for his new feline roommate. Chemistry immediately develops between the two, but will they find a way together despite themselves?

My Mini Review: I loved this movie! You already know I love cats (i.e. my logo/site name/etc.) so a movie with cats is  no-brainer for me. Although the cats aren’t big stars of the movie, the owners are cat-lovers….so how can you not root for them?

A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas
Prince Leopold, heir to the throne of Cordinia, has no ambitions of marrying into royalty after falling in love with Emily Taylor, a humble seamstress from Philadelphia. But the young prince’s wishes are challenged by Queen Isadora, Leopold’s mother, who has other plans for her son. Stars Lacey Chabert, Stephen Hagan and Jane Seymour.

My Mini Review: I love Jane Seymour and wanted to love this movie, but I only enjoyed it. The story was definitely predictable without even a slight twist to throw us off. But it’s still a classic holiday fairytale romance.

Cookie Cutter Christmas

A Cookie Cutter Christmas
Two longtime rivals and elementary school teachers duke it out during the holidays in a Christmas cookie bake-off, but their real feud ignites over a shared interest in a handsome single dad. With both determined to win the prize and the romance, their competitiveness could jeopardize what matters most this Christmas season. Stars Erin Krakow, David Hayd-Jones and Alan Thicke.

No Review Yet: This is up next on the “to watch” list. If you have seen it already, let us know what you think.

Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas

Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas
With a duty to deliver every last letter before Christmas, the beloved quartet of post office detectives—Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth), Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson)—are working around the clock to redirect Santa’s mail just as Oliver runs into his former Sunday school teacher (Marion Ross). When they receive an emotional last-minute plea not meant for Saint Nick, but instead written to God, they must delay their own travel plans to make sure one little girl doesn’t lose her Christmas joy—something Oliver and Shane are also struggling to find as they each face painful holiday memories. With a little guidance from a mysterious post office volunteer, Jordan (Rob Estes), the Postables are more surprised than anyone to discover they’ve been a part of more than one miracle on this Christmas Eve.

Also on my “To Watch” List: I didn’t realize that this was already a series on The Hallmark Channel. I need to check it out as I was a big fan of Eric Mabius on Ugly Betty.

Reader Giveaway:  One lucky Thrifty Jinxy reader will win all four of these Hallmark Christmas Movies on DVD. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm on 12/22/14. Good luck!

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  1.' Susan Christy says:

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Because, like you I am an Eric Mabius fan – just finished my Ugly Betty marathon today.

    • I miss that show!! If you liked it too, you might like Jane the Virgin. It has that same “telenovela” type set-up (but much more over-the-top about it!)

  2. I want to see a Cookie Cutter Christmas because I love the actress from Army Wives.

  3. My wife loves these movies. But we don’t have cable this year 🙁

  4.' vickie couturier says:

    I really enjoyed the Royal Christmas,, she is such a good actress

  5. I’d like to see the Nine Lives of Christmas. I’m a pet lover, so think I would enjoy it.

  6. I think a Royal Christmas looks the best because I like any movie dealing with royalty.

  7.' Jane Squires says:

    I like all Hallmark movies and all Christmas

  8.' B. Wilson says:

    Wish I could be original but Signed, Sealed and Delivered for Christmas, because I am also an Eric Mabius fan.

  9.' Deneen Berry says:

    Love the sweeps

  10.' janet woodling says:

    Signed, Sealed & Delivered looks good to me.

  11.' Vera Wiilson says:

    Would love to see The Cookies Cutters

  12. I think a Cookie Cutter Christmas looks adorable. I love movies where there are girl-fights if you will, but love that there is a happy ending.

  13. A Royal Christmas – I’ve seen that one and this is definitely a magical, princess time! I love Hallmark movies and Christmas time. I watch the channel all the way from Thanksgiving through Christmas, even the repeats.

  14.' Amanda Kinderthe cats jus says:

    The Nine Lives of Christmas…. I’ve seen that movie and I love it. It’s funny, and the cats just make it even cuter.

  15. A Royal Christmas looks adorable, it sounds like a fairytale story.

  16.' TallulahJane says:

    I would love to see Royal Christmas. I love Jane Seymour.

  17.' Sharon Kaminski says:

    I like the A Cookie Cutter Christmas because I like Erin Krakow and David Hayd-Jones as actors.

  18.' Kelly Nicholson says:

    Which of these movies looks best to you and why?

    the 9 lives of christmas because sustad is very cute

  19. I like animals so 9 lives of christmas looks good to me

  20. I am a cat person so the 9 Lives of Christmas sounds very sweet and I love a movie with cats.

  21. 9 Lives of Cats… I <3 Cats 😛

  22. Royal Christmas- it just looks really good! 😉

  23.' Stephanie MacDonald says:

    Nine Lives of Christmas because I am a HUGE cat lover!!

  24.' Carol Nine says:

    I like The Nine Lives of Christmas because of the cats and cat lovers. I like cats.

  25. I’ve seen the Cookie Cutter Christmas and thought of a friend who loves Hallmark movies nd would love to give this one to her.

  26.' shelly peterson says:

    I want to see a Royal Christmas because I like Jane Seymour.

  27.' Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I would like to see A Royal Christmas.It reminds me a little of Cinderella.

  28.' Jessica Lewis says:

    Nine lives of Christmas because I love how animals bring us together

  29.' Susan Edmondson says:

    I have actually seen a couple of these movies already and enjoyed them very much.

  30. my wife & i love the Christmas movies,still looking for 12 wishes,Merry Christmas to all.Ron & Melissa.

  31.' Kim Keithline says:

    I like the Royal Christmas I love anything Royal or prince and princess so I think I would really like this movie


    I’d like to see the Nine Lives of Christmas because i have never seen it before and it looks like a good family movie.

  33. I’d love to watch A Cookie Cutter Christmas because I like that both are teachers and the storyline looks cute!

  34.' DIANE HAMEL says:

    I think I would like to see the Royale Christmas

  35. a royal christmas, still like jane seymour

  36. Signed, Sealed & Delivered for Christmas. Because, Mrs. Cunningham! Go, Mrs. C.!

  37. I think I’d like Sign Sealed Delivered the most.

  38.' KAREN MASSEY says:

    Signed Sealed and Delivered Such intrigue but loveable

  39.' Stephanie Larison says:

    The Nine Lives of Christmas because I love cats

  40.' Kelley Roach says:

    I’d like to see the Nine Lives of Christmas.

  41.' Tina Reynolds says:

    I really like the a COOKIE cutter christmas

  42. I want to see The Nine Lives of Christmas because I love cats.

  43.' Missie Freeman says:

    I would pick A Royal Christmas because I am a Jane Seymour fan.

  44.' carol gentry says:

    I loved the movie Royal Christmas. I love all of the Christmas movies!!!

  45.' Carolyn Daley says:

    The Nine Lives of Christmas looks interesting. I love cats and I would love to see if a cat brings these two people together.

  46. A Royal Christmas looks fun because I love watching Christmas movies

  47. Nine Lives of Christmas looks fun with the cats

  48.' Karen Drake says:

    I would like to watch Signed Sealed and Delivered because it involves a letter to God and deals with faith.

  49. A Cookie Cutter Christmas because it’s about a bake off.

  50.' Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d like to watch The Nine Lives of Christmas. I’m a kitty lover too!

  51.' Beverly Metcalf says:

    I would love to see the A Cookie Cutter Christmas video. Thanks for having this contest.

  52.' Susan Smith says:

    Signed, Sealed & Delivered looks great

  53.' Laurie Emerson says:

    A Royal Christmas looks so good as I admit I an a hopeless romantic!

  54.' Brittney House says:

    I would love to see Royal Christmas. It looks really romantic.

  55. I would love to see Nine Lives of Christmas, we have several cats and the movie looks like great fun!

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