It’s Never Too Late for a New Start

disclosure-compensationIts Never Too Late for a New Start

Well, here we are just past the half way point through January. The start of the new year is usually associated with setting new goals and making resolutions. I had ideas of big goals myself and was looking forward to the new start, but guess what – it hasn’t happened yet! I guess you could call them excuses, but I ended up coming down with a really BAD cold starting Christmas day which lasted through the beginning of the year when we left for a week at my in-laws in Florida. Guess what I brought back from Florida – another cold!!

So, needless to say I haven’t yet embarked on my new goals for the year. BUT – It’s never too late for a new start. So, my official new start date for some new goals and directions is January 15th – half way through the month. If you’re thinking of jumping into a new start too, I would be more than happy if you want to piggyback on some of my plans!

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New Start Goals:



As someone who likes to get my exercise outdoors, winter is a tough time here in Minnesota! While I haven’t been able to walk the dog a lot, I at least have had some snow shoveling to do! My plan is to get to the Y at least twice a week (hopefully three times) and still get outside with my dog Toby every day the temperature is at least in the double digits.

Me Time:

I tend to work a LOT and not take much downtime to just relax and decompress. One of my favorite things to do is read. I’m hoping to read at least 3 books a month this year.

Book Reading

Healthy Eating:

I can be pretty good about eating healthy (when I want to be), but my plan is to keep trying to concentrate on the basics of veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. I always feel better when I eat better!


My doctor always recommends that I make sure to take Vitamin D, especially in the winter when I get very little if any from the sun while stuck indoors. (It’s a good idea to talk with your doctor or other health care practitioner about what dietary supplements are right for you.) 


Your Turn!!

What is on your “to do” list for yourself? Do you want to train for a 5K? I know lots of runners who say that training for races keeps them motivated. Do you want to take a daily multivitamin?  That’s actually the most popular dietary supplement, with 75 percent of supplement users taking one*. There’s no such thing as a perfect diet and dietary supplements help fill nutrition gaps and promote overall health and wellness when you can’t get enough essential nutrients from diet alone. Want to learn a new hobby? Learning a new skill can help boost your brain power and also be a great way to have fun and relax.

Whatever you plan to accomplish this year, I wish you the best of luck and a happy 2017! Let’s get this thing started!

Its Never Too Late for a New Start

*According to a 2016 survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition.' About Chrysa

Chrysa is the founder and owner of, a site dedicated to living a fabulous life on a frugal budget. Her approach is that by spending less on the boring everyday stuff, you can have more money to splurge on the things you REALLY want, whether it’s travel, fashion, electronics – you name it! Chrysa is married, has a 8-year old nephew she dotes on, as well as three lovable cats and a big sweetie of a German Shepherd.


  1. I love this! The thing I hate to hear anyone say more than anything else is “it’s too late”. No it’s not! Great, great post.

  2. I think it’s so important to remember that you can do anything. ANYTHING. Just start and don’t stop! Great post.

  3.' Pam Wattenbarger says:

    Exercise is one of my goals this year! I am trying to exercise more often, but the cold weather is bringing me down.

  4. I resemble this post. I have had so many issues in the past with getting things done. I really want to do better this year and thus far it is going great. I just hope to keep it up.

  5. This year I’m going to be better about getting my hair done. Sounds vain and pretty insignificant but I realized I’m taking less and less care of myself, and that’s one place to start.

  6. I’m horrible at working too much as well and not taking a breather. My body just recently finally told me to chill out by putting me on the couch for a week. I’m glad you’re better!

  7. I agree, any day is a great day for a new beginning! I plan to get my behind back in the gym as soon as I return from my upcoming vacation.

  8. It’s never too late to start on a new start or venture. I made put a few things on my list the beginning of the year and know I still need to get to them.

  9. I love all the things that you put on your to do list for 2017. for me this year is all about self care and getting to the gym every day no excuses!

  10.' shelly peterson says:

    This is a great post and you are so right that it’s never too late.

  11. These are so true! It’s never too late to start new goals! We can start new goals every day. I love setting small goals that I will accomplish at the end of the week.

  12. I like the idea of goals rather than resolutions and think your article is very good.
    My husband is working on his Rosetta Stone language program and I am focusing on building my business.

  13. Love this. It’s so true. It’s never too late to do anything you set your mind to, including a new start. Life is what you make of it and how you live it…. There is no one stopping you but you!

  14. It really is important to make goals, I am not one for resolutions as goals seem more attainable to create and fufill thus making you feel like you can do anything.. Well written, very inspiring!

  15. These are great goals you’ve set for yourself! I think one thing i really need to do more is read and relax! With 2 kids and 2 jobs, there really isn’t much time for down time, but reading is one of my favorite things to do and i think i deserve it!

  16. Good luck to everyone from me too. 🙂 I think it’s okay to still get up and get moving… it is still Janauary after all (a good excuse for being motivated). 🙂

  17. My goal is to swim 3 times a week. So far so good.

  18.' Cynthia R says:

    I made several resolutions/goals- exercise average of 3 X a week, eat less carbs/sugar, lose 10 pounds, read 60 books, and pay off a loan. I figure I’d aim high and if I achieve 30% of it I’ll be happy at the end of the year.

  19.' Susan Hartman says:

    I agree – its never too late. It took me 3 failed attempts before I quit smoking. That was years ago. Now I need a bit of an overhaul. It may not have happened January1 but its coming.

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