Make Your Dog’s Birthday Celebration Special

It’s no secret that our dog Toby is a VIP in our family – VERY IMPORTANT PUP! He makes every one of our days better by being a sweet companion, snuggle buddy, guard dog and playmate. Since Toby was a rescue we don’t know the actual day he was born (or even the month!) but we do know the day he became part of our family and that’s cause for celebration!

Just like for human parties, there are certain elements that go into party planning that can make any dog’s birthday (or “Gotcha” day) celebration special. For Toby, those things include food, fun and friends. See how we’re celebrating with Toby and use these suggestions to make your own dog’s birthday celebration special.

Plan Your Dog’s Birthday Celebration



Birthday Fun for Dogs

Just like people, each dog is different and that means what they enjoy most can vary from dog to dog. For our dog, Toby, he just loves to play outside – whether it’s a game of one-sided fetch (he hates to return the ball) in the yard or a walk to explore the neighborhood, time together outside makes any day special for him.

MilkBone Birthday Canister Target

Dog Birthday Party Treats

A special day deserves special treats, so I was so excited to see the super cute Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister available at Target for a limited time only. It includes an assortment of 5 delicious, wholesome flavors: bacon flavor, beef flavor, chicken flavor, sausage flavor, and turkey flavor, all in an adorable metal birthday canister. It even has a gift tag printed on the top of the can to personalize the gift for your dog. And, like all Milk-Bone treats, they’re made in the USA.

To add some variety to your party treats, add Pup-Peroni and Canine Carry Outs to the mix. With real beef as the #1 ingredient, Pup-Peroni has a mouthwatering aroma dogs like Toby simply can’t resist. They are perfect birthday or any time treat! Dogs love the food that comes home in a doggie bag and you can treat him with that experience with Canine Carry Outs Bacon Flavor chewy snacks for dogs! They are made with real bacon that gives them a delicious aroma and chewy texture that dogs love. They’re also made in the USA.


Friends Make It More Fun

What’s a party without guests? It’s time to gather up the friends and family. Toby loves to be surrounded by the people and animals who love him. People-wise he goes nuts for me and my husband, of course, but gets even more excited when my nephew or my mom come over. He is also a big fan of our next door neighbor – he’s a good judge of character. Animal wise, Toby loves his cat brother, Sammy. They are the best of playmates!

Target Boots Barkley Birthday Dog Toys

Gifts for the Birthday Pup

Presents are a great addition to any celebration and Toby agrees! He just LOVES getting a new toy. I found these adorable Boots & Barkley birthday themed toys and bandana at Target, right next to the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister. I think the cupcake toy is particularly cute and Toby was quick to claim it as his own.

Save with Target Cartwheel

You can save on treats for your pup whether or not you’re celebrating a birthday, with some great Target Cartwheel offers available 5/19 – 6/2. They include:

It’s time to celebrate!

MilkBone Birthday Canister

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  1. These birthday bones are the cutest things ever! I always wondered why something like this didn’t exist!

  2. That is just too adorable! I didn’t realize Milk Bone made such a thing but this is good to know for my friends who are all pup mamas.

  3. This is an adorable way to make a doggy birthday celebration special. We love to spoil our dog when his birthday time rolls around, will have to try your amazing celebration idea next time!

  4. We celebrate our pups birthdays all the time! This is the cutest ever!

  5. Kim Croisant says:

    My dogs love their treats. It’s so important that they get dessert too!! Love this article.

  6. We have two Great Pyrenees dogs and I would love to do something like this for them for their birthdays!!! Milk-Bone always has great treats! Love your pics!

  7. A basket like this will really make their day! I think it’s an awesome way to make sure they feel loved during their birthday! I’d love to get this for our new fur babies!

  8. These are awesome ideas! My pup will surely love these treats!

  9. I think its precious to throw a bday party for your pup! This is too cute if I had a dog I would have a celebration for them like this!

  10. Bernie Wallace says:

    I don’t have a dog but my Brother and Sister in Law treat their dog like a child. I can see them celebrating their dog like this.

  11. shelly peterson says:

    How fun! I love the tin of birthday bones.

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