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School Lunch Crackers Cheese Applesauce Cookies

As we head back into back-to-school time, we need to start thinking about school lunches! The costs of those daily lunches can add up, especially when more than one kid is involved, so we have some ideas to make lunches for less! When I was a kid I ate hot lunch from school every day. I longed to be one of the kids who got to bring their own brown bag or lunchbox from home. I’m not sure if my mom didn’t want to bother with having to make a lunch every day or if she really thought school lunch was the better option.

Fast forward to the future and Little R brings a lunch to school everyday. With a picky eater, it’s easier to know that what is sent to school is more likely to be eaten than whatever happens to be on the menu in the school that day. (With the exception of pizza day. Of course pizza day is always a winner!)

Crackers at Dollar General

This week I headed to Dollar General to see how we could make lunches for less by selecting their Clover Valley products. Clover Valley is Dollar General’s own brand that offers foods similar to the national name brands with great taste and quality at a lower price!

National Brand Price Total

Dollar General Clover Valley Savings

On my trip I stocked up on 5 lunchbox staples: peanut butter, crackers, cheese, applesauce and cookies. The price difference ranged from $.50 to $1.45 per item between the Clover Valley and national brands, but when you put all five items together, you really see how those differences add up!

Clover Valley Chocolate Chip Cookies

And you don’t have to be nervous about giving a Clover Valley product a try because you think your picky kids might not eat it. First of all they probably won’t even notice any difference if they don’t see the packaging and if they DO reject it, all Clover Valley products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Find other money saving deals at Dollar General and learn more about DG brands!

Start packing those lunches!!

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  1. I love shopping at Dollar General. Anything to save a buck. I recently purchased some basic shortbread cookies from the dollar store and my kids love them. I got a huge box for just $1, whereas I’d probably have to buy 2 boxes at the grocery store to be the equivalent and it would run me around $6-$8. Definitely a great amount of savings and no sacrifice in taste and freshness.

  2.' Hannah C says:

    I wish there was a Dollar General around here. It seems like they have some great prices.

  3.' shelly peterson says:

    What a great idea to shop at Dollar General to save money. We don’t have one here but maybe I can check out our dollar store for some deals.

  4.' Sarah L says:

    That’s a great way to save. I love generic products, they all seem to be just as good as the name brands.

  5. We used to do that all the time! Lately the hot lunches have been more to their liking, but still have this plan as a backup!

  6.' Julie Wood says:

    I save a lot of money by making the kids lunches at home. They really love getting different things every day and have fun with trying out different snacks. I like the savings At Dollar General.

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