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Verizon DisclosureMake Extra Cash with These Handy Apps

Extra cash is always helpful. Whether you are saving up to pay off debt, saving up for holiday spending or just to buy something on your “must have” list we could all use a bit more money. If you have a smartphone, there are lots of apps that you can download to make a little extra cash! Here are a few of my favorites:


iBotta is a great cash back app that is really simple to use. Just head over here to download the app and sign up. Then when you are making your weekly grocery list, look through the app for items to purchase that have cash back offers. Many times you can get cash back on purchases such as milk or even fresh fruits and vegetables. Once your account reaches a certain amount, just have the money transferred to your Paypal account.


Checkout51 is a cash back app that is similar to iBotta. Just like iBotta just sign up and check it when you make your grocery list for cash back offers. You can often even double up on cash back deals and earn money back from iBotta and Checkout 51 on the same purchase!


The Craigslist app makes listing items you would like to sell so simple! Just pull up the app and click the icon to sell an item in your area. You can even take photos from within the app of the item you are selling. Selling items that you no longer use is a great way to earn extra cash.


The eBay app makes selling on eBay so simple! And my favorite part of the app is the ability to research items that have sold in the last 30 days. It helps you to determine if an item is a good investment for resale and to determine the price to list items that you already have on hand. Just click “refine” when you search for the item and then click “more options.” There you will see an option to see completed and/or sold items. Making money on eBay is drastically simplified when using their app.

These are just a few of my favorite apps that I use to earn extra cash from home. What are some of your favorite apps or websites to earn extra cash?

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Kimberly is a work from home mom, with a 4 year old son who supports her husband who is a full-time student. When she isn’t clipping coupons and scouring deals, she can be found with a can of spray paint in hand or treasure hunting at thrift stores.

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