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When it comes to Valentines, it’s hard to decide which is more fun – giving or receiving. I know that I love to give a Valentine that I think is “just right” for the person I chose it for. This year I made some of my Valentines extra special with the chance to make custom Valentine cards with Zazzle.

Zazzle has lots of cards you can select “as is” or that you can customize a bit. Whether you are looking for funny, vintage, or cute valentine cards – they have them all. You can then add an individual touch and make custom valentine cards to let your loved ones know exactly how you feel about them. You can change the text on many of them and add in your own photos or other customization

For my husband I chose this funny card that is very appropriate! To make it “our own” I added my own photo and text inside. That is a favorite photo of us heading out of Miami on a cruise to the Dominican Republic – good times!

On each of the cards I made I also added a custom photo and message on the back. Everybody LOVES photos of our dog Toby, so I thought it was a good place to add him in.

Besides custom greeting cards for Valentine’s Day or ANY holiday, Zazzle also has custom postage. As soon as I saw the design with a black cat I just HAD to get it. There are lots of designs to choose from or you can choose to add your own photo. A couple years ago we made stamps for my Mom with her grandson’s photo. It was one of her favorite Mother’s Day gifts!

Besides custom Valentine cards, Zazzle has lots of GIFTS that you can customize too! They have mugs, phone cases, jewelry, tote bags, pillows and so much more. For all of them you can choose from beautiful, cute or funny pre-made designs or create something totally unique with your own photo.

Whether you’re looking for Valentines or planning ahead for Mother’s Day, Easter, a birthday or any other event, Zazzle will help you make special cards and gifts your loved ones will love!

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  1. I would by the beach stone coster.

  2. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like the Cute Black Cat Custom Name & Initial Two-Tone Coffee Mug.

  3. I like the I’m RETIRED! FUNNY Humor Coffee Mug for my friend who just retired.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. I would love to buy the Photo iPhone 7 Plus case for my sister
    Thank You for the chance!

  5. My desk is a mess, I definitely need a desk organizer

  6. I would get the Rose Gold Origami Folded Crane Necklace!

  7. I adore the Little Fox Kids Baseball Shirt

  8. I would buy the Neurodipurrsity Glow T-Shirt.

  9. Jessica Miller says:

    I would get a pair of leggings

  10. Julia Barnes says:

    I like the Mardi Gras Style Tank Top most.

  11. I would purchase some Custom monogram taupe beige outdoor throw pillows.

  12. Ashley Packard says:

    I want the custom vday cards. I think these would be cute if I put a picture of my son’s preschool class on the from

  13. Eva Mailand says:

    I like the custom pillows and the little black cat stamps (I never-ever remember those)!!

  14. shannon fowler says:

    I love all of their tank tops, but I really want the one that says Its not sweat its pixie dust.

  15. Melanie Huttner says:

    I love a crazy cat lady in training tutu baby onesie I saw!!!

  16. Monique Rizzo says:

    I love the custom pillows. Super cute.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. Celeste Herrin says:
  18. They have beautiful items. I might like to get this personalized baby blanket: Monogram Pastel Pink Zigzag Custom Baby Blanket.

  19. Christa Bengtsson says:

    I like the Rainbow Brite shirt. I love Rainbow Brite.

  20. i would get the Taco Cats Space Coffee Mug because it makes me smile

  21. Laurie Nykaza says:

    “Sundays & Brunch- Boyfriend slouch tee so cute love to have one

  22. Wow, they have tons of really cute nail wraps! I had no idea! I like the Ice Lolly Minx® Nail Wraps.

  23. Julie Wood says:

    I would get a Beauty and the Beast Emoji 2 T-Shirt, and birthday invitation cards.

  24. I would make the Love for Mom Family Photo Necklace as a Mother’s Day present.

  25. Jennifer Heintz says:

    I think I might select the Beige And White Custom Family Name Fleece Blanket.

  26. I like the I [anatomical heart] science t-shirt.

  27. I would choose a coffee mug that says ” You bet your linguica I’m Portuguese”

  28. Audra O'Hara says:

    I would get the woodland fox cute retro lamp for my daughter’s room. That’s just what her room needs!

  29. I would like the favor bags that say “Love is Sweet!

  30. my wife loves fancy pillows she would love these

  31. kelly tupick says:

    I would use it towards a Personalized Monogram Twin Waffle Blanket.

  32. I would get the “I’m silently correcting your grammar” cat t-shirt.
    Because I think my cat does that to me all the time. 😀

  33. I would want to buy the funny prescription coffee mug.

  34. golden storm says:

    i would like to get the Trendy Feminine Watercolor Peony Flowers Monogram Coffee Mug

  35. I think it would be fun to design or customize one of their t shirts! I saw a cool galaxy one while browsing.

  36. My favorite is the Dandelion Sweatshirt!!

  37. One item that I would get is this one Kids World Map with Pictures and Animals Poster.

  38. I like the Little Fox Kids Baseball Shirt.

  39. Brittney House says:

    I would love to get a new pair of leggings.

  40. Oh I would love to get one of their personalized pillowcases for our little one!

  41. I like the Pit Bull T-Bone Graphic Low-Top Sneakers. Thank you!

  42. Holly Thomas says:

    I would get a 2 wick monogrammed candle in cool cotton.

  43. Susan Hartman says:

    So many nice things to chose from. I would get my daughter the Teal Nautical Anchor Serving Tray.

  44. John Smith says:

    I would use the $50 to buy the wonderfully delicate favor bags, many of which cost $58.00 on up! The prices are so reasonable!! They look exactly like the bags used to put cards in at card shops or pastries in at pastry shops, but they’re so much more!!

  45. beth shepherd says:

    I like the Beauty and the Beast Emoji 2 T-Shirt. Thank you

  46. Whale Biologist:, Calls ’em as I sees ’em T-Shirt.

  47. I might get a new doormat. I’m a Zazzle Pro designer so I would get something of my own design.

  48. I’d like a case for my phone. I like the Monogram Aqua Black Floral Stripe iPhone skin

  49. I would love to get personalized baby blankets for my girls. My daughters are 6 and 6 months and I think they would be amazing keepsakes.

  50. Jamie Williams says:

    I would like to buy the Pastel Name Polka Dot iPhone 7 Plus Case.

  51. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I would really love to have the excitement of the unicorn clothing! So many awesome designs!

  52. Michael Bratek says:

    I would like this My Sleep-In Game Funny Quote Sweatshirt, its so me!

  53. I like the muscle tank.

  54. I would buy the custom postage stamps!

  55. susan smoaks says:

    i would get a custom photo personalized mug if i was the lucky winner

  56. I’d like to buy the Hello There Handsome Typography Mug.

  57. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I like the Modern Mondrian Inspired Graphic Pattern iPhone 7 Case a lot on the Zazzle website.

  58. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would get a custom photo pillow from Zazzle.

  59. Jennifer H. says:

    I like the Pebbles Pattern Colorful Hot Chocolate Drink Mix.

  60. I would like to get the No Talkie Before Coffee Funny T-Shirt for my wife.

  61. Stephanie Liske says:

    I would make some Christmas Cards. 😀

  62. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I would love a farting unicorn shirt! My birthday is on the 23rd and this would be so wonderful to win!

  63. I’d get the fatty gym bag!

  64. Rajee Pandi says:
  65. laurie murley says:

    I would love to have a mousepad from them

  66. We would buy stationery & Return Address Labels.

  67. Vikki Billings says:

    I would love to buy the Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

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