Make Curing Bad Dog Breath a Treat with Orapup

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My dog Toby is SUCH a big sweetheart! While the UPS guy, mail carrier and basically anyone else who comes to our front door would say he is a fierce monster, anyone who has met him in person knows that he is definitely a lover and not a fighter. He always wants to be right next to us – basically as close as possible. I know he would love to crawl right up into our laps, but that isn’t such an easy feat with a German Shepherd.


The other way Toby shows his affection is by licking. I mean he licks a LOT. Since I love him I don’t mind his slobbery kisses now and then as long as he doesn’t surprise me when I’m bending down and get me on the mouth. Even as a big dog lover I think that’s gross. The other thing that is gross is bad dog breath!! While I have met plenty of people with bad breath, bad breath for dogs seems even more common.

Orapup Lickies

One of the sources of bad breath in dogs is bacteria on the tongue. A good way to get rid of the bad breath is to get rid of that bacteria. We recently tried Orapup, a unique brush designed to improve pet breath without a toothbrush. The brush has soft, micro-pointed bristles that reach deep down in the crevices of the dog’s tongue to remove that smelly bacteria. You might be wondering why a dog would WANT to lick a brush. Well, that part is easy – you make it taste good!

Orapup Packaging

Lickies is the liquid you add to the Orapup brush to make it irresistible. An Orapup Starter Kit comes with the Orapup brush along with a bottle of Beef and Bacon Lickies. There is also a Chicken flavor. Even my picky dog wanted to lick it up!

Orapup Lickies Toby

Check out this Orapup video for more info:


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  1.' Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My dog’s breath is heinous sometimes. I NEED to try this.

  2. This is something I would have never thought of . It makes sense, though. We brush our tongues to keep our breath fresh. Why not our dogs?

  3. Well this sounds super useful! I guess I never considered how much of an effect the tongue would have on their breath and dental health.

  4. That’s a pretty good idea! My dog has good breath, but my in laws Pomeranian barely has any teeth left and it’s TERRIBLE. He could really benefit from this!

  5. Man, my dog has THE worst dog breath! I need this!

  6. I need to try this. Our dog has terrible breath!

  7. My daughter needs this for her pups. They’re so cute, but man, their breath….

  8. Guess what I plan on getting in the next few days? Our dog’s breath smells like a toilet.

  9. What an ingenious invention for pet owners! I would have never guessed dogs would love licking the orapup contraption

  10. What a neat way to keep dogs’ breath clean-smelling. This is perfect for dog owners!

  11. This looks like a great product. The fact that your dog is taking it so willing says a lot about it too.

  12. When I had my dog, this would have came in handy. I’m going to have to keep this product in mind.

  13. Great idea! Although I love my doggie, I don’t get that close to his mouth to smell his breath, but I know it has other benefits too

  14. Oh thank heavens for this invention! I dont have a dog but if I did I would buy this ASAP doggie breath is the worst!

  15. My in-law’s one dog has terrible breath. I am going to have to get this soon and try it out on him!

  16. It always skeeves me out when people let dogs lick them on the mouth! YUCK!

    Toby definitely does not look like a fierce monster! LOL

    I have a fondness for large breeds too, I have had a shep and a rottie in the past.

  17. This is so cool, our last dog had the worst breath ever!

  18. This is a great idea! At this point I’m willing to try anything to help with my dog’s breath!

  19. This is something we could really use around here. My pug has the worst breath ever! We’ve even had some of her teeth pulled and it didn’t seem to help much!

  20.' Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This is such a fantastic idea. I will have to get one for my sisters dogs. I am sure it will be a big hit.

  21. I need to use this for my dog. She has really bad breath.

  22. Orapup sounds like a great answer to overpowering doggie breath. Your pictures show how easy it can be to encourage 4-legged furry family members to fix that situation.

  23. Toby looks like such a sweet pup! I love that he wants to come give love…but nothing is worse than bad doggie breath! Bring on the Orapup! #client

  24. What an awesome product! If we had a dog, I’d definitely be purchasing this product.

  25. What a genius idea! My dog doesnt have bad breath consistantly but once in a while it’s enough to make you want to plug your nose!

  26. I am game to try anything that helps with bad doggy breath, my pug has the worse breath in the whole wide world … it is smelly and when she tries to kiss me? Ewwww stinky! I will check out this product!

  27. I just thought that was part of having a dog. It’s good to know there’s some relief for those of us who love our furry family members.

  28. This must be a gift sent from heaven! lol Bad doggy breath can be the absolute WORST! lol I will have to try this with our Husky!

  29. YES – my dog’s breath is disgusting sometimes. I really need these for them.

  30. My in-laws used to have a dog and he was the sweetest dog, but had the worst breath ever. I would have totally used these for their dog!

  31. This looks interesting — and helpful since our golden doesn’t have the best breath! I love that he’s so playful with the boys, they love him.

  32. Love your dogs!!! Mine will need this once they pass the puppy stage. I love puppy breath. some don’t though…

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