Jabra Halo Smart Review – Great Comfort and Quality Sound

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With the recent announcement of the iPhone 7 we learned one thing that is likely to spread throughout the tech industry – say goodbye to headphone jacks. What does that mean? If you haven’t already, it’s time to start looking at your other options and cut the cord already. We’re already fans of wireless headsets and just got one of the newest to review – the Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.


What Jabra has to say about the Halo Smart:

Designed by Jabra’s comfort experts, Halo Smart follows the body’s lines with bendable flex zones ensuring maximum comfort all day long. You won’t know it’s there until a subtle vibration informs you of incoming calls. Jabra Halo Smart’s wind protected microphone and weather resistant durability means you can comfortably take your calls wherever life takes you.

Life doesn’t stop when you’re low on battery, which is why the Jabra Halo Smart offers 17 hours of talk time, or 15 hours of music time with just one charge. The Jabra Assist app allows you to track your exact battery usage and suggests when to charge your Jabra Halo Smart next, giving you total peace-of-mind wherever life takes you.

To optimize your time, Jabra Halo Smart features a voice button that will instantly connect you to Siri or Google Now, allowing you to quickly get the information you need on-the-go. For Android users, Jabra Halo Smart can read out your calendar notifications, emails, text messages and social media messages.


What I have to say about the Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones:

I just received the Jabra Halo Smart last week and I enjoy the premise of wearing ear buds around the back of my neck. I don’t even realize its there, a good and bad thing (I took off my shirt and dropped it). Great news! It can withstand a semi violent fall.

Battery life tremendous while recharge time is quick, nice job Jabra! The buttons are small and take some getting used to but like anything in life you get used to it and it becomes second nature.  The halo has excellent phone quality but using stereo earbuds on a call adds extra layer of discomfort similar to covering your ears with your hands and listening to yourself speak. I simply removed one of the earbuds to fix this and I’m good to go.

I really enjoyed listening to music and podcasts as it has awesome sound quality – 9/10. The earbuds stay in and feel secure in the ear as well.  While not noise canceling they did block out a tremendous amount of background noise during my flight. (my new default headset to take on the plane.)

Ha! I just noticed I’m still wearing my Jabra Halo Smart.  It really IS comfortable!!

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  1. micaela6955@msn.com' Michele Pineda says:

    My husband would definitely like something like this when driving, since he tends to talk alot when he drives because he often drives long distances to work and with his headphones connected it isn’t as easy as this would be.

  2. This looks like a great product and would make a great gift for my husband!

  3. That bluetooth set looks really cool. I haven’t been a fan of the old style bluetooth ear pieces. This might be worth a try!

  4. rememberkim@verizon.net' Kim Croisant says:

    I like that style. My first thought was that it wouldn’t weigh heavy on your shoulders and neck and that’s a plus for me.

  5. Long battery life is so important! So glad that these are a good choice!

  6. I was wondering about this with the big Apple news! Thanks for sharing this review as I’ve never used wireless – oh this will be different 🙂

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