Is a Hybrid Vehicle for You? Check Out the New Kia Optima Hybrid

KIA Optima Hybrid

What are your thoughts about hybrid vehicles?  There are lots of  reasons for wanting to drive one.  Many hybrid drivers want to help the environment, some want to decrease our dependence on oil and others just want to save money on fuel.  Why would you want to drive one?

Is a Hybrid Vehicle for You?

If a hybrid is something you have been thinking about, I should let you know that Kia has released it’s very first hybrid, the Optima Hybrid, combining class-leading fuel economy with advanced technology, efficiency and design. It is also the first vehicle to offer Kia’s UVO powered by Microsoft®4 hands-free infotainment and communications system. All of that, with 40 MPG on the Highway, starts at an MSRP of only $26,5002. I love the idea hybrid vehicles, but the price point for most of them is one of the main factors that makes me hesitate. At this starting price, however, it is more within reach for the average consumer who cares about the environment AND wants to save money on fuel.

To learn more, check out Kia’s video series about design, technology, value and battery.

Hybrid Myth Busters

For a bit of fun, you can also visit the Kia Optima Facebook page to interact with the Urban Myth Busters and test your knowledge of hybrid vehicles with their quiz. You can even challenge friends.

Not quite ready for the quiz?  Or maybe you’re not even sure how a hybrid car actually works?  Kia Motors just released an Infographic about how hybrid cars work: Maybe after you check that out you will be ready to ace the quiz!

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