How to Make Your Shower Into a Spa

disclosure-compensationHow to Make Your Shower Into a Spa

Sometimes it seems like every year life gets a little more hectic and busy. There are a lot of places to go, things to get done, and not a whole lot of time to just relax. But we all NEED that down time! While we may not all be able to head off to the spa or take a long weekend whenever we want, we CAN sneak in a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation in at home – right in the shower! With these tips on how to make your shower into a spa, you can take a few extra minutes during your daily shower to feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Our tips on how to make your shower into a spa cover four of the five of the senses – sight, hearing, smell and touch. By engaging so many parts of the sensory system you can transport yourself to a relaxing escape.


How to Make Your Shower Into a Spa


Soothing Sounds

We all know that music can set the mood for any setting and that is the case in your shower spa too. Choose your favorite soothing music and bring it right into your shower with a bluetooth speaker. With the sounds right inside you get the maximum effect and maybe a bit of that cool shower “echoey” sound just like when you sing in the shower!

Insignia Bluetooth Shower

Eye Pleasers

For those of us who wear glasses with strong lenses, much of what’s in the shower is a blur, but if your eyesight is 20/20 you’ll want the sights to be pleasant. That means a nice clean shower and not a lot of clutter (do you really NEED 6 bottles of shampoo?). If you use a shower curtain, choose a pretty pattern in a soothing color.


Wash It All Away

Probably the most important factor is how your shower actually feels. For the ultimate, try a H2Okinetic® showerhead. Their technology creates a shower experience like no other. Each shower head and hand shower contains an internal system that controls the speed, movement and droplet size of the water, which makes larger, fuller droplets that maintain their heat longer and give you the feeling of more water without using more water. I’m a big fan of the In2ition® H2Okinetic® 4-Setting Two-in-One Shower. I’m the type of person who likes a HOT shower and is always concerned about using too much water. The H2Okinetic showerhead gives that full-of-water shower feeling without the guilt of wasting water!



Smells Good!

They say that scent is one of our strongest senses. Particular scents can be relaxing like Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin. Others can be energizing or invigorating like Orange, Rosemary and Lemon. There are thousands of awesome bath products available in all types of scents, but you can also make your own! I like to make up my own scented scrubs like this easy DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub.

Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe

Softer is Better

When it’s time to step out of the shower, the escape doesn’t have to come to an end just yet. You can slip on a pair of comfy slippers, dry off with a super soft towel and then wrap yourself in your favorite robe. I am picky when it comes to towels and a soft towel is always better! When choosing towels think twice before buying whatever is cheapest. Bargain basement towels can lose their softness after a wash or two and can end up in the rag basket in a short period of time. High quality towels, on the other hand, can last for years and still be soft and luxurious. Keep yours feeling great with these 5 tips for softer towels.


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  1. These all sound so wonderful. The amount of stress in my life makes me the perfect candidate for this. LOL

  2. I rarely get to go to the real spa. That’s why turning my home shower into a spa like retreat sounds perfect for me!

  3. Those are all really great tips. We just got a new shower head and it feels so amazing after a long day of work.

  4.' Catherine S says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I need to turn my shower into a spa. I have been so stressed lately.

  5. I love the idea of a sugar scrub. It makes your skin so soft. It is especially useful in the winter time.

  6.' Reesa Lewandowski says:

    A hot shower at the end of the day is my spa, this would just really up the anty for me!

  7. I think you’ve got the right ideas! It’s definitely possible to create a relaxing spa experience in your own home.

  8. These are all great ideas. I like my time in the shower to be refreshing and relaxing. All these would accomplish just that effect.

  9. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Would love to turn my shower into a spa. Could really use a lovely spa day.

  10.' Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are great ways to make your shower feel like a sap. I like to use peppermint oil shower discs. They make my shower smell amazing and they are so easy to make. Great for when I have a cold.

  11. I do not get to relax nearly as often as I’d like, so upgrading my shower experience is a great idea. I love that your tips address all of the senses too!

  12.' Ourfamilyworld says:

    The smell is a great factor to it. We will try this at home, lovely suggestion!

  13. This sounds wonderful… Just the idea makes me all giggly and happy inside 🙂 Can’t wait to try out these tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  14. The sounds are a big one for me. Also, I was just talking about needing a new shower head. That one is now first on my list.

  15. I love winding down in a relaxing spa like shower experience. We ended up investing in a steam shower that has soothing lights and you can put essential oils into that makes for a really soothing experience.

  16. These are such great ideas! I love having a bluetooth shower speaker and totally agree that the sights and smells can make or break your shower experience!

  17. I could really use these. The week’s been a little stressful on my part and I really need a way to relax even if I’m just at home. It’s cheaper and it’s easier because you don’t have to schedule and drive to a spa!

  18.' Mary Edwards says:

    Sugar scrubs are my absolute favorite. They feel amazing and I just love the smell. Another tip: LOCK the doors if you have little ones haha!

  19. Does locking the door & ignoring the kids indicative of a spa? Because that alone helps! I need to try these tips to help unwind.

  20. What a wonderful idea! I love taking long, relaxing showers, so I guess taking it up a next level would be awesome. I love the idea of music streamed through a Bluetooth speaker in the shower. That would really be so relaxing!

  21. I love these tips and I plan to implement some of them into my shower routine.

  22.' Kim Croisant says:

    What a wonderful post and creative idea. I would totally do that to my showers every morning. I’m ready for a spa at home this time!!!

  23. These are great ideas, and the only one I’m missing is the scent! It was a great suggestion to try that, and I’ll have to remember to add that to my bathroom.

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